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Bin Laden Attacks Moderates, Wants Jihad

From a relieved Reuters:

Bin Laden accuses Arab leaders, urges jihad

Sat Mar 14, 2009

By Firouz Sedarat

DUBAI (Reuters) – Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden accused conservative Arab leaders of plotting with the West against Muslims and urged his followers to prepare for jihad (holy war), in a recording posted on Islamist websites.

"The hearts of our rulers are like those of the enemies. Whether in Najd (Saudi Arabia) or in Egypt, they never soften, Pharaohs who have returned to humiliate Arabs," he said, reciting a poem honouring Gaza resistance to Israel’s offensive.

He also called for the creation of a body of devout clerics to draw up a list warning Muslims about "enemies, hypocrites, their media such as newspapers … radio stations and satellite channels, of which the most dangerous are the latter two."

The list, he said, should include the British Broadcasting Corporation, U.S.-funded Arabic-language television al-Hurra in Iraq, and the Saudi-funded Al Arabiya channel in Dubai.

Bin Laden described Israel’s offensive in Gaza and its attacks on the Palestinian territory as a "holocaust" and said militants wanting to help Gazans should support Iraqis fighting U.S.-led forces and Baghdad’s government.

"It is clear that some Arab leaders have plotted with the Zionist-crusader coalition against our (Muslim) people, these (Arab countries) the United States calls the moderate states," bin Laden said.

"We must seriously work and prepare for jihad to enforce the right and abolish the wrong," bin Laden said in the 33-minute audio recording dated March 2009, that was posted on Saturday…

"The valuable and rare opportunity for those who sincerely want to free (Jerusalem) is to support the mujahideen in Iraq with everything they need to free the country," he said, adding that Jordan would be the next country to be liberated, giving militants access to the West Bank.

The recording entitled "Practical steps to liberate Palestine", in which the speaker’s voice sounded like earlier bin Laden messages, was produced by al Qaeda media arm As-Sahab. It was accompanied by an English translation of its text.

"Gaza’s holocaust after the long siege is a historic event and tragedy that underlines the need for a separation between Muslims and hypocrites," bin Laden said

What’s this?

Mr. Obama has not killed Mr. Bin Laden yet?

Is he now one of those ‘moderate’ terrorists that the administration wants to reach out to?

He is part of the 95% who aren’t incorrigible?

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30 Responses to “Bin Laden Attacks Moderates, Wants Jihad”

  1. proreason says:

    He has focussed in on the newspapers as one enemy.

    At last, common ground with whoever is pretending to be Bin Laden this week.

  2. Barbie says:


  3. canary says:

    So where’s Obama’s aid Security Chief over Tecnology Vivek Kundra?????
    Kundra out and out laughed while describing when he first heard about 9/11 attacks and America’s slowlness in getting the word out. Vidio after vidio of his bragging of his expertise. but.. worthless when it comes to tracking down Obama bin laden. Kundra can’t even do simple technology? Dang send him and his clever crooked employees to Afganistan. He even talks the language. Course Barack Obama speaks fluent Arab too.

    Kundra can’t find Obama bin Laden by now?

    • Barbie says:

      Vivek Kundra is currently indisposed. He’s on leave of absence from the WH. There’s been a bit of trouble with his former co-workers at his old government office in DC and his former immediate aide and a consultant have been arrested in an FBI raid, charged with, well, fraud.

      I read the article here (I think).

      Mr. V. isn’t under suspicion. We know this because Robert Gibbs assured us of this. But Mr. V. is not able at this moment to track Bin Laden. Perhaps when Vivek returns (or is that if)he can head off to Afghanistan and show us what a boy wonder he truly is HAH. But right now, You know, it’s just another day, another scandal…

    • catie says:

      Here in the wonderland of the District of Columbia the local news (all 4 stations) made a point of stressing that Vivek was in no way involved. But you know it’s the most ethical Presidency in history along with the most ethical Congress in history. We’re very lucky to live during this wondrous presidency./sarc off

    • canary says:

      Barbie, if Kundra’s employee’s in DC could pull the wool over his eyes, then either way, he has failed miserably, if not intentionally, at his Security over Technology job.
      If Obamba doesn’t replace him, immediately, then we can really start worrying about communism just a click away. Click click. No airwaves, phones, no warnings, no communication. If Kundra openly laughes at 9/11 communication, then no telling what he can do. Socialism isn’t enough. Obamo wants Universalism. One world. He’s been bragging how the entire world will watch him solve America’s problems.

