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Biden Tells Central Americans How To Get To Stay In US

From the Daily Caller:

Biden: Some ‘Dream Deluge’ Illegals May Get Citizenship

By Neil Munro | June 21, 2014

Vice President Joe Biden inadvertently offered U.S. citizenship to thousands, or even tens of thousands, of illegal immigrants from Central America — even though he was trying to persuade them to not cross the border.

“We’re going to hold hearings with our judges consistent with international law and American law, and we’re going to send the vast majority of you back,” he said during a June 20 press press conference in Guatemala.

But “vast majority” is not “all.” So Biden’s statement says the U.S. will award the Grand Prize in human life — ‘U.S. citizenship for you and all your descendants’ — to the illegal immigrants who are not among the “vast majority” who are sent home…

Besides, everyone knows it a lie that the vast majority will be sent back. Even the AP has admitted it’s a lie. The overwhelming vast majority, probably 90%, will be allowed to stay — forever. Which, of course, was always the Obama administration’s plan.

Biden compounded his televised gaffe by telling Central Americans the legal formula for winning the citizenship prize. Migrants “have a right under our law to make the case… that ‘We’re here because we’re avoiding persecution, we’re avoiding something [which] will physically affect our safety,” he said.

In case the TV audiences in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador missed his legal advice, Biden repeated it. “We’re sending immigration judges, [taxpayer-provided] attorneys to represent these young people and families with young people… who are claiming credible fear, and [who] are eligible to apply for asylum,” he reiterated…

Biden just wants to make sure that everyone in Central America gets the message. After all, they might not have read this information in their newspapers, since a lot of them are illiterate.

All you have to do is claim you are threatened by something or other in your native country, as you are in the US home free. Not that anyone will bother to ask you, anyway.

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