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Biden Says Cheney Is Re-Writing History

From the Politico:

VP v. VP: Cheney calls Biden ‘dead wrong’

By: Carol E. Lee
February 14, 2010

Vice President Joe Biden and former Vice President Dick Cheney hurtled barbs across the airwaves Sunday in a split-screen debate over terrorism, charging each other with being dangerously “misinformed” or just “dead wrong.” …

Biden said Cheney “doesn’t listen” and doesn’t give Obama credit for killing dozens of al-Qaida leaders and associates. Cheney shot back that Obama has a dangerously passive “mindset” that doesn’t view terrorism as anything but a crime.

The two also differed on the use of waterboarding in interrogation, with Cheney saying the president must have all the tools at his disposal to get information and Biden saying flatly that he doesn’t think it works and shouldn’t be used in any circumstances.

Biden had one advantage – getting to hear Cheney’s ABC interview and respond live on CBS…

What a shock that our media watchdogs would give Mr. Biden such an advantage.

And how unsurprising it is that he would still come off like a fool.

In his interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Biden said Cheney “either is misinformed or he is misinforming” and accused him of “trying to rewrite history.”

Let me choose my words carefully here,” Biden said in an interview taped Saturday night from Vancouver, where he seemed to take a more measured tone toward Cheney himself. “Dick Cheney’s a fine fellow. He’s entitled to his own opinion. He’s not entitled to rewrite history. He’s not entitled to his own facts.”

Choosing his words carefully, Mr. Biden says Mr. Cheney is rewriting history.

It is painfully clear that Mr. Biden has some kind of mental illness. He should not be in any position of authority.

[T]he two sparred on Iraq, as Cheney attacked Biden’s recent statement that success in Iraq will be one of the Obama administration’s great achievements, calling it “a little strange.”

Chuckling after he was read Biden’s statement on ABC’s “This Week,” Cheney said, “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by my friend Joe Biden.”

“I’m glad he now believes Iraq is a success,” Cheney said, adding that Biden and Obama criss-crossed the country during the campaign, criticizing the Bush administration on Iraq and opposed the surge. “For them to try and take credit for what happened in Iraq strikes me as a little strange.”

If the Obama administration is going to take credit for Iraq, it should come with “a healthy dose of thank you George Bush” because the drawdown of troops and democratic government there are “in accordance to the timetable that we initiated.”

Biden’s taped interview was something of a “pre-buttal” to Cheney’s expected remarks, and his live appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation let him respond to what Cheney did say, which largely matched those expectations.

Biden addressed Cheney’s criticism of the Obama administration’s decision to offer alleged Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Muhammad a civilian trail and to read the Christmas Day Bomber his Miranda rights, Biden argued that the Bush administration also tried accused terrorists in civilian court and Mirandized the shoe bomber.

At one point, Biden said of KSM, “I want to see that son of a b. . .son of a gun, incarcerated” for a long time.

Biden expressed exasperation over Cheney’s criticism of the administration’s handling of the Christmas Day Bomber.

“I don’t know what Dick’s been doing lately,” Biden said on CBS. “We did exactly what the Bush administration did with the shoe bomber.” …

Please note: the US had not yet established its military tribunal system at the time of the ‘shoe bomber,’ which was hard upon 9/11.

That was not the situation in the case of the Christmas Day bomber, and everyone in the administration knows this. And yet they continue to misrepresent the situation.

In his “Meet the Press” interview Biden said President Obama will ultimately decide where to hold the trial of Mohammad, who is now unlikely to be tried in civilian court in New York as the administration had originally ordered. Biden also did not rule out a military commission.

“I am not ruling anything out,” he said. “A military tribunal is available. It is the less preferable way to go. But one way or another, [Mohammad] will be held accountable.”

Questioned about whether the administration has already decided that Mohammad would continue to be detained if he is acquitted, Biden would not confirm or deny that but said there is “no doubt that he would not be acquitted.”

“I assure you, I assure you, acquitted or not, he will not be walking the streets of the United States of America,” Biden said. “And he will not be acquitted.”

Note too that this (intercoursing intellectually disabled) gentleman, like his boss, has effectively pronounced Khalid Sheikh Mohammed guilty.

But, as usual, Mr. Biden said so many idiotic things in his brief interview that this gaffe will go largely unnoticed.

Except by Mr. Mohammed’s ACLU defense attorneys.

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17 Responses to “Biden Says Cheney Is Re-Writing History”

  1. proreason says:

    Chuckles the Clown.

    But this is the line that really pisses me off: ““We did exactly what the Bush administration did with the shoe bomber.”

    The shoe bomber incident happened 100 days after 9/11, long before the tools were put in place to effectively deal with Terrorism.

    Comparing what happened to Richard Reed to what happened to the Christmas bomber is just plain stupid.

    • JohnMG says:

      Well. Look who’s doing the comparing. And I agree that Biden is suffering a mental disorder, but he’s been doing it for so long that, for him. that IS normal behavior.

      Most telling is his inability to even recite the democrat talking points without messing them up.