    • catie says:

      Canary, I don’t think they pulled the wool over his eyes at all. I think he knew something and knows more than he’s letting on. I am afraid that nothing will come of it and he’ll go merrily along in the Obama administration. God help this country.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Once again to correct the blunder that The One ™ made: (5/13/08) “We only have a certain number of them and if they are all in Iraq, then it’s harder for us to use them in Afghanistan.” The problem:In Iraq, that’s Arabic or Kurdish. In Afghanistan, it’s any of a half dozen other languages — including Pashtu, Dari, and Farsi.

      Please don’t keep a Fiberal lie going – it does no one any good and it’s what lead to The One ™ soiling the POTUS.

    • Barbie says:

      Dear canary,
      I agree. Either way, Kundra has failed.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Uh-oh, I think he’s angry…

  5. canary says:

    I was trying to hear Obama B.L.’s voice.. Doesn’t sound like he is suffering any open chest wounds, no lung problems of any type. Doesn’t sound medicated for burn wounds. His reference to the Holocaust is amusing and may be telling. His two independent strong men for to be leaders, may be code. Keep those bombs a dropping. Ya know he might be in one of those deep tunnels, the guy that helped build them said our bombs wouldn’t get to. They should strap one to Ayers to the biggest one, since he wishes he’d done more bombing. A way to redeem his soul, and be a martyr.

    OBL code broke! “two strong, independent men for leaders” So much alike



  6. TickTock says:

    … And while we’re all distracted, House Resalution Bill 875 is coming to the floor. This bill under the guise of making safer food, contains provisions that will allow the FSA to usurp state’s rights and over-see our farms directly, and under direct surveilience by their agents.
    It will impose burdensome regulations on family-owned farms, and gives the FSA the right to fine and/or procure farmland the FSA deems to be “poorly managed”.

    This is nationalization of our farmland., The Dimwitch from CT who is the sponsor of these provisions happens to be the wife of a major biochemical engineer employed by Monsanto.

    I encourage all to check out HR 875. it is a blatant attempt to control and communize all farmland under “corporate umbrellas”.

    OBL is a monster that wants to kill us, but there’s a Devil in the White House that’s going to destroy us.

  7. brad says:

    We have been and are more today, a FASCIST COUNTRY: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism

    Sometime after WWII our rights were slowly eroded away…..

  8. brad says:

    Conservatives! Lay down your arms!

    I suggest that stopping Obama, fixing the economy, chasing terrorists etc IS A LOSING IDEA!

    Let this corrupt country fall! Our courts, or prison system, or fascist/controlling government, our horrible public schools, our expensive medical areas, our corrupt lawyers who micromanage our lives, our unjust child welfare system……EVERYTHING!

    Let Washington fall, and stand aside! Don’t elect anyone who can reverse the downfall b/c there is no possible way to correct the vast and numerous problems with our country.

    Let it fall, and restart again, it is a better plan…..

    • canary says:

      I don’t believe in quitting. Things are gonna get worse. .
      Starting over is a good idea, and may litterally come to that. But, no one, no country, no civilation will make it without arms. And maybe the new oOllah regine will kill us all. So be it. We need to go by our forefathers. I would think if some Americans succeeded to like Texas, and there is no slavery, then they should be allowed. But, Abraham Lincoln, said slavey or not, he woudln’t allow succession. This time no slavery, salem witch hunts, hopefully we’d learn and be wiser. American citizens only. If we don’t have enough doctor? Die. God first, no matter what. And as Obama reaps God’s wrath, all things are possible. But, without arms, there is no hope. No safety from the criminals. My God Reigns. He is the highest, King of all Kings. And everything is possible, even miracles. So, you can’t give up.
      Maybe someone rich will start a new country based on our Forefathers. I do not fit in this world. But, I will not give up. That’s what satan wants. People don’t even know what’s going on in this country. But, never underestimate the power and miracles that God can do. Sometimes he let’s things get really bad, so when He acts, you will know it was surely Him who did it, and not man.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Lay down my arms? Are you nuts? “I just got here and have yet to begin the fight!!”
      You can toss the baby out with the bath water if you want to Brad but what we have here is worth fighting for, pal! I’ve been in other countries around the world and happen to know that while our system isn’t perfect ….. it is the BEST thing going. We can take back our system of government from the corrupt lawyers / swindlers / snake oil salesmen in D.C. but laying down our arms won’t fit into that scheme. The only thing these power monkeys respect is POWER and those with the weapons make the rules!! We taught it to the everyone that dared to challenge us before. Now we are taking hits from our own corrupt government that no longer respects the will of the people that put them into the seat of power. It was Thomas Jefferson who said that a revolution every 20 years or so is good for the country. It keeps the leaders in line from those who get drunk with power.
      The worse problem we have here in the United States is most of the people are rubberneckers. They like a good accident but prefer to stay on the sidelines instead of reacting to the accident and offering to assist in the rescue. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and happen to love the country of my birth because “I” am an AMERICAN!!
      Pick sides because sitting on the fence is no longer a option, people!!

