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Bhutto Gives Musharraf Until Friday To Comply

From her fans at Reuters:

Bhutto threatens Musharraf with “long march”


By Zeeshan Haider

Former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto threatened on Wednesday to lead a mass protest march to the capital unless President Pervez Musharraf quits as army chief, holds elections and restores the constitution.

Bhutto, leader of the largest opposition party and the politician most capable of mobilizing street power, gave Musharraf until Friday to comply

“We can’t work for dictatorship. We can work for democracy,” Bhutto told an Islamabad news conference after meeting members of her Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and smaller opposition parties.

“General Musharraf can open the door for negotiations only if he revives the constitution, retires as chief of army staff and sticks to the schedule of holding elections.”

She said her supporters would begin to march on November 13 from the eastern city of Lahore, capital of Punjab province and the nation’s political nerve-centre, to Islamabad to stage a sit-in.

“The ball is now in government’s court,” said Bhutto.

Her PPP is also due to hold a public protest rally in the garrison town of Rawalpindi, next to Islamabad, on November 9. Police said it would be blocked…

The only public protests of any size so far have been led by lawyers, outraged by the dismissal of independent-minded judges such as ousted chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, who is being held incommunicado at his residence in Islamabad.

As arrests have mounted lawyers’ protests have become smaller and more subdued. Two dozen students threw stones at police at an elite university in Lahore, while some 500 students and lawyers protested peacefully outside the courts in Islamabad…

This from the self-same woman who helped create the Taliban, and who got run out of Dodge twice for stealing Pakistan blind.

Now Ms. Bhutto is doing her level best to give the country (and its nuclear arsenal) to the very same people who just massacred 300 or so of the citizenry, when they tried to blow her up a few days ago.

Never mind that Mr. Musharraf was just re-elected by Pakistan’s Parliament in a completely legal election.

And how interesting that Ms. Bhutto would threaten Musharraf with a “long march.” Apparently she sees herself as the heroic Mao Tse-tung facing that evil Chiang Kai Shek.

How telling.

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