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BHO To Use BP Spill To Push Carbon Tax

From the Politico:

Gulf fuels new energy-bill push

By: Mike Allen
June 14, 2010

President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies plan a major new push for a broad global warming bill, fueled in part by public outrage over the BP disaster, according to top aides.

Joel Benenson, a pollster for the Democratic National Committee and Obama’s presidential campaign, argues in a new briefing for top Capitol Hill officials that a comprehensive energy bill “could give Democrats a potent weapon to wield against Republicans in the fall.”

“The oil spill is intensifying the public’s desire for clean energy investments and increased regulation on corporate polluters,” Benenson writes in the briefing, which he prepared on behalf of the League of Conservation Voters.

“In the aftermath of the spill, people firmly believe Congress needs to do more than just make BP pay. Even when pressed with opposition messaging that now is not the time for some ‘job killing energy tax,’ people coalesce around comprehensive clean energy reform. Consequently, support for a comprehensive energy bill is very high. With the right messaging, that support holds strong in the face of harsh opposition attacks.”

Obama plans to include a call for an energy bill in his Oval Office address about the Gulf on Tuesday night. And the Obama administration has told key senators that “an energy deal must include some serious effort to price carbon as a way to slow climate change,” according to a Senate Democratic leadership aide.

“No traditional ‘energy only’ bill [without climate-change provisions] meets their sense of what’s credible as a response to BP, or the president’s own 2008 rhetoric,” the aide said.

Benenson’s briefing argues that “Making BP Pay Isn’t Enough.”

His recommended “messaging architecture”: First, “frame the opposition” as “Big Oil and corporate polluters who have blocked energy reform for decades” and “politicians protecting the special interests that fund their campaigns.”

Second, “illustrate the costs of our dependence: … $1 billion a day on foreign oil … Oil spill destroying jobs and livelihoods.”

Third, “tap into deeply held values." “Put America back in control of our energy situation. Cut foreign oil spending in half. Invest in energy that’s made in America and creates millions of jobs for Americans.”

This is what Mr. Obama’s ‘address to the nation tomorrow is all about.

How best to exploit this crisis to advance his agenda, which ultimately, is to destroy our country’s economy. Something he has been out to do since day one.

Of course when they suggest that we “invest in energy that’s made in America,” they mean exactly the opposite. The last thing they want is for the US to find and develop its own energy.

(You can read the DNC’s strategy report here.)

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11 Responses to “BHO To Use BP Spill To Push Carbon Tax”

  1. proreason says:


  2. bill says:

    NO you kidding right? Shocked I tell you, just shocked that our president would be so stupid. And how will this prevent another drilling accident?

    And why would you use the biggest big government regulatory failure in US history for a carbon tax?

    Or did Obama just let it spill until the crisis was the size of his liking? Some pres we have there, me me me me me me …

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that although the MSM will be showing mr ears on almost evey channel on TV, families will take the time to shut the TV off and engage in something meaningful. For me, I have some dishes that need to be washed. And I hate to wash dishes.

  4. canary says:

    Joel Benenson “could give Democrats a potent weapon to wield against Republicans in the fall.” huh?
    Obama wants muslim countries getting all our money.

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    With all due respect to morons, Pro’s right, Obama is a moron (Big Time).

  6. Reality Bytes says:

    Gas leaks aside –


    Seems the White House has some ‘splainin’ to do when it comes to their own green house gasses.

    And now here a commentary about our illustrious leader’s handling of our nations wealth, security & resources from some concerned Americans


  7. mr_bill says:

    “Making BP Pay Isn’t Enough.” That is retribution not progress. It doesn’t do anybody any good and it would kill a hell of a lot of jobs that keep American families out of the unemployment lines. Since when do American presidents promise vengeance against American citizens? (rhetorical)

    “… $1 billion a day on foreign oil … Oil spill destroying jobs and livelihoods.” Before these nimrods get too hot about that, Congress is borrowing $5.5 billion a day plus interest from the ChiComs.

  8. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Wait a minute, is that a photo of superclown having yet ANOTHER meeting?

    Oh brother. (rolling eyes)

  9. BigOil says:

    “an energy deal must include some serious effort to price carbon as a way to slow climate change,”

    Democrats pushing an energy tax 5 months before an election is music to my ears.

    Hopefully nobody will remind Barry of the BTU tax lead balloon that Clinton/Gore once floated.

  10. Liberals Demise says:

    18 months in office and this boob still hasn’t the slightest idea of how to lead a nation.
    Sweet Jesus…….Joseph and Mary!!

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