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Bill Clinton Used Wright For Lewinsky Cover

From a website calling itself The Truth About Trinity United Church Of Christ and the archives of the Washington Post:


Clinton Faces Test At Prayer Breakfast

By Hanna Rosin
Friday, September 11, 1998; Page A34

When President Clinton steps before an audience of 125 religious leaders at his prayer breakfast this morning, he will be addressing a group of ministers conflicted about how to respond to a White House sex scandal and under intense pressure from their own peers to uphold strict moral standards.

Many of those invited to the annual event expect Clinton, who takes comfort in spiritual settings, to make his most humble apology yet. And they were anticipating brief remarks, followed by a discussion that would feel something like a Bible study, where the errant parishioner and his room full of pastors hash out the very human questions of fallen nature, confession, and forgiveness.

Among the invitees at the prayer breakfast are a core group of supporters who are prepared to accept the president’s apology and forgive him, and who believe it is not their place to judge him further. But the supporters are also feeling pressure from some fellow ministers and in some cases members of their own congregations, who believe it is the religious community’s responsibility to openly condemn the president for setting a bad example for the nation. By going to the breakfast and remaining silent, say the critics, the president’s religious allies are providing moral cover for his failings…

The White House characterized the invitee list as diverse, with representatives of many religions and races: Catholics, Protestants, Jews and Muslims, among them. The list included a variety of leaders from different traditions such as Imam W.D. Mohammed of the Muslim American Society, a splinter group of the Nation of Islam, T.D. Jakes, a popular black preacher in Dallas, Jesse L. Jackson, several reform rabbis, and Father Leo O’Donovan, president of Georgetown University…

Some religious leaders not invited to the breakfast have criticized the president and his supporters, even calling for his resignation. These critics were wary of the president’s contrition, arguing that he tricks the nation into believing he feels remorse by using the language of faith to his own advantage…

Many of those invited hoped the group would not get stuck on the scandal and move on to other topics. “I’m not going to provide moral cover for the president,” said Rachel Mikva, a reform rabbi in New York and daughter of former White House counsel Abner Mikva. “But I would love it if we could focus on the many other more important issues facing our nation.”

So the photo was taken on the very Mr. Clinton asked for forgiveness for “ridin’ dirty” with Monica Lewinsky. (And Mr. Clinton got the ministers forgiveness, too.)

By the way, Mrs. Clinton was there as well:



She may have been seated on the Reverend’s left.

The full text of Mr. Clinton’s groveling “apology” can be found here.

(Thanks to Petra for the heads up, who happened upon this at the odious Democrat Underground. Also thanks to Petra for the Hillary photo.)




It would appear that a site calling itself The Truth About Trinity United Church Of Christ was the first to post the above photo of Mr. Wright with President Clinton — and then a subsequent photo of Mr. Wright with LBJ.

It’s obviously a website setup to defend Mr. Wright and Trinity. And judging by the author’s access to photos from the great moments in Mr. Wright’s life, the owner is probably very tight with the reverend.

Who else would have that photo mounted in a frame but the Reverend Doctor Wright?

Note too that the anonymous gentleman has also posted my article from the lefty crackpot who supports Wright. So he is probably an S&L reader.

Which actually makes sense, given that we have been on Mr. Wright’s case longer than anyone.

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