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BHO Focuses On Being Best Possible Prez

From a straight faced ABC News:

President Obama to Barbara Walters: ‘I Don’t Think About Sarah Palin’

By AMY WALTER, ABC News Political Director
WASHINGTON, Nov. 24, 2010

In an exclusive interview with Barbara Walters from the White House, President Barack Obama says he’s not giving much thought to the 2012 election, but is focusing instead on being "the best possible president." And, he said, he certainly isn’t focused on a potential challenge from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

By the way, Mr. Obama’s brain closest advisor, David Axelrod, is leaving the White House in a few weeks to head up this re-election campaign that nobody is thinking about.

When asked specifically if he thinks he can beat Sarah Palin in 2012, the president told Walters "I don’t think about Sarah Palin."

And we believe him. How much you want to bet his dialing fingers are worn out from voting against Bristol Palin on ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

"Obviously Sarah Palin has a strong base of support in the Republican Party and I respect those skills," Obama said.

"Those skills" – not her ideas? What a peculiar way of putting things, even for a community organizer.

"But I spend most of my time right now on how I can be the best possible president.

To which we can only reply, ‘heck of a job there, Barry.’ (We guess he’s given up on focusing on saving and creating jobs.)

"And my attitude has always been, from the day I started this job that if I do a good job and if I’m delivering for the American people the politics will take care of itself.

Yes, if there is one thing that is unmistakably clear about Mr. Obama, is that he always puts the wishes of the American people before politics. Just like he did with ‘healthcare reform.’

"If I falter and the American people are dissatisfied, then I’ll have problems," he said.

(In our best Pee Wee Herman voice:) "If"!? Did the man sleep through November 2nd?

The interview, which also included first lady Michelle Obama, covered a wide range of topics including the recent events in North Korea, the latest controversies over TSA screenings in airports, the "shellacking" his party took in the 2010 midterms, the economy, and, of course, Thanksgiving traditions.

(P.S. Michelle Obama says it’s OK to eat what you want on Thanksgiving. "Don’t worry about how much you eat. Just enjoy it," she told Walters. "This is the time. Have pie.")

So the official message from Michelle Antoinette for today is, ‘let them eat cake!’ But don’t worry, it will be back to, ‘don’t let them eat cake!’ on Friday.

In fact, maybe there should be a ‘food advisory’ posted somewhere on the White House website, so we can keep abreast of Mrs. Obama’s latest fatwas as to what we can and cannot eat.

The full interview, "A Barbara Walters Special: A Thanksgiving Visit with President and Mrs. Obama," will air Friday, Nov. 26 at 10 p.m. ET.

We can’t wait. We see so little of them these days.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, November 24th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

21 Responses to “BHO Focuses On Being Best Possible Prez”

  1. wardmama4 says:

    I know how he could actually help America, truly focus on being best possible POTUS and make his a truly ‘historical’ Presidency – 1) rescind every bill, piece of legislation, and executive order his Administration has passed, 2) fire every single czar and demand a complete (with interest) payback to taxpayers for each and every single penny paid to these corrupt-o-crats, 3) fire Bite Me, 4) Appoint two unemployed politicians (oh say Sarah Palin (R) as POTUS and Zell Miller (D) as VP) to serve until 2012 election, and 5) resign as he presents his long form birth certificate to John Boehner, Britt Hume, & Justice Roberts (oh heck I’ll throw in Chris Matthews too just to be fair).

    Then I just might believe (he!! even #1 & #5 would do it) BHO (peas be upon him) gave a damn about America.

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    We’re the Democrat Party: Putting Our Mouth Where Your Money is For Over 85 Years!

  3. tranquil.night says:

    Step down, megalomaniac.

  4. proreason says:

    Amy Walker, aka Barry Obamy

  5. Right of the People says:

    It’s true Barry doesn’t think of Sarah Palin, he has nightmares every night about her.

  6. Rusty Shackleford says:

    In my case, wee little barry started with zero credibility and it went downhill from there.

    Everything he says is a lie.

    Everything he does is motivated from hatred and anger to his perceived “bullies” in the US. His view of “the world politik” is so horribly skewed that you couldn’t fix it with a level and a good hammer. He’s bent. He’s warped. He’s off his nut. And that’s just the good news.

    The bad news is he will continue punishing the US with the help of as many complicit socialists as he can find and RINO’s as well. It’s gonna be a long winter this time around and will probably go on until January of 2013.

  7. canary says:

    As president of the U.S. would Obama know about the “white powder” mail that Bristol Palin received via Dancing with Stars? Her poor mother could not attend the finale do to security threats.

    Two weeks after Palin’s Facebook post giving her opinion of the health care bill, the

    White House established a “Reality Check” blog on which officials challenge assertions that they consider false.

    Robert Gibbs told us at press conference Obama is “a voracious consumer” of news.

    Sept 9, 2009 sat through Walter Cronkite memorial and gave speech.

    Obama said, was “a little bit harder to find today,” when journalism lapses into “instant commentary and celebrity gossip and the softer stories that Walter disdained. . .

