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Bertha Lewis Tells The Democrat Agenda

From YouTube:

ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis Attacks Conservatives, Promotes Socialism

Bertha Lewis speaking at the Winter Conference of the Young Democratic Socialists on March 25, 2010.

And, from the same event, also via YouTube:

Bertha Lewis: a Socialist Rallying Cry for Immigration Reform

At least she is honest about it.

Unlike Mr. Obama.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, April 23rd, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

10 Responses to “Bertha Lewis Tells The Democrat Agenda”

  1. canary says:

    In a nutshell, literally, Bertha Lewis is threatening & ordering a battle, whatever it takes, from the black people & socialists, to start World War III, which will dwarf World War II. That after generations of Latinos can cross the battle, so can the generations of all American Blacks from Africa, to make a country that is exactly like South Africa where quote Blacks will outnumber
    white people, on this quote “Black Planet”. Change the text books folks.
    Now Obama’s president of the U.S. same words written in black & white in 2006, that white people will become minorities,
    add U.S. government funded ACORN & Socialist Party’s words (U.S. govt) giving witness that in the U.S. whites will be a minority, will mean the Federal Court will have to change the VII of the Civil Right’s Act.
    And Obama has said to the public, that he is for “open borders” (plural)
    which means white people’s ancestors across the oceans can also come to America.
    We now have evidence from Bertha Lewis that Tea Party’s are something to laugh at, something non-threatening compared to the Socialist and U.S. Government funded ACORN & and it’s too many to count branches, that they plan on World War III to wipe out white people.
    Now this is a militia. This isn’t just Obama’s White House guests who have been documented warning the blacks will hold a Revolution, Helter Skelter Black Album, pops, diamonds, & money. And as Bertha Lewis
    said it’s all about money. And that is the root of their evil.
    No wonder 9/11 has been renamed by Obama an act of violence. But, thanks to Obama’s long time Government Ruler Bertha Lewis, she actually used the word War against us. Thank you Bertha. Thank you Dept of Homeland Security.

  2. Mithrandir says:

    Limbaugh’s right. If these people were honest with their agenda, they wouldn’t win anything.

    Meanwhile, you had Pelosi lifting ideology right from Karl Marx in the marxist worker’s utopia with her stupid explanation about artists having free time to paint and invent, not having to worry about money and all that Capitalist drudgery.

    And these people try to hide their marxism, communism, socialism, liberalism progressivism, more than Obama trying to hide his birth certificate!

  3. joeblough says:

    And they still keep pretending to be surprised when people ask if Red Hussein is a socialist.

  4. canary says:

    Why are people so afraid to call Obama a socialist when this kind of talk by the organizations he asks to help his agenda to dominate is communism.

    • proreason says:

      Anybody well known puts his or her career at risk. Witness what was done to Sarah Palin.

      The msm still has the power to destroy people and they do it as eager lap-dogs of our marxist overlords.

      So the only people willing to bluntly state the truth are people who make their livings as anti-msm figures (i.e., Rush, Hannity, etc) and a very few who have elected the truth, in this case, (i.e., Newt) as a calculated strategy.

      Note that O’Reilly, who surely knows that Obama is a socialist, actually argues against it. He values his ratings more than the truth. And since he views himself as middle-America’s anchorman, he dare not call Obamy what he obviously is.

    • canary says:

      Anyone, hearing this & or reading Obama’s hatred towards whites into manhood (he never changed, nor has said anything nice about white people, basically disses America, would see this is what many of elders
      meant when they said black people want to take over America. I think alot of people have read MalcomX, and it’s understandable to why the older FBI watched people in America believed to belong to the communist party and focusing on white & black people. Because, this is very militant. And we have a very militant government against the people, aside the ones who are rewarded by Obama for not paying taxes, while he goes after every penny he can squeeze out of Americans.

      I flip when O’Reilly defends Obama like the guy is trying. b.s. And recently he said viewers were saying they wish he was more like Glen Beck. I’ve sent FOX e-mails, and obviously there are a large number, and O’Reilly
      should listen to his watcher. Unless O’Reilly is FOX’s token liberal. Always wanting his body language read by a guest, and can’t get past promoting his book with him as a little boy and telling where he gets his suits from. What a pinhead.

      If one watcher counts, I flip when O’Reilly says something stupid like Obama is brilliant.

  5. MinnesotaRush says:

    ONLY .. in America would anyone get by with this irresponsible crap!

  6. jobeth says:

    “Shhhhh….We’ll be more like South Africa….Shhhh”

    Has this dimwit ever seen South Africa…since the” black folks” have taken over a functioning white run government?

    White farmers are being killed in their beds! Poverty for all…including blacks.
    Crime skyrocketing.

    THAT! (as she shouts on the video…) will be THE battle!

    Does she think this country full of other races other than black will just lay down and take it?

    I challenge any of those lurking libs out there to name one…just one…country where it is being run by a black government that is not burdened with severe and deep poverty. Who’s crime rate is not so high that you can’t walk the streets. One who is saturated with criminals running the government?

    One that the barest necessities are spotty as in electricty…water…housing…food…

    Forget the normal everyday services…garbage collection…street cleaning…public security lighting (street lights) just to name a few.

    There will never be enough money for all those things…too many corrupt people to pay off.

    Can you lib lurkers, name one…just ONE country that you would feel safe in?

    I wish you’d go there. If you find one…just go…and leave us to a country that has led the world for 200 years in freedoms and quality of life for it’s people.

    I’m not being racial here…There are a lot of blacks that aren’t to be included here, however, reality is something you can’t just sweep under the rug. It leaves a hell of a lump.

    • Petronius says:

      “Kill the Boer. Kill the farmer.”

      Jobeth, Liberals never worry about the results of their policies. If they ever look back to assess the damage they have done, it is only with a sense of satisfaction in the destruction they have wrought.

      South Africa and Rhodesia have been lost to Western Civilization. They have been turned over to savagery, anarchy, crime, poverty, starvation, disease, and corruption. They have been transformed from peaceful, orderly, prosperous, modern civilized countries into a nightmare world where white farmers are tortured and murdered in their beds at night, where rapes abound, where no man’s property is safe, and where over half the black population is infected with AIDs and the other half is starving.

      And yet Liberals have never once looked back and questioned the results of their ideology, of one-man-one-vote, of their belief that African tribal strongmen and terrorists are capable of civilized statesmanship and good government. In their eyes the only important thing was that white rule, apartheid and racism (or at least white racism) was overthrown . . . and who cares about the consequences? Anyway, those old Boers had it coming, right?

    • proreason says:

      “and who cares about the consequences?”

      Don’t be too harsh on them, Petro.

      The same thing is happening in the US.

      At about the same pace.

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