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Biden Interrupted 82 Times, Raddatz Is Praised

From the Washington Examiner:

RNC: Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times

By Joel Gehrke | Thurs October 11, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden interrupted Paul Ryan 82 times in a 90-minute debate with rival Paul Ryan…

“FACT: Final Count: Biden interrupted 82 times during the entire debate,” the RNC’s Joe Pounder tweeted after the debate…

But not only did Biden interrupt Ryan at least 82 times, by most counts Martha Raddatz also interrupted Ryan another 34 times. She also let let Joe Biden run completely amuck.

And yet she is being hailed as a great moderator by the usual suspects.

From the Politico:

Debate verdict: Martha Raddatz took control

By DYLAN BYERS | Thurs October 11, 2012

Tonight’s winner: Martha Raddatz.

Jim Lehrer she is not. Raddatz, the moderator of tonight’s vice presidential debate, served as an authoritative voice throughout the 90-minute contest between Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan — a stark contrast to her predecessor Lehrer, who was widely criticized for his laid-back performance at the first presidential debate last week.

Huh? The news media’s rap on Jim Lehrer was that he did not stop Romney from ‘interrupting’ Obama. But Ms. Raddatz did not prevent Biden from interrupting Ryan 82 times.

And now she is being praised by the same news media? How is that possible?

The response from the political media was almost unanimously positive.

“Martha Raddatz is actually moderating,” wrote Taegan Goddard, the publisher of Political Wire.

“Kicking ass, Martha is,” wrote John Heilemann, the co-author of “Game Change.”

The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein called himself “a defender of Lehrer’s performance in the first debate” but said “Martha Raddatz is doing a really excellent job here.”

“Martha Raddatz is no joke,” CNN’s Don Lemon tweeted. “Following up & in charge.”

Which actually says more about these so-called unbiased journalists than it says about Ms. Raddatz.

The response to Lehrer, who was steamrolled by the presidential candidates last week, was remarkably different and overwhelmingly negative…

But Raddatz took a drastically different tack, pressing both candidates with tough questions, cutting them off whenever she saw fit, steering the conversation to topics she had selected, and never once backing down…

In fact, Ms. Raddatz only cut off Paul Ryan. Which she did constantly.

Raddatz remained assertive throughout the entire 90 minutes of the debate, and when she wanted to move on to the next topic, the candidates stopped talking…

And, oddly enough, she always wanted to ‘move on’ before Paul Ryan could make a point. But it was probably just a coincidence, as well.

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8 Responses to “Biden Interrupted 82 Times, Raddatz Is Praised”

  1. JohnMG says:

    Paul Ryan held his own under extremely difficult circumstances. I doubt anyone could have prevailed against what amounted to a tag-team match of Biden/Raddatz. Talk about moving goalposts…………

    Still I’m heartened, as I don’t think the viewing public was hoodwinked. Even the most hardened leftwing nutjob knows the deck was stacked against Ryan, whether they admit it publicly or not.

  2. Chrispbass says:

    Ryan did a pretty good job and should be admired for his poise. If Biden had been treated that way he would have leaned across the table and smacked Radd. Her bias could not have been more obvious if she had been wearing a Forward shirt.
    Biden is embarrassing.

  3. Petronius says:

    Here’s how I scored the match :

    Josephus Interruptus Bidens was the winner in every category.

    1. For interrupting and talking over the opponent––Joe outscored Ryan 82-2.
    2. For complaining about not getting enough time while actually getting the most time––Joe won 2-0.
    3. Winner of the Al Gore Most-Moans Award: For smirking, chuckling, grunting, groaning, exaggerated laughing, eye-rolling, head-shaking, arm-waving, gesticulating wildly, impinging on the opponent’s personal space, and being obnoxious, thuggish, rude, smart-alecky, arrogant, condescending, disrespectful, offensive, and generally behaving like a fool–Joe was the overwhelming winner hands-down.
    4. For lying and confusing the viewers––Joe was off the charts (he told so many lies, we lost count).
    5. For blaming others and shirking responsibility––again Joe was at the top of his game.
    6. For getting help from the moderator––Joe was the obvious winner, getting 34 assists from the moderator versus none for Ryan.
    7. And for demonstrating that Liberalism really is a mental disorder––Joe was right on point, being far more effective in this department than Ryan.

    Republicans really need to rethink this whole debate thing along the lines proposed by Newt Gingrich––a Lincoln-Douglas debate format with no moderator, no interruptions, and equal time. Otherwise the Republican candidate will always be outnumbered and on the defensive, continually interrupted by one of the Liberals and unable to respond.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      One thing that hasn’t really been addressed.

      The left, in retaliation to Romney’s stellar performance a couple of weeks ago, simply stated that Romney was lying. The effort needed to unmask the truth was beyond most liberal “thinkers’ ” area of choice, what being like work and all.

      So, the left, in their infinite wisdom, chose to also retaliate in this debate by lying, as they see it, even better than Romney did. Though, of course, Romney did not. Btu here is where the left sees itself as the master. They, by being unable, unwilling and unlikely to identify the truth in 99 out of 100 cases, think that the other side (republicans) are playing by the same set of blueprints when it comes to issues. Therefore, they mis-identify each issue that republicans speak of as a lie.