    Was it Obama’s Jay Leno or David Letterman gig Obama noted instead of him being on the cover per article contained, a singer with a weight problem was more important. People I believe. tsk tsk.

    Dan Pfeiffer; White House communications director, noted how Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube helped Obama “go around the filter” of the press.

    Two weeks after Palin’s Facebook post giving her opinion of the health care bill, the White House established a “Reality Check” blog on which officials challenge assertions that they consider false.

    Obama went on the ‘The Daily Show to tape Comedy Central with Jon Stewart as host.
    Gibbs “the president hasn’t been shy about going to the places where people are getting their information and trying to make his case. And I think that’s what he’ll do on the show.”

    Obama sent on The View and discussed Lindsay Lohan, Snooki, but I guess Sarah Palin was off limits.

    Gibbs excuse, “We’ve had entertainers join things like Rock the Vote to help register people to vote and help get people involved,” said Gibbs. “Efforts that help get people involved in and excited in participating in that democracy on either side is a good thing.”

    Gibbs “the president hasn’t been shy about going to the places where people are getting their information and trying to make his case. And I think that’s what he’ll do on the show.”

    And lest we forget Obama’s pre-election statement in admitting he tuned into FOX and couldn’t understand why FOX’s viewers didn’t have anything better to do than listen to those “sour pusses”.

    and first thing he did as president is say I won. Stop watching FOX.

    Obama has 3000 press assistants to think for him. They watch everything and anything for certain key words. I am sure Palin is a keyword.
    Gibbs may call Obama “a voracious consumer” of news, but I’d call Obama and his White House a media/celebrity whore house.

  8. ptat says:

    “best possible MEDIA prez”! Is this another of the thousands of “#1 priorities”?

  9. Petronius says:

    This promotional interview by ABC reminds us that we still know so very little about the man.

    Hence the constant speculation in conservative circles about his real ideology, mental state, and underlying aims –– speculation by a wide variety of conservative experts, intellectuals, and pundits, by everyone from Bill O’Reilly to Dinesh D’Souza.

    The truth may be more shocking than any of them are prepared to state publicly.

    By declaring himself he might have provoked open rebellion. But by remaining masked he has sown confusion, uncertainty, and fear.

    • proreason says:

      I have a slightly different take on the matter.

      It’s not that we know so little. I actually think we know far more about him than probably any president who hasn’t yet had extensive biographies written about him.

      The problem is that everything we know about him is so stunning.

      It is clear that his life is so far removed from what 99% of Americans experience that he is alien from all of us, including the African American community, and even the fringe marxists in the intelligensia. There is NO subgroup that is even close to his backgroound. And the background, as we all now know, is filled with people from the ultra-fringes of anti-American politics. But it doesn’t stop there either. The raw facts of his life are also so strange that no Hollywood movie would ever concoct them: the parents, the movements, the ‘work history’, the sexuality / lack of same, the religions / lack of same, his ascent despite a total lack of accomplishments at any level.

      Then there is the overwhelming evidence that he is a Malignant Narcissist, a behavior disorder that borders on mental illness. One doesn’t have to know anything of his background to see it, but everything we know, fits the markers of that mental disorder perfectly.

      You don’t have to go to WorldNewsDaily or Hannity or Manchurian or proreason-land to see that he is, at best, a person whose background renders him incapable of understanding or relating to this country, and whose experiences make him the most unstable and dangerous person to ever hold high office in America…..by orders of magnitude.

      When his biographies are finally written by objective historians, the conclusion will be that the American peole went collectively insane when they elected this guy. It is if we said, oh sure Charley Manson might have some stange experiences, but heck, he is just so damn MESMERIZING…let’s make him president.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I think what’s still so shocking to everyone that they can’t wrap their arms around is how deliberate and coordinated this is when this IS Leftism when practiced honestly.

      We all keep wanting to assign rational psychological motivations behind this which is fine, but at some point soon hopefully people are going to see that this is a belief system, just like Islam, plain as day at war with us. Sees Capitalism as the root of all evil, Americanism innately unjust, and individualism as an evolutionarily inferior sociological mentality from an obsolete time of harsh survival circumstances.

      They’ve been waiting for this chance for decades. They’ve been subverting the work and values of honest, family-loving people. They’ve been re-writing history, fantasizing about the end of America, putting it in film, singing about it. Now that they’re this close, now that they’re seeing all this destruction, they’re ever more convinced we are responsible and they are righteous.

      Our very tradition of simply giving thanks is offensive.

      No, I think the shock for everyone still is that we’re looking into the face of evil and the death of freedom, and despite an unprecedented level of access to information (truth and lies) a good portion of the country still seems confused, or worse – apathetic.

    • canary says:

      It only took me a “few minutes” of reading an article about Obama’s friends that was enough for me to know about the man. It clarified more than anything he had said during debates.
      Obama’s Rev Wright & white Grandma statement was “just a few seconds” to know enough of the man.

