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Joe Biden Says: ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’

From an Op-Ed in USA Today:

Assessing the Recovery Act: ‘The best is yet to come’

By Joe Biden

February 17, 2010

A year ago today, President Obama signed the Recovery Act into law. Time and again I am asked, "How can you say that the Recovery Act has worked when the unemployment rate is so much higher today than it was when the act was signed?" It’s a fair question — and one worth answering on this anniversary day.

How condescending of Mr. Biden to finally address the question – one year later.

First, we think the Recovery Act is working because of the progress we’ve made in slowing job loss. In the three months before the act took effect, America lost 750,000 jobs a month. In the last three months, we’ve lost about 35,000 jobs a month.

Given that the number of jobs in the country is effectively finite, you would think that the number of losses would eventually slow no matter what was done.

Just like blood loss from a ‘corpseman.’

That’s progress — not good enough, not where we need to be, but progress. And most economists agree that that progress is thanks in a very large part to the Recovery Act.

The old ‘most economists’ agree argument. You see, like with global warming, it’s ‘settled science.’

Independent economists believe that, thanks to the Recovery Act, about 2 million people are on the job today who would not have work otherwise.

Name some of them. And are any of these jobs outside of the public sector?

Is that good enough in an economy that has lost more than 8 million jobs? Of course not. But it is a lot better than the alternative.

How do we know that? In the past tax cuts have caused very quick turnarounds in the unemployment numbers. Such as what happened under Ronald Reagan.

So we don’t know for a fact that the Obama approach is “a lot better than that alternative.”

Second, the Recovery Act is working because it is helping hard-hit families get through tough economic times. If you get a paycheck, you got a tax cut from the Recovery Act, which lowered the amount of withholding for over 95% of working Americans.

A reduction in the withholding rate is not a “tax cut.” This is one of the more grievous lies being perpetuated by this administration. And it is something people are going to realize come April 15th.

If you are a senior citizen, or a veteran, you got a $250 check to help pay your bills.

Your coffee bill perhaps, if you make your own and use the cheapest brands.

If you are unemployed, your benefits were extended thanks to the Recovery Act. In fact, these tax cuts and direct aid to individuals are the largest parts of the Recovery Act — more than half of all Recovery Act spending has gone to cut taxes or provide relief to seniors, veterans and the unemployed.

So we are supposed to think that it cost $787 billion dollars to change the withholding rate and to give seniors and veterans a check for $250?

Sure, a lot of the stimulus has gone into extending unemployment benefits. But that was not what the stimulus was intended to do. In fact, these unemployment extensions were passed by Congress long after the stimulus bill was signed by Mr. Obama.

The stimulus package was supposed to create jobs – not keep people on the dole.

Look around for results

But never mind the 10% unemployment. Never mind that unemployment benefits have had to be extended to unprecedented of lengths.

Third, we know that the Recovery Act is working because we can see the results all around us. Thousands of road projects are not only creating jobs — they are making for faster, safer transportation.

Superfund sites are being cleaned up and commuter rail tracks are being repaired. Work is underway on water, weatherization and construction projects — creating jobs now, and making critical improvements in our nation’s infrastructure for the future.

Never mind that every report says infrastructure repairs make up a miniscule fraction of the stimulus spending so far.

And yet, to me, the most exciting thing about the Recovery Act is not what we’ve done, but what lies ahead. Many Recovery Act programs that will build the groundwork for the economy of the 21st century will be implemented in the next few months. Broadband access for small and rural communities. New factories where electric cars and clean fuel cells will be made. Wind farms, solar panels — and the facilities to construct them. New health technologies and smarter electrical power grids will be creating jobs this year thanks to the Recovery Act. Truly, the best is yet to come.

Prosperity is just around the corner. Any minute now the ‘green economy’ juggernaut is going to start to roar. And then look out.

Never mind that the demand for alternative energy supplies, such as wind turbines and solar panels are down worldwide. And never mind that two thirds of the stimulus money spent so far on ‘green energy’ has gone to foreign firms.

It’s all part of our new command economy’s ‘Great Leap Forward.’

‘A long way to go’

We’ve gotten the act moving ahead of schedule, and most projects are coming in under budget. A tough, independent group of inspectors general is on the lookout for fraud, and we’ve killed scores of projects that don’t pass muster. Your tax dollars are being used wisely and quickly to turn the economy around.

Have there been any news reports about stimulus projects that have been killed for not passing muster? If so, we haven’t seen them.

All we have seen are the preposterous projects that have been green lighted under Mr. Biden’s watchful eye. Like the underpass for turtles. Or the stimulus money funneled to sex shows.