    • brad says:

      I didn’t actually mean give up your 2nd Amendment rights, or give up your firearms—Hell No!

      I mean, stop resisting the inevitable. If the Democrats eventually ruin this country, perhaps letting that happen isn’t such a bad idea. The quicker the better I think.

      Lay Down Your Opposition, is what I meant. Never give up your firearms […]

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Well, more to the point Brad, there are those of us who will do what will be all to necessary so a lot of good people who want to but just cant dont have blood on their hands. Freedom from the tyranny that infests Washington will be allowed one more chance…the next election cycle…. and if the rampant fraud exists via ACORN and lawyers, Soros et al, and the process of the People is again eliminated from the elections, then the left, the Congress…both parties…will hear to will of the people in a new way.

      Take away our right to vote by continuing the fraudulent dishonesty that passes for elections now, and the people will take that right back. Washington knows, it hears the rumble of discontent, and is beginning to see the real population of this country standing up and saying, “NO MORE”, and they are hoping it just goes away like usual…..Washington has never heard conservatives taking to the streets, they honestly dont think it could happen. They are hearing it now, and desperate to figure out a way to keep their power and appease the “new” crowd of dissidents, but since it means giving up their positions of power and greed, they are left with few choices that appeal to them. They wont succeed, because unlike liberal and leftist protesters who protest for personal ideology and a cut of government funding, the Conservative movement is going to fight for the very thing we have always fought for….FREEDOM from tyranny.


      Have faith….it will be fixed. And it will be fixed within the next four years come hell or high water. A word to those who just cant be a part of it, support those who can. There will be no fence sitting this time. And no, we will never, ever, lay down our arms. Come what may, this will be America again, and we will return to the UNITED States. So take heed those of you who depend on coercion, fraud, dishonesty, greed, and power….there is a movement afoot to replace you with people who want a country, not a kingdom.

      And if you think that “we” dont have the resolve to do so, that it is all just talk and posturing, welcome to the ranks of the Washington elitists who make the same mistake. Personally, I hope that everyone who thinks like that deludes themselves even longer, it gives the conservative movement more time to act. The resolve is there, and while we havent reached the edge of the precipice, one can see it from here, and once pushed over it, there will be no turning back. We live on the cusp of history, all of us. And fifty years from now, people will be reading about how we stopped the march of Marxism, or they will be reading our epitaphs.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      No doubt about it SJ…….I will be seeing you at the “FRONT” too!!
      Well versed and plainly stated for even the ACORN nuts.

    • proreason says:

      Alright, I’m gonna defend brad because I think he is essentially correct.

      Here is how I say it……..the catastrophe we are currently experiencing is not going to get better until it gets considerably worse. The indoctrination perpetrated by the education system, media and political con-men is so thorough that the walking-zombie liberals in this country aren’t close yet to waking up from their hypnotic nightmare and coming to grips with reality.

      But the irony is that they voted it upon themselves, and at some point the salvageable youth will wake up and realize that the crushing burdens of debt, redistribution and loss of freedoms will be borne by THEM, even moreson than us. (I exclude the majority of reparation-dependants who are incapable of reasoning it out.). At that point, the tide will turn.

      The wild cards, imho, are whether or not the damage can be reversed and whether The Moron will have already played the War card, which I expect to come very soon.

      Our job is to hold the line and continue to encourage articulate spokepeople to explain why the future of the country depends on preserving the freedom that has already made the USA so great.

      In that sense, I’m not as discouraged as Brad seems to be.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Actually, I was writing while Brad posted his clarification. And even though I got edited, (and most likely rightfully so because my remarks were rather incendiary), you Brad, and Pro are more correct in a real sense, and I do hope that cooler heads prevail.

      My post was out of that fervor that always comes with doing that which is necessary only after all other options have been exhausted, and were based solely on a last resort “what if” kind of scenario.

