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Bill Richardson Helps Prop Up Hugo Chavez

From those champions of internal understanding at Reuters:

Gov. Richardson meets Chavez over hostages

Sun Apr 27

CARACAS (Reuters) – The governor of New Mexico met on Saturday with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in an effort to restart talks with neighboring Colombia to secure the release of hostages held by leftist rebels.

Chavez this year helped free six hostages held for years by the Marxist FARC rebels in Colombia’s four-decade old civil war, but talks have sputtered amid continued bickering between Chavez and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

“I’ve had a good meeting with President Chavez … (he) has told me that he is willing to help in this situation,” Gov. Bill Richardson told reporters after the meeting…

The leftist Chavez and right-wing Uribe have exchanged bitter accusations throughout the year, even during the hostage release negotiations.

Uribe accuses the self-styled socialist of supporting the FARC rebels, while Chavez says the Colombian leader of advancing Washington’s agenda in the increasingly anti-U.S. Latin American region…

Will no Democrat ever pass up a chance to ingratiate themselves with a communist dictator and undermine our foreign policies?

But maybe Mr. Richardson is just trying to duplicate his wild success with getting the North Koreans to disarm.

Or his attempt at suborning perjury from Monica Lewinsky by offering her a position on his staff at the United Nations. 

(All of this was before Mr. Richardson decided he was the second coming of the Frito Bandito, of course.)

But Mr. Richardson’s treacherous behavior aside, isn’t it nice to see the way our watchdog media refers to Mr. Chavez as a “leftist” and Mr. Uribe as “right-wing”?

Moral equivalence all around.

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