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Bill Clinton: Obama Oil Ban ‘Ridiculous’

From the Politico:

Bill Clinton: Drilling delays ‘ridiculous’

By DARREN GOODE | 3/11/11

Former President Bill Clinton said Friday that delays in offshore oil and gas drilling permits are “ridiculous” at a time when the economy is still rebuilding, according to attendees at the IHS CERAWeek conference.

Actually, "ridiculous" is far too kind of a characterization. We would call it ‘criminal.’

Clinton spoke on a panel with former President George W. Bush that was closed to the media. Video of their moderated talk with IHS CERA Chairman Daniel Yergin was also prohibited.

What a shock that Mr. Clinton said this away from the cameras. But, as usual, the only time Democrats will ever dare to speak the truth is when they think nobody outside of their circles will ever hear it.

But according to multiple people in the room, Clinton, surprisingly, agreed with Bush on many oil and gas issues, including criticism of delays in permitting offshore [sic] since last year’s Gulf of Mexico spill.

We’re pretty sure that Mr. Clinton has never waited for a permit to drill anything.

“Bush said all the things you’d expect him to say” on oil and gas issues, said Jim Noe, senior vice president at Hercules Offshore and executive director of the pro-drilling Shallow Water Energy Security Coalition. But Clinton added, “You’d be surprised to know that I agree with all that,” according to Noe and others in the room.

Clinton said there are “ridiculous delays in permitting when our economy doesn’t need it,” according to Noe and others.

“That was the most surprising thing they said,” Noe said.

The two former presidents both generally agreed on the need to get offshore drilling workers back on the job.

Clinton and Bush also agreed on the need for more domestic shale gas production, with Clinton noting that it has been done safely for years in his home state of Arkansas.

Clinton’s even into fracking! (Of course he probably thinks it means something else.)

Bush — who referred to oil and gas in the discussion as “hydrocarbons” — described the anti-hydrocarbon sentiment in Washington as “dangerous.” He said while there is a need to develop new energy technologies, “we have to be prosperous in order to afford those technologies and, in order to be prosperous, we need to drill,” according to Noe…

Energy only came up among the last couple of questions from the audience, with the discussion dominated by talk of the geopolitics of the Middle East and anecdotes and memories.

Clinton also said he was supportive of enacting a no-fly zone in Libya at a time when the Obama administration and other experts in the region are urging caution, according to witnesses

So the supposedly wizened ‘policy wonk’ Bill Clinton is for drilling everywhere and for a no-fly zone in Libya. He is sounding more and more like that crazy Gov. Palin every day.

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, March 12th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

6 Responses to “Bill Clinton: Obama Oil Ban ‘Ridiculous’”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    This guy runs his car and blow-torch on WATER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF__Qlhtnws

    High school kid burns through metal with the sun + mirrors + $100. http://video.baamboo.com/watch/2/video/1031668

    The air car: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJeMnZuOOJU

    Guy makes potential generator out of cheap plastic and magnets:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYcjjSfiNNE

    MEANWHILE….our great department of energy slogs along at billions of $ per year, pushing papers from one desk to the other…..

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    We’re pretty sure that Mr. Clinton has never waited for a permit to drill anything.

    OK, time for a new keyboard. This one has coffee all over it now. Steve, you had me rolling.

  3. proreason says:

    Bubba is testing the waters for a Hillary challenge in 2012. The Libyan and drilling challenges are scouting missions to see how the msm reacts.

    So far, he must believe it looks pretty good…but these little forays don’t get to the heart of the matter. If you start hearing Bubba use words like incompetant, dangerous, and irresponsible, then you will know the Clinton Crime Family has concluded that the Moron is vulnerable and that Hillary can’t wait until she is 90.

    It also might be that Bubba has concluded that the Moron is a dangerous person. For all his many flaws, Bubba never seemed to hate the United States.

  4. Mae says:

    “Clinton’s even into fracking! (Of course he probably thinks it means something else.)” LOL, Steve!

    I agree with Pro–at least Clinton and even Jimmah didn’t hate the U.S.

    Obama is a Chernobyl waiting to happen if Hillary can get her hands on his passport, school and birth records. I’m amazed that someone hasn’t gotten into those files yet. Perhaps they are under lock and key literally and the key worn around the compliant acolyte’s neck.

  5. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I have to play a little game in my mind and suppose that Obama, Clinton and Carter are all in the same high school English class together. It’s really the only way to understand the behavior. Clinton only says something in class when the teacher addresses him and it’s a 50/50 shot that it will be a smart-ass remark or something he might think is “clever” and then gives a scan around the room to see if anyone else picked up on his “cleverness”. But, the teacher lets it go because Billy is in the school band and the other kids think he’s “pretty cool”.

    Carter, he doesn’t say much of anything except to complain that the grading system is unfair and that he deserves a better grade. He will continue to revisit this issue even after a couple of years have passed. His high school career is mostly marked by sadness and personal regret. Plus he keeps getting picked on for his cardigans and white socks.

    Obama sits over by the window, seldom pays much attention and is furious that the last assignment he wrote was discovered as a completely plagiarized ripoff of “Moby Dick” but his argument was that he thought up a guy who was trying to harpoon a whale; That he thought it up all on his own and that all the details were of his own construct. (He was especially proud of his ability to argue the point so convincingly) But he’s infuriated that his teacher doesn’t agree with all the people who have told him he’s such a wordsmith and smart guy. He is plotting his revenge against said teacher. His first idea was to call him a racist. Hopefully, that will work.

    See, by placing them in a high-school context, it becomes much easier to understand their behavior. They are not “bigger-than-life” people as the media would have us believe but instead pathetic little pimple-faced kids who never got their satisfaction in life and revert to adolescent behavior. I am not saying I’m any better at it than anyone else; I’m simply pointing out that by the time a human is 12-15, their personalities are pretty much set. The core of our essence is formed when we face that phase of our lives called adolescence and the hormones and emotions are raging and we become passionate about something for perhaps the first time in our lives. But the context is easy to transpose onto failed so-called leaders. If you took away all the fawning support for Clinton…and just objectively analyzed his work, the work would appear to be a failure. If you did the same to Reagan…and again…..removed all support from any of his own crowd, you would find that his accomplishments stand better in the light of day.

    Just because the devil has a great band, doesn’t mean you should dance to his music.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Great analogies, Rusty. Hilarious, and very relatably descriptive. I think we can picture all three pretty clearly, the mold’s fit perfectly.

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