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Obama’s Stepmom Owes Life To NHS

From the UK’s Telegraph:

Barack Obama’s stepmother: I owe my life to the NHS

US President Barack Obama’s stepmother has said she owes her life to the NHS.

By Laura Donnelly
15 Aug 2009

Doctors and nurses saved Kezia Obama during a visit to Britain seven years ago, when she suffered chronic kidney failure.

The 66-year-old, who now lives in Bracknell, Berkshire, said she would never have been able to afford healthcare if she had been in America at the time.

Ms Obama told the News of the World: “It’s very simple: I owe my life to the NHS.

“If it wasn’t for the NHS I wouldn’t have been alive to see our family’s greatest moment – when Barack became President and was sworn into the White House.”

The intervention came after Republicans branded the NHS “evil” and “Orwellian” amid a major row over Mr Obama’s plans for US healthcare reform.

Ms Obama said she fell seriously ill during a summer visit to Britain seven years ago.

“I suffered severe kidney failure and pancreatic problems so there was a very real chance I might not have made it,” she said.

“I was very down at the time but luckily I was here in Britain, in what was then a foreign country to me, where the doctors, nurses and surgeons cared for me like I was their own child.”

The widow, who attended President Obama’s inauguration in January, turned to the NHS again five years ago when she needed two hip replacement operations.

“If I’d been asked to pay for my new hips, well, I wouldn’t have been able to afford them,” she said. “I would have without a doubt ended up confined to a wheelchair.”

This is all very moving. But Ms. Obama (AKA Kezia Aoko) and her stenographer from the Telegraph left out one pertinent detail from her heart-rending testimonial to the NHS.

The 66-year-old, who now lives in Bracknell, Berkshire, said she would never have been able to afford healthcare if she had been in America at the time.

Getting a ‘free’ hip replacement courtesy of the US taxpayer was not problem for Mr. Obama’s illegal alien ‘Aunt Zeituni.’

So why would it have been a problem for Ms. Kezia Obama?

Aunt Zeituni (Onyango), who ‘works’ as a healthcare advocate, could have even greased the skids for her relative.

Was she afraid that given her advanced age of 61 and history of chronic kidney failure – that she would have been told to just take the (pain) pills?

We aren’t quite to that stage – yet.

In any case, the women in his family (his grandmother, stepmother, aunt) seem to be very hard on hips. And the public healthcare systems in the US and UK in general.

(Thanks to Rusty Shackleford for the heads up.)

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, August 17th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

20 Responses to “Obama’s Stepmom Owes Life To NHS”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Was gonna post this in “News Selected” but felt it more appropriate here.

    According to the UK Telegraph, Blammo’s step mom…(I think) got health services and some pricey treatment by the NHS of Great Britain and has spoken out in the defense of same in light of recent events.

    Barack Obama’s stepmother: I owe my life to the NHS

    US President Barack Obama’s stepmother has said she owes her life to the NHS.

    By Laura Donnelly
    15 Aug 2009

    Doctors and nurses saved Kezia Obama during a visit to Britain seven years ago, when she suffered chronic kidney failure…

    Here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/01/16/kezia-obama-obamas-stepmo_n_158327.html

    Then I read that she is NOW a resident of Bracknell, Berkshire, UK and fell very ill on a VISIT to Britain seven years ago.

    She hopes to become a British citizen:,+became+a+British+citizen+when&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a

    So, she got all this medical care as a FREELOADER….from the UK government…and from their own parlimentary guides, some insight as to non-citizen treatment:

    From a proposal from the Ministry of Justice, 20 July 2009: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld200809/ldhansrd/text/90720-wms0003.htm

    NHS: Non-UK Residents

    The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health (Lord Darzi of Denham): My honourable friend the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health (Ann Keen) has made the following Written Ministerial Statement.

    Since the publication of the cross-government immigration enforcement strategy Enforcing the Rules: AStrategy to Ensure and Enforce Compliance with our Immigration Laws, the Department of Health and the Home Office have been working together to review the rules on charging non-UK residents for access to National Health Service services in England.

    The House will wish to know that the joint review has concluded and the Government are today able to outline their conclusions.

    The National Health Service was founded over 60 years ago. Sixty years on, this Government remain committed to its founding principles: a national health service for the benefit of the people of the United Kingdom, free at the point of delivery and funded by general taxation.

