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Beyonce, AP, NFL Stars, Axelrod React To Verdict

First we have this from TMZ:

Beyonce Honors Trayvon Martin Following Not Guilty Verdict

July 14, 2013

BREAKING NEWS – Beyonce interrupted her own concert last night to take a moment of silence for Trayvon Martin … right after news broke that jurors found his shooter, George Zimmerman, not guilty.

It happened at Bey’s Nashville concert Saturday. About 30 minutes before the singer took the stage, news broke that Zimmerman was acquitted of both the 2nd degree murder charge and manslaughter charge in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon.

After the moment of silence, Beyonce sang the chorus of "I Will Always Love You" (above), before leading into her own gut-wrenching ballad "Halo".

So Trayvon is now officially a saint. Unfortunately, this probably represents the low information voters response to the verdict.

And speaking of low information, we have this from Breitbart:

AP Reporter on Zimmerman Verdict: ‘So We Can All Kill Teenagers Now?’

By Tony Lee | July 13, 2013

After George Zimmerman was found not guilty of all charges on Saturday evening, an Associated Press reporter, Cristina Silva, tweeted this out from her verified Twitter account: "So we can all kill teenagers now? Just checking."

Paul Colford of AP Media Relations [later] contacted Breitbart News to say: "Ms. Silva was a temporary AP staffer who hasn’t worked for AP lately. Thanks."

Silva has since deleted her Twitter account, which was verified and noted she was with the Associated Press. Her last byline for the Associated Press was less than a week ago on July 9, 2013. In addition, as can be seen in her archives, she has written regularly for the Associated Press dating back to 2010, with at least eight bylines since May of 2013…

But AP’s Media Relations know better. Ms. Silva has nothing to do with the AP. Except for writing for them.

And speaking of Twitter, we have this early reaction to the verdict, also via Breitbart:

NY Giants WR Sends Threatening Tweet: ‘Zimmerman Doesn’t Last a Year Before the Hood Catches Up to Him’

By Tony Lee | July 13, 2013

After George Zimmerman was found not guilty of all charges on Saturday evening, New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz sent a threatening tweet that has since been deleted from his account.

He tweeted, "Thoroughly confused. Zimmerman doesn’t last a year before the hood catches up to him."

But Mr. Cruz wasn’t the only NFL luminary weighing in. The Atlanta Falcons wide receiver, Roddy White, tweeted that "All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid.”

Both Messers Cruz and White have tweeted non-apology apologies. Here is Mr. Cruz’s:

“My tweet last night was my initial interpretation of the reaction I was reading on twitter. I immediately realized my tweet was a mistake and I apologize, that’s why I deleted it. I believe conversation not confrontation leads to change and progress. I never have and never will advocate violence under any circumstances and I pray that we all encourage and educate each other. The death of Trayvon Martin is an unthinkable tragedy that is any parent’s worst nightmare. As a father, I want my daughter to grow up in a country that uses this tragedy to heal and grow and progress. My prayers continue to go out to Trayvon Martin’s family.”

And, lastly, from the master of ginning up low information voters, via the Washington Examiner:

David Axelrod: Trayvon wouldn’t have died if Zimmerman didn’t have a gun


In the aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict, former Obama campaign chief David Axelrod took to Twitter to express his feelings about the case.

“Setting aside that an unarmed teenager, who was minding his own business, was stalked and killed, and the killer has gone free, the undeniable fact is that none of this would have happened if an emboldened George Zimmerman were not carrying a gun that night,” he wrote.

If Mr. Zimmerman was not carrying a gun that night, he would probably be dead. But notice that David Axelrod is such a shameless bigot he won’t ever retract his comments.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, July 15th, 2013. Comments are currently closed.

9 Responses to “Beyonce, AP, NFL Stars, Axelrod React To Verdict”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    These twits don’t realize Mr. Zimmerman has his weapon back and is allowed to
    protect himself at any time he feels the need to.
    He too has rights. No matter if so called “stars” fan the flames of hate and discontent.
    Obama is pleased!

  2. captstubby says:

    he was convicted by the press and found guilty.
    no trial needed.

    next case please.

  3. canary says:

    When Beyonce sings you can only think of her lips on JayZ and where they’ve been.


    “Super Ugly”

    I got myself a gun

    Brooklyn, stand up

    I got myself a gun

    I aint gotta two-way you gays

    I got beef with like a hundred children
    (meaning he has sired that many)

    Niggaz with pink suits
    Tryin to get cute
    You a little outta line hommie
    Dont let the 9 hommie
    Put ya out ya mind hommie

    We wasnt chasin you
    We had a tape and too
    We came through to do our little one, two thang

    Why would I come through Queens
    Yo, ya’ll Queens nigga know how I do

    I got mo’ shooters in Queens Bridge than u
    Niggaz’ll(niggaz will) tie you up on the Colloseum roof

    Look Here,

    I got myself a gun,Uh Ohhhh!
    Yea, I got myself a gun

    I’m tha J, tha A, to the fuck this broad

    [Jay-Z Laughing]
    [Nas Voice:]
    I dont give a fuck

    All I really know is that yo hoe wants to be with me
    She aint playin
    Believe what I’m sayin

    Me and tha boy A.I. got more in Common than just ballin and rhymin
    Get It?

    More in Carmen
    I came in ya Bentley backseat

    Skeeted in Jeep
    Left condoms in tha baby seat
    Here nigga

    Andd since you infatuated with sayin tha gay shit
    Yes u was kissin my dick when u was kissin that bitch

    You thought I was boning Ranette
    You calling Carm’ a hundred times I was boning her neck

    Gotta hurt that I’m ya baby mama’s favorite rapper
    And ask your current girl
    She know whats up

    All I really know is that yo hoe wants to be with me
    She aint playin
    Believe what I’m sayin

  4. canary says:

    Where was the federal government and protests out for NFL player Aaron Hernandez who used guns, suspected not just of murdering another player, but slaying two others in a drive by.
    He’s getting red carpet treatment, government sealing things, women tweeting their love and support for him. Had guns and friends with guns.

    Why didn’t Government look into the Florida Casey Anthony when the people were angry of the verdict. A situation where a truly innocent helpless little girl was murdered and covered up by her own family. Oh it’s because the baby was white. If only the little girl had a gun.

    Why aren’t the people taking to the streets on that Mexican that held captive and tortured those girls for ten years. If only the girls had a gun.

    Where are the Fast and Furious protestors all over the country that got border agents killed.

    Why doesn’t Michello get off her diet fad and help her people, yes she calls them her people,
    and do something about the violence. No instead she and Obamie break bread and sell their souls for money with these infidels.

  5. AcornsRNutz says:

    To the bimbo from from the AP: We always could kill teenagers…..if they were astride us smashing our heads into the pavement while we screamed for help that never came. And to Axelrod, if we don’t need guns and if cops will suffice answer me this: Why didn’t the (already en route and informed) police manage to save poor Trayvon®? If HE had possessed a gun he might be alive now too. Just a point to ponder in your anti gun pro Martin position. If he really was an innocent victim of a a racist attack what would have served him better, a disarmed attacker or a gun of is own?

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