      SG, I will temper my statements in the future so as to lessen the possibility of being labeled an extremist. I am not a right wing nut job. I am simply a conservative with the resolve and fortitude to remain steadfast in my unrepentant belief in our Nation’s freedom.

  9. artboyusa says:

    If I lay down my arms, Brad, will I get hot food and a warm blanket? Does the Geneva Convention apply to me? I’m not gonna get waterboarded, am I ? I hate that stuff.

    Seriously, sometimes I know how you feel but everything ends, including this lousy administration. Let’s use the time to put our conservative house in order, because, boy, does it need it, and let’s fight these libs every step of the way. This is our Valley Forge winter, let’s make use of it and then let’s come back smarter and stronger and save our country (montage of waving flags, Mt Rushmore, amber waves of grain, purple mountains majesty, fruited plains, Mom’s apple pie. Soaring music and – OUT)

  10. Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

    Seen on a bmper sticker

    I’ll keep my Cash, Guns and Freedom.
    You can keep your Change!

  11. wardmama4 says:

    Ok first re: OBL (which is the Topic):
    The angel of the Lord said to her further,
    Behold, you are with child.
    And you shall bear a son.
    And you shall call his name Ishmael.
    Because the Lord has given heed to your affliction.
    And he will be a wild donkey of a man.
    His hand will be against everyone.
    And everyone’s hand will be against him.
    And he will live to the east of all of his brothers.Genesis 16:11-12

    In other words this conflict between Islam and ‘everyone’ (notice it does not say Jews, Christians, Buddists, Hindu, atheists, etc specifically – it says everyone) was fortold.

    Second – Brad – that is exactly what the Fiberals (and for that matter radical islamic terrorists) want – for you to say – Oh wtf, it’s going to happen anyway.
    Nope, not in this house – to say that is to stereotype all politicians, political parties and basically our entire Government in one single position.

    How Typical Fiberal Person of you. I, for one do not paint them all in the same stroke. Some are good, just too junior or not heard, some are outright crazy from all the power, some are just raving socialists and I still think that the majority are in-between – lousy leftist/centrists/moderates (i.e. can’t take a stand) on some issues (tend to be financial) and mostly centrist/right on other issues (tend to be social).

    It is the fact that too many on the conservative/right side took the promotion of McAmnesty and sat out – now we have a hard-core socialist POTUS, a Fiberal held Congress and a 5/4 Court that is one disease/accident away from making the 3 Branches of the American Government – all Socialist/Leftist.

    They can take my guns from my cold dead hands.

    As I told my ex husband 17 years ago – if I am to burn in hell for eternity I will gladly do it for my children than for you or any other man.

    And I Am a Child of God – therefore I do not fear death.

    I can’t figure out why Freedom, ‘give me your tired and hungry yearning to be free’, opportunity rich America is such a threat to these people? While my gut wants to shoot to kill, my soul says – if you hate it so much – do us a favor and just leave.

    LOP – I got that bumper sticker – pretty much sums up what the next 1406 days are going to be about.

  12. Steve says:

    Everyone please note!

    I don’t always have the time to go through all of the comments on this site and remove any untoward threats of violence or revolution against our elected representatives or any talk about overthrowing our system of government.

    But nevertheless understand that this is not a site for such rants — and it will never be.

    Such talk does not do anything but drive sensible people away and discredit our arguments.

    I have recently banned one long time member who could not abide by the simple request to not post such comments.

    I will not hesitate to ban others.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      SG…I firmly believe that my posts concerning the danger of our Country’s future are contributing to the inflammatory responses that are counter productive to the best conservative blog in the internet, bar none. While I firmly stand by my position and belief that something will have to be done eventually, I realize that you probably had to exercise incredible restraint not to ban me today.

      As such, until such a time that I can contribute in a more intellectual manner and take some of that patriotic fervor out of my system, I will implement a self imposed exile from posting for an indeterminate amount of time. I know I am a hot head, and I am giving the public the wrong impression as to why this site is the best.

      But, I will not jeopardize the content or quality of this site, nor put you or your readers in the unenviable position of being held responsible for allowing the left to write this blog off as a haven for right wing fanatics. I apologize profusely for being a part of lowering the expectations of others who possess the insight and patriotism to put forth their views in a more acceptable manner.

      I will return only when I feel that I can contribute solid arguments without any of the inflammatory rhetoric that would cause harm to your endeavor. I do this out of the great respect I have of you personally, and I dont want to put you in an adversarial position for any reason.