    However, it is neither feasible to operate the NHS without proper controls over access, nor fair, in an age of mass global travel and movement, to ask the taxpayer to fund unrestricted access to non-UK/EEA nationals. It is the Government’s responsibility to protect NHS resources from exploitation or inappropriate use.

    That is why, in concluding the review, the Government are today announcing measures to support a clearer and fairer system of access to NHS services—a transparent system that will maintain the confidence of the public by preventing inappropriate access.

    The Government have decided to maintain the current system of charging non-residents for most secondary care (hospital) services. Treatment in an accident and emergency department and treatment for specified infectious diseases that could create a public health risk will remain free to all. The Government also propose limited extensions to the current range of exemptions from charges for hospital treatment for certain non-residents.

    ——In other words, the UK taxpayers currently fund unrestricted access to medical care for ANYONE if they are on British soil. This proposal clearly states that it is unsustainable and will financially bankrupt the system….as if it’s not already.

    But Obama’s “stepmother” (which she really isn’t…she absolutely NO relation to him…was just Barack, Sr’s first ol’ lady) has been to Britain twice and lives there now as a non-citizen. She got both hips replaced and kidney treatment and I estimate the value of these treatments to be in the neighborhood of a quarter of a million bucks. The hips, not so much…about 30 grand each but the kidney treatment…big dollars.

    So she naturally “owes her life” to the NHS..where in a system that she has never contributed to, reaped the benefits of and wants to stay in that country to “get more”. Her home, as I understand it is a “council house” which means…public housing.

    Freeloader, in spades.

  2. pinandpuller says:

    Here in the US they would put a jar with her picture on it at stores around town to raise money to help her pay expenses. I think that a jar would do well at Barnes and Noble in front of the display for The Audacity of Hope. That way Die Ein wouldn’t have to pay for it out of pocket.

    Dare I ask about lifestyle choices leading to kidney failure-or is it just bad luck?

    • Confucius says:

      Some renal failures are not due to lifestyle choices. Some examples:

      –Polycystic kidney disease. Genetics is the cause.
      –Heavy metal poisoning. Due to criminals, accidents and negligent healthcare providers.
      –Shock. Can result from severe blood loss, sepsis and anaphlaxis.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      You left one out, Confucius.

      Regular beatings from the drunken husband; Barrys’ daddy who loved him so much!

  3. canary says:

    Well, I heard Obama’s birth mother traveled to Africa several time, though he does not mention this in his books.

    But, Obama’s first step-mother Kiezia, also said that she is best friends and sister to Obama’s 3rd step-mother Ruth. Those to step-mothers became very close, and like sisters. though at time dreams was written Ruth wanted Obama’s Sr. estate, and alot of the family were angry at Ruth, and she would not let Obama meet his step-brother George. The one that’s always wearing Michello hand-me-down sweater, in a shack, busted for marijuana (Obama’s book had such an influence on him) and he is not writing his own book, but someone is writing it for him.
    These Obama’s have all just traveled all around the world, studying, living, etc. forever.

    Obama wrote that when he visited Kenya, his half-sister, daughter of Kezia the first step-mother, she told Obama he was so lucky to live in American, and Obama wrote he became angry. That Auma had two jobs, and lot’s of mattresses in the house to support the family, she also did tons of traveling and schooling.
    So, understand when I say Obama hates America, I mean it.
    Because of the ongoing inheritance battle over Obama’s father’s estate,
    Obama’s step-mother Ruth, felt she should get it all, (having two younger children) and she would not let Obama see George in highschool at the time. George is the one that’s always wearing same hand-me-down sweater from Michello, in his hut with no roof, and busted for marijuana who is not writing a book.

    Point is the U.S. already has free health care for foreginors and non-citizens. They get free medical, free housing, and I’m not just talking about Obama’s Aunt’s situation. Mexians, Russians, getting housing while poor white people can’t. That’s what I dont’ comprehend.

    I imagine this may be state regulations. I’m from a conservative state.
    As far as Obama’s Hepatitis C story,
    I recall a “white” sleazy repeated drug rehabber, several times in prison, got Hepatitis C from shooting up drugs. and that in Oregan got the treatment free, (even though criminal drug history) and

    he had family to care for him. What if you don’t have family as it’s like chemo, then I guess you wouldn’t get it. So, after his family caring for him, and (course he’s getting free medical and all) Then Oregon, pays for him an apartment to go to school. Then he got caught robbing the apartments, and crack cocaine on him, 3rd prison term, jails to crowded so they let him out. He robbed his family that cared for him during his treatments, so then he moved to Utah where mormons paid his apt and all. The state of Utah gives more to charity than anyother state.

