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Biden Pal Replaces Jones As NS Advisor

From a detail free Associated Press:

AP sources: National security adviser resigning

October 8, 2010

WASHINGTON — Gen. James Jones, President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, is stepping down and will be replaced by his top deputy Tom Donilon, two senior administration officials told The Associated Press on Friday.

Obama will announce the change in a Rose Garden ceremony on Friday with both men. Jones’ resignation will take effect in two weeks…

This is significant in any number of ways.

But at the very least it would seem to indicate that Mr. Biden’s (usually preposterous) views will be in the ascendency, at least judging from his entry at (the not always trustworthy) Wikipedia:

Thomas E. Donilon

Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, Donilon earned a B.A. at The Catholic University of America in 1977 and a J.D. at the University of Virginia in 1985. He served on the Editorial Board of the Virginia Law Review.

It’s not quite like being the head of the Editorial Board for the Harvard Law Review, but apparently it is good enough to replace a four star general.

He is married to Cathy Russell, who has been named Chief of Staff to Jill Biden, and he is the brother of Mike Donilon, a lawyer and political consultant who has been chosen to serve as Counselor to Vice President Joe Biden

Beginning in 1986, he served as a Senior Advisor to Senate Judiciary Committee Joseph Biden on Supreme Court nominations

Mr. Donilon also worked on Mr. Biden’s doomed Presidential campaign.

He also figures prominently in Bob Woodward’s new book, "Obama’s Wars." Especially in descriptions of the formulation of strategy for Afghanistan and associated discussions.

Lest we forget, according to Mr. Woodward, via the Washington Post:

Gates was tempted to walk out of an Oval Office meeting after being offended by comments made by deputy national security adviser Thomas E. Donilon about a general not named in the book.

So, yeah, Mr. Donilon sounds like the perfect choice for the delicate position of National Security Advisor.

By the way, Mr. Donilon also held several senior positions at Fannie Mae from 1999 to 2005, including vice president of law and policy. In fact, he was a registered lobbyist from 1999 through 2005, and his sole client was Fannie Mae.

According to the Washington Times, Mr. Donilon made millions for his work there, which involved supervising Fannie Mae’s lobbying against increased regulation.

Again, he sounds like a perfect candidate for Mr. Obama’s inner circle.

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8 Responses to “Biden Pal Replaces Jones As NS Advisor”

  1. proreason says:

    Isn’t it great to have a lobbiest and ex Fannie Mae capo as our National Security Advisor?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Exactly, this is a payoff to a drooling lackey of the whole regime. I’m sure there were meetings where, Like Joe Pesci, he is whining that he’s “paid his dues” and “done his duty” for a long time…so “when do I get my big break?”.

      So they are paying him off with this position which is both out of his league and beyond his character. And he will no doubt muck it up beyond any recognition.

  2. U NO HOO says:

    Incest is OK if you keep it in the family.

  3. untrainable says:

    Donilon also served as Assistant Secretary of State under both Jimmah Carter and Slick Willy Clinton. And we all know how wonderfully the foreign policies of those two worked out for everybody. I can’t think of two better reasons for this guy NOT to be involved in anything more complicated than popping corn at the local moviehouse. With this boob in charge of National Security the best advice is to get your bomb shelters built but quick.

    • Chase says:

      I don’t have much fact-checking means here in Iraq, so…

      “Donilon earned a B.A. at The Catholic University of America in 1977 and a J.D. at the University of Virginia in 1985.”

      How could he serve under Jimmah in his 1976-1980 term if he only earned his B.A. in 1977. Meteoric rise? VERY good connections? Totally inept Cah-tah administration? Not unbelieveable, in those contexts….

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Tom Donilon is a passionate disciple of Transhumanism


  5. misanthropicus says:

    I pity Jones. It’s true, he accepted the job from Obama, but I always thought that he accepted it as rather a mission, or opportunity at controlling those obnoxious, snoty brats in the sand box and so help the nation.
    Yet he wasn’t able, and the brats also kicked him out from his office – disgrace.

    As far as Donilon, I won’t even bother to research him better – Gates’ evaluation of Donilon’s abilities should be enough for any rational American to despise this administration even deeper than before –

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    Good grief!!
    Like dingleBarry, this putz is out of his league and waaaaaaay over his head.
    He isn’t even qualified so that makes him eligible for Obamaos’ Cabal Cronies.

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