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Biden: ‘I Was Given Every S*** Job By Obama’

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

‘I was given every s*** job in the world by Obama’: Biden makes astonishing revelations about his relationship with the President as it’s claimed he was ‘frozen out’ by White House over gay gaffe

By Meghan Keneally | 27 February 2014

Vice President Joe Biden has revealed that the President assigned him ‘every s*** job in the world’ but he still wasn’t able to win Obama’s full support and began being effectively frozen out after one of his infamous gaffes.

Interesting description. Given that Obama put ‘Sherriff Joe’ in charge of defending the middle class. He was also supposed to make sure the stimulus worked and there was no waste.

The 71-year-old argued that he was happy to do the less glamorous tasks… but only at a price.

‘When the president asked me what portfolio did I want, I said, “Base it on what you want of me to help you govern… But I want to be the last guy in the room on every major decision… You’re president, I’m not, but if it’s my experience you’re lookin’ for, I want to be the last guy to make the case,”’ Biden said in a lengthy Politico profile.

We actually agree. In fact, we think Biden should be the last guy on earth to make any important decisions.

He went on to admit that Obama kept up his end of the bargain for the majority of their dealings, but the article reveals that there has been a definite frost between the two men that came after Biden announced his approval of gay marriage before the President…

Trouble began brewing during the 2012 re-election campaign as there were rumors that the Obama team was considering replacing Biden with then-outgoing-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. When questioned about it by Biden, all involved parties denied any truth to said rumor and said so publicly, but not as forcefully as Biden wanted…

Around the same time, Biden also gave the higher-ups in the campaign, like Strategist David Plouffe and manager Jim Messina reason to be upset after upstaging the President by coming out in support of gay marriage before the President.

The two men met and Biden apologized, asserting that it was an accident- just another in Biden’s long history of gaffes- but insiders apparently felt that it may have been a calculated move to signal his loyalty to the progressives who felt they were being ignored by Obama.

We doubt that is true. At the time, Obama’s gay bundlers were threatening to withhold money unless Obama ‘evolved’ on gay marriage. So Obama needed some excuse to evolve.’ And Bite Me gave him that excuse.

The apology was not enough and Obama’s staff reportedly turned hostile to the Vice President.

He was banned from strategic planning meetings that he had been included in during the first campaign, and nixed plans [sic] for Biden to headline private dinners with potential fundraisers. They even tried to block not one but two possible candidates when the Vice President was trying to pick a new chief of staff.

They also reigned [sic] in his public leash by dramatically limiting the number of appearances that Biden made in the months after the gay marriage slip.

Throwing his support: One of the biggest symbolic slaps in the face came when Obama chose to give his first televised interview of the second term with Clinton at his side rather than Biden

Another symbolic slap in the face came immediately after they won re-election, with the President deciding to appear with Clinton, his outgoing Secretary of State and former campaign enemy, rather than Biden for his first televised interview in his second term.

Well, he still hasn’t been slapped enough, if you ask us.

Still, you have to wonder if this article might not be Biden’s warning to the Obama camp: ‘If you don’t support my run over Hillary’s, I will start telling the truth about what happened during our time together.’

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2 Responses to “Biden: ‘I Was Given Every S*** Job By Obama’”

  1. dasher says:

    “We actually agree. In fact, we think Biden should be the last guy on earth to make any important decisions.”

    Oh, Mr. Gilbert, you made me Laugh Out Loud with that line!! Check your inbox for my financial donation, and accept my profound thanks for all your efforts, Lord knows I couldn’t wade through all this crap on a daily basis and stay sane.

    Atlanta, GA

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Yahoo Serious was a more important political figure than Biden ..

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