      His anuerism must have something to do with it. In a rational world his mental/physical condition would have been noted, and would have precluded his being considered for a job deemed one heartbeat away from the presidency. The more I see of him and his antics, the more convinced I am that Obama considered Biden the most effective form of life insurance available. Much as I hate to admit it, it is probably in the country’s best interest too.

    • U NO HOO says:

      Uh, if Obama did what Bush did then Bush must have done something right, or Obama did something wrong.

      Just thinking out loud.

    • JohnMG says:

      ……”Uh, if Obama did what Bush did then Bush must have done something right, or Obama did something wrong…….”

      Then……that would mean that Obama changed his mind. Wonder what they did with the diaper!!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      And yet, who in the DNC let Joe out of his box to talk about things without protection?

      It’s fine with me, of course since every time he opens his mouth he withdraws from the sum of human knowledge. But what I’m seeing here is that the democrat regime is staging a propaganda campaign on all fronts and yet, nobody read and memorized the playbook. They all tell lies, but now, unlike the past year, it’s not even the same lie.

      Holder gets into it and tells one version of a lie. Biden tells a different lie. And so on and so on. I suppose they don’t even text one another anymore, most likely thinking that they are truly the real power behind the presidency, or the only power. Shillary speaks out of turn as does Rahm-bo, Holder, Pelosi, etc.

      Last summer, I was expecting this behavior would show up sooner or later, where they all outwardly disagree with themselves and ultimately pave a path of party self-destruction. They can’t help it. It’s what they do. I am perfectly content to let them do so.

      And, given the newsies propensity to aggravate the problem through various interviews, the evidence of their lies just keeps adding up, no….stockpiling, actually. And in this day of instant access via the internet, it’s harder to get rid of than nuclear waste.

  2. ptat says:

    My heart breaks for the parents and loved ones of those who died or were maimed in Iraq only to hear this moron say “It wasn’t worth it”. Ouch!

  3. crate says:

    “Stand Up Chuck!” That is all I think of when I see Biden. These people are fools. We all know who is trying to re-write history.

  4. JohnMG says:

    Whenever I hear Biden speak on a topic I get the feeling that inside that second-rate mind there is a third-rate mind struggling to the surface.

  5. Dave in OC says:

    Good summary, but one goof. Reid is a citizen of Great Britain. He was born there of a Brit mother and a Jamaican immigrant father.

  6. BigOil says:

    Who better to question the honesty of Dick Cheney than Joe the plagiarist.

    Cheney has forgotten more about defending our country than Joe will ever know.

  7. canary says:

    Please note: the US had not yet established its military tribunal system at the time. Excellent point, and who would guess the WTC would be bombed by terrorists 2 times. Why make it easy for terrorists to attempt a 3rd time.

    Biden always looks smashed on happy pills. You almost envied him grinning,
    nodding, struggling to stand up during the state of union address. Ignorance is bliss.

  8. jobeth says:

    Cheney has met his match…’cause “nobody messes with Joe!” What a laugh. What a ditz!

    How ridiculous. If something is wrong, it’s inherited and is going to take a very long time to fix it…(especially doing the things the way this administration does!)

    If something goes right…Its only because O’balmy was breathing when it happened…even if it happened before he was even in the Senate and he was yet a ‘community organizer’. His amazing powers are really something aren’t they?

    Hey O’balmy…YOU LIE….and so do you Joe!

    Under it all, Cheney has to be totally in awe of Joe and how stupid he is…How could someone so stupid get to that level in office?

    JohnMG is probably on to the right track.

    I think his utter stupidity is exactly why O’balmy chose ol’ Joe…and exactly why he didn’t choose Clinton. The Clintons are too savy for O’balmy to control.

    What really gets me is there are some out there who will believe the lies and think Cheney does try to rewrite history.

    I for one miss Cheney’s wisdom.

  9. canary says:

    NBS just shafted Americans, giving Joe Biden a long spot-light, blocking Americans from viewing the warm-up and and moment prior to the U.S. Olympic figure-skating pair’s performance. As he rolled his head around a few times laughing and talking to himself, Peggy Fleming & those around him, were clearly annoyed, at least they got a minute more that millions of poor down trodden Americans hoping for a moment of peace.

  10. catie says:

    Biden is deranged, there is no other way around it. I hope he rots.

  11. Mithrandir says:

    Ah, such is the inevitable problem when government does anything–it screws it up completely. I never thought nation building in that area would ever work. You need the Genesis-Effect: flooding it, and starting over with descent people.

    The one thing that was as shining success was Operation Desert Storm. HW Bush had a clear goal and mission, got in got out, and hit the confetti parades.

    It has always been extremely strange to me to hear the democrats during the Clinton administration saying how much a threat Iraq was, then Gore et al, get up and complain they were never a threat.

  12. Segue from Bob’s question whether Biden supports water-boarding… (07:30 forward)

    Biden: “NO.. Its not effective..”
    Schieffer: …Lets talk a little bit about the trial of Khalid Sheik Muhammed..”

    Good point to switch to the discussion of a man who .. umm.. was a bit of a tattle tale under the “effect” of water-boarding..

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