      When Obama won, the only peace I felt was maybe it will help racial tension.
      I figured if he were to have a change of heart and soul, it would be in the first moments of his winning.
      A chance that his bitterness & anger towards America might change him to love this country. He is a megalomaniac & narcissistic person who grew up paranoid & delusional that everyone was talking behind his back. Was angry that people didn’t know he was “the savior”. That he deserved much more. It was never enough for him.

      Obama compared himself to an actor or famous athlete.

      The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama 2006 – Prologue

      (pg 2)
      …when I decided to run for the United States Senate, I wasn’t so sure of myself.
      By all appearances, my choice of careers seemed to have worked out. …

      But the years had also taken their toll. Some of it was just a function of my getting older, I suppose, for if you are paying attention, each successive year will make you more intimately acquainted with all of your flaws – the blind spots, the recurring habits of thought that may be genetic or may be environmental, but that will almost certainly worsen with time, as surely as the hitch in your walk turns to pain in your hip. In me, one of those

      (pg 3)
      flaws had proven to be a chronic restlessness; an inability to appreciate, no matter how well things were going, those blessings that were right there in front of me.

      (pg 4)
      …I began to harbor doubts about the path I had chosen; I began feeling the way I imagine an actor or athlete must feel when, after years of commitment to a particular dream, after years of waiting tables between auditions or scratching out hits in minor leagues, he realizes that he’s gone just about as far as talent or fortune will take him. The dream will not happen, and he now faces the choice of accepting this fact like a grown-up and moving on to more sensible pursuits, or refusing the truth and ending up bitter, quarrelsome, and slightly pathetic.

      Denial, anger, bargaining, despair – I’m not sure I went through all the stages prescribed by the experts…”

    • ptat says:

      Hopelessly self absorbed!!

  10. Tater Salad says:

    Obama wants to be the best of what?

    Can someone tell us why the President of the United States and also the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces would NOT salute the Army Sgt. who was just given the Medal of Honor by this President. Obama never once gave this receptient of the award to salute his Commander-In-Chief. Obama salutes everytime he gets of HMX-1 but he can’t do it here? What’s his problem?

    • canary says:

      Tator Salad, good question. Or, why didn’t Obama at least bow to the Medal of Honor Soldier since bowing comes easier to him.

      Obama: –
      Now, I’m going to go off-script here for a second and just say I really like this guy. (Laughter and applause.) …
      Now, I already mentioned I like this guy, Sal. And as I found out myself when I first spoke with him on the phone and when we met in the Oval Office today, he is a low-key guy, a humble guy, and he doesn’t seek the limelight.

      Sounds like Obama wants the limelight in that he has finally found a U.S. Soldier he likes, and everyone is laughing because they don’t believe Obama win his eyes are slithering along with his forked tongue poking his cheek.

      Washington Post: Obama gets 12 stitches in lip for basketball injury
      By Scott Wilson

      According to the Associated Press, the White House has identified the person whose elbow injured Obama as Rey Decerega and he works for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.

      The White House also released a statement from Decerega, who says he enjoys playing basketball with Obama and is sure the president will be back out on the court again soon, AP reported.


    • canary says:

      Somber Video of Obama nursing his mouth as he is aided to his car.


      This may be the Rey Decerega who whammed Obama in the mouth.

      Current: Consultant at DAH Consulting
      Demographic info Washington D.C. Metro Area | Public Policy

      Past: Program Manager at The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars
      Education: University of Virginia

      Current: Director of Programs at CHCI
      Demographic info Washington D.C. Metro Area | Oil & Energy

      Senior Programs Manager at CHCI


    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      obama with a fat lip. I like it.

    • canary says:

      lol.. This video is better of Obama hiding & peeking behind the WH window with an ice pack on his face, while the family goes out to see the White House Christmas Tree pull up on a wagon.
      Shows photo of the D.C. Latino taking credit.
      Other basketball players questioning 12 stitches as in Obama’s a wimp.


    • Liberals Demise says:

      Thanks for the video. This confirms a hunch I’ve had all along that dingleBarry (ice pack and all) is a wussie. I cleaned that up as best I could.

    • proreason says:

      Everything is a show for this guy.

      Now we learn what a tough guy he is. Even as president, he engages in rough and tumble sports that result in massive face injuries. What a hero he is!

      Why, I’ll bet they can hardly keep him from grabbing a weapon and rushing over to Afghanistan to personally take out the Taliban.

      How lucky we are to have someone so brave as our protector.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      12 stitches….hm.

      I once got kicked in the face by a horse, split my lip wide open. Broke two teeth, I was lucky as it could’ve killed me. But I only caught the very last little bit of energy on the end of it. The horse was simply frolicking and I was in the wrong place as she ran by. Still, I bled for awhile….went home and put ice on it and the swelling went down and…..amazingly….the lip healed all on its own. I got caps for the teeth but the dentist noted that the lip had healed nicely. No stitches….no fanfare….just a fat lip and some pain.

      Hope the doc who sewed his lip managed to sew them both together. I would pay extra for that.


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