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Bill Says ‘Family’ Will Stand Behind Nominee

From a relieved ABC News:

Bill Clinton Promises No Matter the Outcome, His Family Will Stand Behind the Nominee

May 11, 2008

ABC News’ Sarah Amos reports: Speaking on behalf of his wife at the annual Truman Dinner in Billings, Mont., Saturday, former President Bill Clinton assured the crowd that no matter the outcome of the Democratic nomination, his family and Hillary’s supporters would firmly stand behind the party’s nominee.

“I also wanna say, on instructions, I’ve been a Democrat all my life,” he said. “And I’ve been working in these campaigns since I was a young man. I remember what it was like in 1980, when the people who didn’t win tore our party up. And I’m here to tell ya that however these last states come out, my candidates, our family and our supporters will be here to get a victory in November for the Democrats. It is too important. We’ve got to turn this country around. And we will do it.”

The crowd rose in a standing ovation at the sentiment…

Don’t you just love the way the Clintons calibrate their diction depending on where they are in the country?

Anyway, note that Mr. Clinton made this grand pronouncement “on instructions.”

Hillary finally realizes she can’t win and she is now running to be Mr. Obama’s Vice President.

It’s official.

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