We’re on track to meet or beat our goal of saving or creating 3.5 million jobs by the end of this year. Work on road, rail, bridge, airport and other infrastructure projects will expand dramatically as warm weather returns. Projects that needed final planning in 2009 will see construction in 2010.

Does anyone believe that 3.5 million jobs will be saved or created by the end of this year?

This administration diminishes its already rapidly shrinking credibility every time they make such outlandish claims.

Americans know this downturn isn’t over yet — we have a long way to go before we are over the economic chasm left by the Great Recession. Year Two of the Recovery Act will build on the successes of Year One, continuing to generate jobs while seeding the transformative investments needed to ensure that our economy remains the world’s strongest.

Yes, it sounds like we have a ‘Five Year Plan,’ like all good command economies do.

Joe Biden is vice president of the United States.

And, apparently the new Minister Of Propaganda.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, February 17th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

19 Responses to “Joe Biden Says: ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’”

  1. artboyusa says:


    Today is the First Anniversary of Comrade Obama’s wise Stimulus Plan and the hearts of all workers and peasants are filled with joy! Our hopes soar skywards like the mighty rockets of our glorious space program (well, maybe not so much these days) and we are filled with gratitude to Comrade Obama and the comrades of the Presidium and the Central Committee.

    Today is a day of joy and celebration! To thank the heroic workers and peasants for guaranteeing a good harvest and a plentiful supply of pig iron by exceeding their production quotas Comrade Obama has decreed that the individual margarine ration will be increased by 2.5 % from July 2012 and that the soap ration for personal use will be increased by 1.75% from October 2013.

    The heroic workers and peasants rejoice in Comrade Obama’s generous gift! All praise to Comrade Obama!

    Much has been done to free Americans from the tyranny of personal choice and individual responsibility but Comrade Obama reminds us that even as we celebrate wreckers and antisocial elements remain active. Be vigilant! Beware of kulaks and the Palinite fringe! The ruthless swords of the organs of State Security will mercilessly punish wrong thinkers and all those who seek to undo the glorious achievements of Comrade Obama and the heroic workers and peasants of the People’s Republic of America!

    All Hail the Revolution! All hail Comrade Obama!

    Joseph Robinette Biden
    Vice Leader and Assistant General Secretary

    • Yarddog1 says:

      I really must congratulate you on this post. It is excellent!

    • artboyusa says:

      Greetings Comrade Yarddog!

      Comrade Artboy is unable to personally acknowledge your comments. Comrade Artboy is being held for his own protection in a secure location while under investigation for Palinite activity and criminal slander against the State.

      I will not presuppose the outcome of the fair and just investigation into the criminal activities of this mad dog and and wrecker; that is not my role, but the words of his own mouth, his fangs streaming with Palinite poison, condemn him! He openly referred in the post above to the glorious organs of State Security having “ruthless” swords. This term is incorrect! The happy peoples of our Socialist motherland all acknowledge, with gratitude and joy, that the swords of the organs of State Security are “shining”. All praise to the organs of State Security and their shining swords of justice and vengeance!

      Those like yourself who express sympathy with the counter-revolutionary views of the traitors who seek to impede our motherland’s glorious march to the high road of Socialism are themselves guilty of anti-State activity! As Minister of Justice I demand that you arrest yourself at once and surrender to the nearest police officer,mail man, crossing guard, ACORN staffer or other agent of the State for revolutionary justice! Please bring with you five (5) signed and notarized copies of your confession. You may also bring a small suitcase, a tooth brush and three (3) pairs of warm socks.

      All hail Comrade Obama! All hail the people’s justice!

      Eric Holder
      Chief State Prosecutor and Minister of Justice

  2. proreason says:

    Biden’s value to the marxists straw-bosses is that he is information-free, and therefore free to say anything without even a semblance of guilt or shame.

  3. Petronius says:

    As much as I hate to rain on Joe’s parade, it is my duty to note that his sunny forecast is contradicted by the Aden sisters in their recent investor newsletter :

    “Officially, unemployment is around 10%, but in reality it’s about 20% taking into account the unemployed whose benefits have run out and/or those who have stopped looking for work. This is unprecedented since World War II.”

    (“Unprecedented”? No surprise there. Almost everything about this Administration is “unprecedented.”)

    The Aden Forecast then offers a chart showing that the unemployment numbers and Nerobama’s approval rating are moving in diametrically opposite directions (unemployment up, up, up, Nerobama down, down, down). As a result, addressing his growing unpopularity “has become his top priority.”

    (Good thing he’s got Joe Biden to handle that mission.)

    Businesses have to feel confident about the economy and the future before they begin to hire. And so long as Nerobama and his crew continue to wage their war on businesses, business confidence –– and unemployment –– will remain dire.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    To Joe Biden, borrowing from a Warner Brothers cartoon:

    Aaahhhhhhhhh Shaaaaddddaaap!