      In other words, more simply put: “Hey, you troglodytes, don’t believe their lies, believe our lies instead.” But the problem is that many people prefer not to decipher the lies themselves and turn to other sources to do it for them.


      The left says that taxes mean increased revenues for the government to pay for badly needed “social programs”.

      The right says that by lowering taxes, people have more spendable cash to use as they choose and thus social programs are more funded that way because when money is spent, tax revenues increase.

      Thus we arrive at the root of the problem where Americans are far less cynical than they should be. They need to be in order to dissect such things and get to the facts. That also means having to put forth effort to sit and actually THINK how the tax mechanism(s) work. For most people, it’s more fun to think about what’s on TV tonight, or what wine they want with dinner or getting laid, which…I think in human terms plays a much larger part in our daily thoughts than we like to admit.

      Sex, fear and belonging/having power rank way too high on the priority scale when it comes to the human condition. Doing the humdrum process of calculating how tax money is spent and where it comes from and who does the spending is just too complicated for people to really ponder. How many times I’ve been in discussions where the other participants would rather talk about who won on American Idle (intentional misspelling) than how taxes are collected and spent. Admittedly, it’s boring. So it’s no wonder Americans vote for the candidates based more on how “cool” they are, who has the better haircut or looks better on TV than who has an actual grasp of the issues and priorities.

      I find cynicism to be a life saver. When my ex used to get mad at me for saying something filthy to a phone salesman, I used to reply, “Well,. maybe they need to re-think their line of work and will eventually stop bothering people at dinnertime”, I considered it a normal reaction to being annoyed by an uninvited idiot. She considered it being rude and unnecessary. She also used to get taken by the car sales people. She also used to listen interminably to some idiot on the phone trying to sell her something she didn’t want or need.

      But, that’s America. Fear of being considered rude when the rude person is the one who bangs on the door at 9AM to try to incite me to buy something. Same with politicians who pee on my boots and tell me it’s raining. I simply say, “You’re wasting my time” and close the door, hang up the phone or walk away. I have that choice, which I love about this nation.

      But to hamper one’s own freedom by not thinking is just as bad as not hanging up on a sales phone call. You have chosen to be put in bondage to someone else’s BS. But so many people don’t see it as a choice, which I find confusing. I see black people on my TV screen, I change the channel. Exercising my freedom. I delete black-only TV stations.

      Racist? I am now. Especially since I became sick of the subtle hidden agenda within TV shows and commercials that prefer I accept my being bad as a descendant of white imperialists. Screw that. Nobody gave me a thing. I was not born into privilege. If anything I endured as much ridicule and goading as any black person because of my own choices. I wasn’t “cool”…I was a nerd and still am. Amongst the “cool” people at work they still snark at me and make fun. And they’re all white.

      Tell me how it’s so hard to be black again.

      But I have the right to either let it drag me down or just go about my business and ignore them. I know it’s them with the problem and they wrap themselves up in their little cliques and claques. Fine. I go do whatever I want to do….all the time.

      Freedom means that. They have the right to ridicule me and I have the right to know how full of sh*t they are. But when it comes down to their needing me for some sort of support, they sure get a funny look on their faces when I tell them no. Belonging doesn’t mean to me what it does to them. But their irritation is of their own making and my choices are mine. I don’t consult with others and when I win, it’s also mine. When I fail…that’s mine too except when they decide to tell a different narrative. They do not know the truth. The truth scares them and it’s unpleasant and makes them have to see their own shortcomings. I am familiar with mine and I know that I am imperfect. That I am flawed. It is because of this that I work to overcome them and do better while they simply point fingers and assign blame rather than improve.

      Biden and Obama…made for each other more than even the socialists realize.

  4. Right of the People says:

    I’d like to Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity moderate one of the last two debates instead of someone from the Lame Stream Media. I mean for goodness sake, the boy king was at Raddatz’s wedding! No bias there.

    O’Reilly could keep reminding Obummer that this is a No Spin Zone and we could watch The Won’s head explode, now that would be must see TV.

  5. wirenut says:

    If this is the best that the left can do, I’ve seen better heads on a boil.

  6. Mithrandir says:

    The New Civility……democrat-style, they make the rules, non-democrats must follow them.

    Paul Ryan was having an adult conversation, all he needed was another adult. (rim shot!)

    Moderator: Besides getting taxes from millionaires and billionaires, what other plans do you have?

    Biden: Blah blah middle class, blah blah middle class, what about the middle class?

    Answer: There is no other plan than class warfare.

  7. yadayada says:

    not to mention the ubiquitous liberal question in every debate

    “how do you intend to pay for those tax cuts?”

    I would like to hear the rebut,

    “how do expect the people (who already pay 40-50% of their money to various taxes) to keep paying for the tax increases?”

    one of the best things about the tea party uprisings was that they actually made people think about how much they actually lose to taxes. Average Joe thinks about taxes and generally sees “income tax”. not all the actual crap that ends up in the gov’t coffers at the end of the day. R & R need to keep banging some o’ those Tea Party drums. it’s what got Ryan where he is now.
    yo’ Ryan – dance wit da girl what brung ya.

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