  4. canary says:

    Obama speaks of Michelles difficult life with a gravely ill father suffering from a severe illness from the time he turned 30. Obama then jumps in not saying where in the world,

    Though both worked in Chicago, Obama was out of town when Michelles’s father underwent a dangerous operation. Obama tends to always be away when somone is sick and dying.

    Audacity of Hope

    pg. 334 …Just as Michelle prehaps saw in me a life of adventure, risk travel to exoctic lands– a wider horizon that she had prevously allowed herself.
    Six months after Michelle and I met, her father died suddenly of complication after a kidney operation.

    I flew back to Chicago and stood at his gravesite, …

    pg. 53 I remember the first time I took Michelle to Kenya, shortly before we were married. …..
    Even within my own family, Michelle saw how suffocating the demands of family ties and tribal loyalties could be, with distant

    cousins constantly asking for favor, uncles and aunts showing up unannounced.
    On the flight back to Chicago, Michelle admitted she was looking forward to getting home. “I never realized just how American I was,” she said. She hadn’t realized just how free she was –or how much she cherished that freedom.

    At its most elemental level, we undstand our liberty in a negative sense. As a general rule we believe in the right to be left alone,

    and are suspicious of those — whether Big Brother or nosy neighbors — who want to meddle in our business…,,The values of drive, discipline, temperance, and hard work…
    The values of thrift and personal responsibility.

    Yet, Obama is working towards being the Biggest Government Brother in U.S. History. They learned values of thrift? Course this is campaign book, so he’s trying to look American. What a joke

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Seems Barry is always days late and a pathetic example for a human.
      (and to think some say he is a good example for the children…..God forbid!!)

    • proreason says:

      “with distant cousins constantly asking for favor,”

      the slime-balls. How dare they!! Where is their government?

      Obviously, Obamy’s communist daddy wasn’t totally successful, or those greedy relatives would be living in a workers paradise like Obamy’s comrades in Cuba and Venezuala, instead of struggling to overcome profiteers sucking the life from their bodies

      Luckily, they only have another few years to wait before Obamy is Commissar of the Planet and everything people could possibly want becomes free, and the profiteers fall in lockstep with the oceans that are flooding our coastal cities.

  5. canary says:

    Here is a lovely long line of protests parading against Obomi in NH/Ma No mobs yelling.


  6. artboyusa says:

    The real deal on the NHS (speaking as an occasional service user and a continuous – through paying taxes into it for the last 18 years – contributer) is that it is good first aid. For anything simple and easy, the NHS is fine. For anything more complicated or expensive, its lousy. For the patient; you wait too long and the quality is inconsistent. For the taxpayer; the NHS is enormously expensive to run, top heavy with bureaucracy and deeply resistant to change or even criticism.

    I know way too many people who were diagnosed wrongly or late or who’ve gone in for minor surgery and come out minus chunks of arms and legs because they picked up MRSA in one of those notoriously filthy NHS wards. I would never have surgery over here – too scared of infection. Believe me, you don’t want this system in the USA. Take a look at how they do it in France or Switzerland – cheaper and much more effective.

    But this whole “reform” debate isn’t about reform at all, is it? Its about growing the government and gaining more control over people’s lives. Oh, and you can also expect to start paying the doctor bills of every Tom, Dick and Pablo who wanders over the border with TB or HIV or cancer or whatever – that’s what happens over here. They arrive sick because they can’t get treatment in their own country, they check in and we pay.

  7. Confucius says:

    A wonderful argument against socialized medicine.

  8. proreason says:

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the formula for how they calculated the value of the life of a 59 year-old visitor to the country (when she had the life-saving surgery) vs treatments for citizens.

    And how fortunate for the good woman, that her “chronic” condition only cropped up while she was “visiting” a foreign country with “free” health care. Why if you didn’t know about the bone-deep honesty of the Obama family, you might think there was a bit of a con going on there.

    Of course, we will have firewalls in place with our own National Death Care to prevent that sort of thing from happening in the U.S. with people who don’t share the Obama integrity gene. Our immigration bureaucracy will be all over THAT scam.