      That being said, to all posters…..it was a good run, but I think this blog has surpassed my ability to contribute in a meaningful way. I will miss you all. SG….thank you for allowing me to get this far…what I do, I do for S&L and for the people here, and for you.

      Keep up the good fight…you are doing it the right way.

    • Steve says:

      Don’t be so dramatic, SJ. Your comment wasn’t the only one edited.

      Moreover, I’m sure your remarks reflect the thinking of many who are growing more and more frustrated at the direction our country is taking.

      All I ask is for people to refrain from anything that could be readily interpreted as encouraging violence — or any other illegal acts. Not only is doing so wrong in itself, but such comments could be seized upon as an excuse to shut the site down.

      But it’s a fairly low bar. And it is rare that I even have to post a gentle reminder.

      Anyway, I’d hate to lose you after you have finally gotten better with your punctuation.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Geez, how can I get chastised and feel good about it at the same time? Thank you SG, I was doing my usual over reacting, but you make a great point. Especially about my punctuation, because I actually was cognizant of trying to show marked improvement. I do understand your concerns of course, and I will not post anything that could be taken out of context or used against you. Sometimes I get carried away…well, most of the time. It is important that portals of the truth exist on the internet, and how easily they can be shut down even on the smallest of pretexts. Ok, I will look before I leap from now on. And do better at common sense approaches instead of sounding like a reverse Snag.

  13. canary says:

    Our public school Literature and History books won’t give this speech, but his chapter on his deadbeat’s father’s visit is. And Obama nomination speech is in there too. I don’t post this speech to be taken literally, but the bible is within this speech. It’s so with today’s time. We can’t let our Constitutional rights be taken. Only the terrorists, drug cartels, theives will have guns. Still, I recall in the bible where Gidion and a few men clanking jars won a battle against
    thousands. Many hero’s in the bible were also sinners. Is this not to show that God can take a sinner and turn him around. We owe our forefathers for being blessed to be in this country. Never feel guilty for being an American. We aren’t better than anyone else. Just greatly blessed.

    Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

    Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775.
    No man thinks more highly than I do of the patriotism, as well as abilities, of the very worthy gentlemen who have just addressed the House. But different men often see the same subject in different lights; and, therefore, I hope it will not be thought disrespectful to those gentlemen if, entertaining as I do opinions of a character very opposite to theirs, I shall speak forth my sentiments freely and without reserve. This is no time for ceremony. The question before the House is one of awful moment to this country. For my own part, I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery; and in proportion to the magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate. It is only in this way that we can hope to arrive at truth, and fulfill the great responsibility which we hold to God and our country. Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offense, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country, and of an act of disloyalty toward the Majesty of Heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings.

    Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.

    I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past. And judging by the past, I wish to know what there has been in the conduct of the British ministry for the last ten years to justify those hopes with which gentlemen have been pleased to solace themselves and the House. Is it that insidious smile with which our petition has been lately received? Trust it not, sir; it will prove a snare to your feet. Suffer not yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss. Ask yourselves how this gracious reception of our petition comports with those warlike preparations which cover our waters and darken our land. Are fleets and armies necessary to a work of love and reconciliation? Have we shown ourselves so unwilling to be reconciled that force must be called in to win back our love? Let us not deceive ourselves, sir. These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments to which kings resort. I ask gentlemen, sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose be not to force us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it? Has Great Britain any enemy, in this quarter of the world, to call for all this accumulation of navies and armies? No, sir, she has none. They are meant for us: they can be meant for no other. They are sent over to bind and rivet upon us those chains which the British ministry have been so long forging. And what have we to oppose to them? Shall we try argument? Sir, we have been trying that for the last ten years. Have we anything new to offer upon the subject? Nothing. We have held the subject up in every light of which it is capable; but it has been all in vain. Shall we resort to entreaty and humble supplication? What terms shall we find which have not been already exhausted? Let us not, I beseech you, sir, deceive ourselves. Sir, we have done everything that could be done to avert the storm which is now coming on. We have petitioned; we have remonstrated; we have supplicated; we have prostrated ourselves before the throne, and have implored its interposition to arrest the tyrannical hands of the ministry and Parliament. Our petitions have been slighted; our remonstrances have produced additional violence and insult; our supplications have been disregarded; and we have been spurned, with contempt, from the foot of the throne! In vain, after these things, may we indulge the fond hope of peace and reconciliation. There is no longer any room for hope. If we wish to be free– if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending–if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained–we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!

    They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. The millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable–and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come.

    It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

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