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Bill Clinton Admits: Conflict Is Good For Turnout

From the Politico:

Bill Clinton: Conflict is ‘good politics’

By TAL KOPAN | October 15, 2013

Former President Bill Clinton is weighing in on the government shutdown, saying the problem is that “constant conflict” can be a big advantage for politicians at the ballot box.

“Constant conflict is actually often good politics, because the more you can inflame your supporters the more likely they are to show up at Election Day,” Clinton said on Monday, according to CNN. “And if they’re more inflamed than the other side, even if the other side has more people agreeing with it, you’ll win because your crowd will show up.”

Clinton meant this to be an attack on the Tea Party, of course. But it is really just pure projection.

After all, the current Obama and Democrat strategy is to whip up so much fear and loathing of conservatives that their base will turn out in droves. Which is why we have had nothing but constant fear-mongering against the House Republicans since Obama was re-elected. And why there has been so much fear-mongering over the sequester cuts and the government shutdown and the debt ceiling.

It’s all about whipping up the Democrat base so they are creamed in the 2014 midterms like they were in 2010.

Clinton was the keynote speaker Monday at the National Community Pharmacists Association convention in Orlando, Fla., where he expressed frustration with the direction of Washington.

Did they pay him his usual $750,000 a pop speaking fee?

“I worry that our politics has gotten impractical. That’s about the nicest word I can think of,” Clinton said.  He told the crowd politicians need to compromise.

“Nobody’s right all the time. And the more complex problems are, the more you need people to work together,” said the former president, who presided over the last government shutdown in 1995 and 1996.

Clinton not only presided over those shutdowns, he caused them, by repeatedly refusing to sign budgets passed by Congress in a bipartisan votes. Still, we hope Obama doesn’t get wind of his obvious diss.

Just before the shutdown began on Oct. 1, Clinton defended President Barack Obama’s strategy for handling it in a Sept. 29 interview on ABC’s “This Week.” He said Republicans needed to take their medicine.

“I guess [Obama] could stop it, but the price of— the current price of stopping it is higher than the price of letting the Republicans do it and taking their medicine,” Clinton said. “You can’t negotiate over that. And I think he’s right not to.”

You can’t expect someone like Bill Clinton to remember back two weeks ago.

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2 Responses to “Bill Clinton Admits: Conflict Is Good For Turnout”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Well, good. By 2016 the American Voter will be so inflamed over ObamaCare you’ll be lucky if all they do is Vote, Bill.

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