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Bill Says ‘Hillary-Care’ Was All His Fault

From the Hillary machine’s favorite mouthpiece, the New York Times:

Bill Clinton Says His Wife Took the Rap on Health Care


November 9, 2007

ALBIA, Iowa, Nov. 8 — Former President Bill Clinton said Thursday that he should receive more blame than his wife for the failed attempt to revamp the nation’s health care system more than a decade ago.

“You know how much she cares about this,” Mr. Clinton told an audience in Glenwood, Iowa, according to an account on MSNBC. “She has taken the rap for some of the problems we had with health care the last time that were far more my fault than hers.” …

As he campaigned here Thursday, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois said Mrs. Clinton could not claim credit for trying to overhaul health care if she did not accept any of the blame.

“All I know is that part of the record she’s running on is having worked on health care,” he said, “so it’s kind of hard to gauge if one of her claims is to have experience in this issue to then suggest that somehow she doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that it didn’t work.” …

We noted this new tactic the first time it was floated back in September.

And we ask the same question we asked then again now. If Hillary didn’t handle Healthcare, what on earth has she ever run — besides her mouth?

Oh,yeah, she also managed Bill’s bimbo eruptions. Even to the point of illegally eavesdropping on private telephone calls.

But when you think of it, wasn’t that an even more spectacular failure?

But sure, she will be a highly competent President of the United States.

After all, she has watched her husband do it.

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