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Bill Nelson Begs For Help From Syria’s Al-Assad

From the Florida News-Press:

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (L) meets U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) in Damascus December 13, 2006.

Florida Sen. attempts to enlist Syria to stabilize Iraq

By Larry Wheeler
December 13, 2006

WASHINGTON — After meeting with the president of Syria on Wednesday, a mission originally opposed by the Bush administration, Florida Sen. Bill Nelson said the country shares in the U.S. goal of stabilizing violence-torn Iraq.

Nelson said he met with President Basher al-Assad for an hour in Damascus.

“He stated that we in fact have an interest, a common interest to stabilize Iraq,” Nelson said, speaking by telephone from the U.S. embassy in Jordan. “I think it is a crack in the door and it is for discussions to continue.”

Assad said he’s interested in having his government cooperate with U.S. troops or the Iraqi army to secure the border between the two countries, Nelson reported. Nelson, a Democrat, was recently named to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Without making a concrete commitment, Assad expressed willingness to address complaints that arms and combatants are using the Syrian border to cross into Iraq and fueling the ongoing sectarian violence there, Nelson said.

The two did not discuss whether Syria could intercede with the armed militias that have taken over parts of Iraq…

Nelson said he and Assad disagreed over the role Syria may be playing in supporting Hezbollah, the Islamic fundamentalist movement in Lebanon, and Hamas, the Islamic group that is now the majority Palestinian political party.

Nelson visited Assad in 2004 and came away with similar assurances that the Syrian government would tighten its borders with Iraq. But that never happened…

Never mind that this trip (like that the one in 2004) is illegal and seditious.

But see how is Mr. Nelson being punished?

From the Miami Herald:

Florida’s Sen. Nelson to serve on Senate Intelligence Committee


WASHINGTON – Florida Sen. Bill Nelson has been tapped to serve on the influential Senate Intelligence Committee, following in the footsteps of former Florida Sen. Bob Graham, who eventually chaired the committee.

Nelson will replace Michigan Sen. Carl Levin, who as incoming Senate Armed Services Committee chairman already has enough demands on his time, incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday…

Nelson, who is on a congressional trip to Syria and Lebanon, said he got the news in a telephone call from Reid.

”The security of our country depends largely on accurate and timely intelligence,” Nelson said in a statement released by his office. “I take this assignment from Sen. Reid very seriously.” …

How can anyone doubt that Katherine Harris — or anybody — wouldn’t have made a better senator than this traitorous buffoon?

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