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Bi-Partisan House Vote To Delay O-Care Penalty

From an irony proof Reuters:

U.S. House votes to delay Obamacare penalty for non-enrollment

By David Morgan and Thomas Ferraro | March 5, 2014

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to delay for one year the tax penalty Americans will pay under President Barack Obama’s healthcare law if they decline to enroll in health coverage.

It was a bi-partisan vote. But for some reason Reuters never uses that word once. We thought our news media loves bi-partisanship.

The vote, part of a Republican election-year attack strategy against the 2010 healthcare law known as Obamacare [sic], marked the 50th time House Republicans had passed legislation to try to repeal or dismantle it.

Again, how dare those evil Republican lawmakers think they can change the inviolate and sacrosanct ‘Law Of The Land’? Who do they think they are?

The measure to delay the tax penalty passed by a vote of 250-160, with 27 Democrats joining with 223 Republicans to back the legislation.

So it wasn’t just evil Republicans. There were also 27 Democrats, who actually want to get re-elected.

The bill is certain to go nowhere in the Democratic-controlled Senate and would face a White House veto even if it succeeded…

Because there is now way in hell that Harry Reid or Obama are going to allow any delays of Obama-Care deadlines. The law is the law.

Supporters of the new bill cast the legislation as an issue of fairness. They argued that individual consumers should be granted a delay on the penalty because the Obama administration had postponed the implementation of some Obamacare provisions that apply to businesses…

What buffoons. Do they think there is ‘equal protection under the law’ in our Constitution? That only applies to civil rights cases. (Like homosexuality.) And health insurance is not a civil right, except whenever the left says it is.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, said after 50 such votes, "It’s time for Republicans to end their obsession with upending health reform and work with Democrats to strengthen it." …

Because any delay would destroy it.

Analysts say a delay on the penalty would undermine the law’s aim of extending health coverage to millions of uninsured Americans by destabilizing new private insurance marketplaces established on the expectation the penalty would encourage people to enroll in coverage.

You see? Even the expert analysts at Reuters agree. We can’t tinker with Obama-Care or it might all come crashing down.

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2 Responses to “Bi-Partisan House Vote To Delay O-Care Penalty”

  1. USSFreedom says:

    “the law is the law.” EXCEPT, when it won’t fit in with this pResident’s plan to attain the means to contol every aspect of the lives of the peons undeserving of being able to choose which heatlh plan and doctors they want.

  2. canary says:

    So, now Nancy Pelosi is calling mandatory govt health care “health reform” when she can’t find whats in it or where it is. I guess she wants the American people to pay for her mistakes.

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