  5. Tater Salad says:

    The “Best is Yet to Come” will happen in November 2010. Anything that this present adminstration does now isn’t going to change anything in the way votes will be cast. When Obama closed the doors to transparency while breaking a campaign promise (C-Span) and then lying to the American people, he lost all credibility. No more big government. We are tired of huge taxes and paying for government workers who make twice what we make for doing the same work. We are tired of Congress who don’t listen and keep spending on projects not needed. You will be voted out of office in November.

  6. Reality Bytes says:

    HA HA HA HA HA Stop it! HE HE HO HO You’re Killin’ Me Joe! What a Card!

  7. Right of the People says:

    “If you are a senior citizen, or a veteran, you got a $250 check to help pay your bills.”

    I’m a veteran and I didn’t get no stinking $250.00 check!

    I like Bayh’s idea from his interview yesterday, vote all the bums out. I just hope the people and the economy can hold on until we can swear in the new congress.

    • bullforever says:

      The only vets who got a 250 dollar check were those that were rated as “service connected” for a disability.

      While not much, for some people, 250 extra dollars is in fact a lot of money.

      I myself am a service connected disabled vet from the first gulf war…fire on board our ship…never bothered me much, but I figured that if something comes up later in life, I at least have a lifeline to a VA hospital if nothing else. And when I got a check for 250 bucks, I figured heck, at least I can dump it into my Roth IRA.

      What is really insideous though, is that I just finished completing my taxes for 2009. Lo and behold, the 250 bucks they sent me was just an “advance” on my anticipated refund. Well, since I sold my home in 2008 when I relocated for work, I don’t have the Mortgage interest and Property Tax deductions that I used to have and had to take a “standard deduction” in 2009….guess what? I get to pay back that 250 bucks now, because I don’t have the deductions I used to have…basically, disabled vets got a “loan” for 250 bucks from Uncle Joe and the One, and come tax time, we all have to pay it back, or at a minumum, reduce the amount of any refund by the same amount.

      This is not stimulus, all it did was encourage people to spend money before they even knew if it was thiers to spend…think margin account, think casino writing you a house credit slip at the black jack table, think payday loan…what a crock.

      Don’t get me wrong, I suspected as much, and believe our vets deserve any break they can get. The problem here is that the whole program was a sham from the get go. There was no free money. The fact that this administration spins it that way is a complete tradgedy, and that the MSM propogates the message to make thier dear leader seem like a saint is at best disingenuous.

    • proreason says:

      “the whole program was a sham from the get go.”

      That summarizes Obamy’s entire life and all of the government’s con games pretty well.

  8. Chuckk says:

    Biden reminds me of Baghdad Bob from the Hussein days. He’d say anything, anytime and keep a straight face while doing so.

  9. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    There are a lot jobs available but only if you want to work for the government. And given the unpleasant reality that the government is continuing to grow, it’ll always need more workers to support it. ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ but from whose perspective? I tend to view an ever expanding government as very dangerous.

  10. BigOil says:

    What could possibly explain the sudden thrusting of Plugs into the spotlight? He has generally been under wraps for the last year – and now the worlds biggest buffoon is Barry’s point man on foreign policy and economic matters.

    The only logical conclusion I can draw is they have finally figured out the majority of Americans are sick of The Won in our face 24/7.

    • proreason says:

      It takes a special kind of fool to brazenly say anything in front of a camera and not sweat or appear nervous.

      In that repect, Plugs and The Moron are kindred spirits.

  11. JohnMG says:

    One word. Delusional!!

  12. DANEgerus says:

    But lets say that the $850,000,000,000 “saved” 2,000,000 jobs… at $425,000 a job? Really?

  13. wirenut says:

    If Joe sez, “what lies ahead”, I don’t think it’s meant as a direction. More like, I’ve got another whopper for ya. Put him on a merry-go-round pony and call him, virus without a clue. Where the Hell is our other national teleprompter? Joe has played way too much politics without a helmet.

  14. GTBurns says:

    This is starting to sound like Hoover’s “Prosperity is just around the corner” BS he pulled with the Depression began. It pretty much cost him the White House to FDR because it make him look ineffectual.

    LIberals are big on this “power of positive thinking” bullshit. They think that happy thoughts can magically solve everything. What positive results, stop thinking and start doing.

    Obama is worst than a Marxist, he is just plain out incompetent who as not ready for the job of the POTUS. He should have spent more time in the senate, then ran for Governor of IL. NO he was too ambitious and too eager. Thankfully for us this just hastily ended his political career for us.

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