  9. Niko says:

    I wonder what’s Kenya’s health care system? Universal or private? Did their declaration of independence against the colonial rule “forgot” the health care system’s independence to be included?
    After all, their argument was that the European powers were “exploiting” them. It seems that either Britain wasn’t exploiting them too much, either they liked it!

  10. ExZonie says:

    Not that it helps the argument against public health care, but kidney patients are eligible for Medicare after six months. I know because I applied and was accepted. You can pay for Medicare part B which is about $100 a month and Medicare part A which is “free.” And you can also opt for part D if you need help paying for medication. If you’re on dialysis and when/if you get a transplant, Medicare will pay for it. They become your primary insurance after a few years (I think it’s five). I have private insurance and don’t want to use public money for my health care.

    • proreason says:

      “Not that it helps the argument against public health care”

      It just points out there is no crisis in health care. You have to try real hard not to get the health care you need in America.

      But as everyone here knows, it isn’t about health care, it’s about expanding government power permanently, so they can live like kings while we live like serfs.

    • ExZonie says:

      That is true. I’m just saying her argument falls apart anyway. She’d be on dialysis and probably in line for a kidney transplant.

  11. Petronius says:

    It is a safe bet that, in order to treat Kezia Obama’s illnesses, some poor Briton somewhere down the line had to do without the services of the NHS, at least for a time. This (satirical) poem is dedicated to those largely anonymous sufferers, the unsung victims of the British NHS, whoever they may be.

    Tales from the National Health Service (England):
    Elegy for His Royal Highness, Charles Prince of Wales,
    Who Died on the Waiting List at the Royal Chelsea Hospital

    Oh the pubs closed early last Friday,
    For the burying of bonnie Prince Charlie,
    When they took him down to Windsor Castle,
    To his resting place in St George’s Chapel,
    There they laid him next to George VI and all the rest.

    For Harrod’s owner, old Mohamed Al-Fayed,
    Is the dirty bloke who shot him dead,
    When Al-Fayed’s 45 gave Charlie such a blow,
    Amid roses and hydrangeas at the Chelsea Flower Show,
    To avenge Di and Dodi, whom the old man loved the best.

    So they strapped poor Charlie to the gurney,
    Then wheeled him to Royal Chelsea New Infirmary,
    Where he bravely took his turn in the pensioners’ waiting room,
    Waiting uncomplaining, bleeding there until he met his doom,
    Waiting untended, unheeded, ignored, and undressed.

    For surgeon Abdul Kamal had no time for Charlie’s trauma,
    Dealing first as he must with Stepmama Kezia Obama,
    Whose troubled kidneys were the top thing on his list,
    Kidneys racked by diabetes, and one large and ugly cyst,
    Oh who can know the woes of a surgeon overstressed?

    Now who will romp with the Duchess of Cornwall,
    At the Beaufort Hunt early next fall,
    When Camilla sits high astride her steed,
    Tally-ho! over walls and hedges with speed,
    With her thighs against her mount so tightly pressed?

    Now who will speak to us of organic agriculture,
    Of polo, Aston Martins, and architecture,
    Or with his lovely watercolours so pastel,
    Paint the scenic vistas around Balmoral,
    He whose eco-friendly presence made us so very blessed?

    What will become of Princes William and Harry?
    Who shall find them proper birds to marry?
    Now that he’s back from Afghanistan with the Royal Army,
    Will Harry still remember how to party,
    And forever tarnish the luster on the royal crest?

    Woe, alas, the smith has gone from his forge.
    Lost is our Prince, Charles Philip Arthur George.
    Gone from Clarence House, which cost the taxpayers a mint.
    Gone from Highgrove is his carbon footprint.
    Gone a martyr to NHS, into that sunset in the west.

    • caligirl9 says:

      What wonderful literature, Petronius! As fine as any I studied at my friendly neighborhood CSU!

      I can answer the question of “where will Wills and Harry go to find birds?’

      Of course … they will go to the Scunthorpe Leisure Centre, in North Lincolnshire, during Muslim swim time and get themselves a proper Muslim girl, as their fine nation is going that way anyway! Don’t bother to get a Church of England girl, that church is on its way out of Great Britain—make a nice strategic Muslim marriage, lads!

      (I’m saying this tongue-in-cheek. Sort of.)

  12. canary says:

    Obama said an injury to the hip joint also contributed to his losing youthful strut, and he started walking normal which helped him in his campaign. He cleaned up well.

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