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Bill Clinton Planning A ‘Black Apology’ Tour

From Washington Post:

Bill Clinton Prepares Mea Culpa

Once again, Bill Clinton is ready to repent.

On Sunday the former president is scheduled to visit black churches in South Central Los Angeles, where he’s expected to offer a mea culpa to those who “dearly loved him” when he was their president, Rep. Diane Watson (D-Calif.) says.

Watson, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus who has endorsed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), tells us she’ll usher the former president to more than half a dozen churches in her district where she says he needs to “renew his relationship” with congregants who were turned off by his racially tinged comments in the days leading up to and following the South Carolina primary. (Such as when Clinton compared Sen. Barack Obama’s landslide victory to Jesse Jackson’s wins in 1984 and 1988.)

The four-term congresswoman said she asked Clinton to write a letter to each congregation they’ll visit on Sunday “explaining his commitment to civil rights and equal rights.” She says the letter “is in development” but that “he knows what needs to be in it: He needs to renew his relationship with the South Central community.”

Watson is among the half of the divided black caucus supporting Hillary Clinton instead of Obama for president. She remains loyal to the Clintons, she says, despite her own uneasy feelings over Bill injecting race into the primary campaign.

She says she warned Sen. Clinton that the acrimony in South Carolina could have a backlash in California, one of 24 states voting on Super Tuesday. “I said, ‘Hillary, you have enough you can be proud of. This is not the first time they have seen or heard of you. Your husband was in our community, they love you, we must recapture that passion. Do not get involved in the immature squabbles.'”

She says while Clinton will probably not be allowed to speak at the churches, he will at least be introduced and his presence made known by a publicly elected official from their own community “who they have known for decades.”

“I’ll certainly help remove some of the reaction that took place as a result of his actions in South Carolina,” she added.

Watson predicts Clinton’s visit to churches in her district and his letter of apology will be enough to mend fences with those who once considered him one of their own. “I think it will be a good day,” she says.

Is it just me, or are the Clintons just plain weird?

Do we really want eight more years of their narcissistic nonsense? Can the nation afford it?

But while he is at it, shouldn’t Mr. Clinton apologize to everyone else in the country for his administration and now inflicting his wife upon us?

(And once again, pay no mind to all of the campaigning they do in black churches.)

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