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Joe Biden Reveals Location Of VP Bunker

Another late Friday news dump, via Newsweek’s blog, The Gaggle:

Shining Light On Cheney’s Hideaway

Daniel Stone

Friday, May 15, 2009

This just in from Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift, a frequent purveyor of political anecdotes. She bring us an enlightening one here regarding the (quote) undisclosed location (unquote) we heard lots about in the days after Sept. 11. Here’s Eleanor:

Ever wonder about that secure, undisclosed location where Dick Cheney secreted himself after the 9/11 attacks? Joe Biden reveals the bunker-like room is at the Naval Observatory in Washington, where Cheney lived for eight years and which is now home to Biden.

The veep related the story to his head-table dinner mates when he filled in for President Obama at the Gridiron Club earlier this year. He said the young naval officer giving him a tour of the residence showed him the hideaway, which is behind a massive steel door secured by an elaborate lock with a narrow connecting hallway lined with shelves filled with communications equipment.

The officer explained that when Cheney was in lock down, this was where his most trusted aides were stationed, an image that Biden conveyed in a way that suggested we shouldn’t be surprised that the policies that emerged were off the wall. Cheney has emerged as the leading critic of the Obama administration on national security, saying the president’s policies are making America less safe, and if there’s another attack, it will be Obama’s fault.

This is tough stuff, but as the architect of the Bush administration’s policies on war and torture, he has a much bigger legacy to protect than the president he helped steer onto the shoals. 

It really looks like Mr. Biden has some kind of mental derangement impairment.

Which is amazing, considering he was chosen by the brilliant Mr. Obama, after having been vetted by the (equally brilliant) Caroline Kennedy.

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23 Responses to “Joe Biden Reveals Location Of VP Bunker”

  1. Kilmeny says:

    You know, you just can’t make these things up. He’s a richly comic vein of absurdity. Sometimes I think he was picked purely for his entertainment value.

    And then on the serious side of course, he may just as well have painted a huge red target on the place complete with neon sign saying TERRORISTS, BOMB HERE. I can’t believe anyone with any sense would let Biden within twelve miles of any important classified information.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      NO BIG LOSS!!

      Might as well get rid of our secrets before they sell us out …….. and good riddance to the boob Biden!!

  2. Petronius says:

    So what’s one more national secret that’s no longer secret? Can anyone say “Sandy Berger”? Or “Unlimited Access”? We are blessed with a Commander-in-Chief, Vice President, and Speaker of the House, none of whom could pass a DOD security clearance. Adjutorium nostrum, Domine.

  3. Confucius says:

    On the bright side, al-Qaeda will know where to find him.

  4. Helena says:

    He’s hilarious. It’s a shame he’s also so dangerous. This man is in the NO. 2 SPOT! and he can’t even be trusted to shut his yap about information a 12-year old would know enough not to blab. It’s enough to make you scream.

    • proreason says:

      I’ld still take him in the #1 spot in a second over what we have.

      Biden doesn’t hate the country.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”This man is in the NO. 2 SPOT!…..”

      He should be on the “#2” spot. That’s where Obama is taking this country. Straight to the toilet!

  5. jrmcdonald says:

    Did he put out a trail of bread crumbs to find his way back?

  6. Good gracious. And to think, they told me if I voted for McCain the Vice President would be a moron.

    Turns out they were right!

    • 1sttofight says:


    • MinnesotaRush says:

      roflmao .. This, too, needs to be chiseled in granite somewhere.

    • spiffyw says:

      Ha ha haa ! so true
      And what’s really scary is the nervous rich lady would be in charge .
      Danny Thomas spit take .

      I said 6 months and almost to the date ,He spilled .
      I don’t think we’ve seen nuttin yet. He will ll ‘pop with aliens’ any day now :)
      Bring on the Iron Fist aka Diick Cheney
      God Save The USA

  7. Sharps Rifle says:

    Gad…these traitors will get this country destroyed! But then, I suspect that’s what they want, anyway.

  8. #1, #2, #3.. wow.. its as if someone was taking no chances.. How best to make sure the US of A has no Security, No Economic Vitality, or No Un-aborted Babies..

  9. Colonel1961 says:

    While one would presume the shelter was on the grounds of the Observatory, the detail that it was part of the residence – or adjacent to the residence – is (was) certainly classified at a rather high level. This is tantamount to treason.

  10. MinnesotaRush says:

    Ya know .. I’ve seen that look Biden’s got on his face somewhere else before.

    I know .. I know! It was on Soupy Sales!!! On Soupy!!!

  11. BillK says:

    Just as long as he’s taken to the same “secure” location in case of an emergency, I’m fine with this.

  12. Barbie says:

    Well Obama has said you don’t need to waterboard someone to get vital, classified information – guess he meant you just have to make sure they’re utter dopes like Joe Biden.

    Obama, Biden, Pelosi – the three stooges – only they’re not funny, but they are dangerous.

  13. navymom says:

    Now the released/subsidized Gitmo detainees know EXACTLY where to go! No guessing, no colateral damage. Nice and neat. Thank you Joe!!

  14. Reality Bytes says:

    Biden should be tested for dementia. As sad as it is, if treated properly, he could go on to lead quite a normal life. But to think the man may hold codes for our nuclear capability is a little bone chilling (not to mention anything having to do with our economy, security & welfare).

  15. Right of the People says:

    The Peter Principle in action for all to see. I wouldn’t trust him, his boss of the Nanster to walk my Lab. Of course she is without a doubt brighter they the three of them put together.

  16. Dangerous says:

    Has this man ever met a secret he could keep?

    Obama, I beg you, start confiding in your vice president. He needs to know every detail of all your plans so that he can take over if something should happen to you.

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