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Bin Laden Guards Planned CIA Bombing

From the UK’s Times:

Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi

Suicide attack on CIA agents ‘was planned by bin Laden inner circle’

Tim Reid in Washington and Zahid Hussain in Islamabad

January 7, 2010

US intelligence officials believe that the suicide bomb attack that killed seven CIA officers in Afghanistan last month was planned with the help of Osama bin Laden’s close allies, raising fears that the al-Qaeda leader is enjoying a lethal resurgence.

They think that the attack could not have taken place without the prior knowledge and assistance of the Haqqanis, the powerful Taleban group thought to be shielding bin Laden.

The attack was carried out by a Jordanian doctor whom the CIA believed was about to divulge the whereabouts of bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman al- Zawahiri. It is one of the deadliest blows against the CIA and has increased tensions between the US and Pakistan because of Islamabad’s repeated failure to target the Haqqanis.

The Haqqanis control a large block of territory on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistan border near the Afghan town of Khost, a Taleban hotbed near where the CIA officials were killed on December 30. It is also where the US believes bin Laden is hiding

Pakistan has ignored US demands to target the strongholds of the Haqqanis’ leader, Sirajuddin Haqqani, whose father, Jalaluddin, founded the network and was a Mujahidin commander and ally of the US during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s. The network is said to be behind several audacious attacks, including the bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul in July 2008…

What has alarmed the US is the fact that al-Qaeda and the Taleban managed, despite an intense US bombing campaign, to mount an operation that wiped out the top CIA experts involved in the hunt for bin Laden. “It’s a huge blow,” a former CIA officer said. “If you are Osama bin Laden, your biggest enemy is the CIA. This is a big hit.”

The attack was carried out by Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi, who came to the CIA via Jordanian intelligence. He had already provided accurate information on the whereabouts of lower-level al-Qaeda and Taleban operatives but he was allowed on to the CIA’s Forward Operating Base Chapman without undergoing a security check and then permitted access to more than ten CIA employees, an extraordinarily high number to congregate around an Islamist informant. He detonated his bomb soon after entering the base, killing four CIA field agents, three CIA security guards and a Jordanian intelligence officer. One of the dead was the CIA’s chief at the base, a woman in her mid-thirties…

Former CIA officials told The Times that the high number of CIA officers travelling from Kabul to meet al-Balawi reflected how desperate the agency was for information on bin Laden

Mr. Bin Laden is almost certainly dead.

In any case it is probably safe to say that Mr. Obama’s campaign rhetoric about Bush’s failure in finding him was a factor in the death of these CIA personnel.

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5 Responses to “Bin Laden Guards Planned CIA Bombing”

  1. misanthropicus says:

    “London breeding Islamic terrorists”/ By Robert Leiken, Special to CNN/ January 6, 2010

    * Would-be Christmas Day suicide bomber was radicalized in London
    * London is haven for foreign jihadi preachers, organizers, agitators
    * British security said AbdulMutallab communicated with extremists in London
    * British turn blind eye; “once-glorious culture of tolerance lost its bearings”

    (CNN) — In assessing blame for the Christmas Day terror scare, we point fingers at Yemen, at the Amsterdam airport, even at corruption in African airports. But no one mentions where the would-be suicide bomber was radicalized: London, the capital of the ally we take for granted.

    Last weekend, British security agency MI5 revealed that Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab had “multiple communications” with Islamic extremists in London, that the Nigerian reached out from London to a worldwide network of jihadi contacts and that he was “on the periphery of a past incident.”

    Why was this 3-year-old information apparently not shared with U.S. authorities until more than a week after the near-fatal flight?

    Probably the reason is that UK security agencies are overwhelmed by the dimensions of the terrorist threat in Britain. Two years ago, MI5’s director revealed that there were 4,000 people known to be “involved in terrorist-related activity in the UK” in more than 200 terrorist networks. A year later, authorities said the threat was growing “increasingly complex” and the numbers “even higher.”

    Since the mid-90s, London has been a haven for foreign jihadi preachers, organizers, agitators and propagandists, many of them recipients of generous welfare benefits. [….]

    The rest of this piece @:


  2. proreason says:

    See, this is what we get for not closing Gitmo earlier.

    Once it’s closed, the world will throw flowers at our feet, and Muslims will begin concentrating on developing nano technologies and building space craft.

  3. canary says:

    why does the media keep leaving out the two Black Water security guards among the murdered.

  4. Tater Salad says:

    Failure to connect the dots???

    By Tawfik Hamid

    After the recent terror attempt on Christmas Day President Barack Obama boldly said that U.S. intelligence officials had “sufficient” information to uncover and disrupt the plot to blow up Flight 253 over Detroit but “failed to connect the dots.”

    This terror attempt by the Nigerian Muslim Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab raised several concerns in addition to the above mentioned president’s concern about a failure of the US system to connect the dots. There is no single doubt that this event among many others such as the Fort Hood Massacre point to a serious problem in connecting the data together. However, the question that MUST be raised in this context is, have we only failed to connect the dots or have we actually failed to see them to begin with?

    Since Sep 11 and in fact before it we failed miserably to see several clear dots and threats that could have changed our approach to the problem of radical Islam and enhanced our capabilities to fight it.

    Some of the dots that we failed to see include the following:

    1- We failed to see that in most approved Islamic Sharia books Jihad is predominantly taught in a violent manner. We lived in our dreams and imaginations that Jihad is a peaceful concept instead of doing our homework to learn how it is defined by mainstream Islamic books and media in the Arab and Muslim world. We obviously failed to confront the reality of the problem until the reality confronted us.

    2- We could not see that the problem of terrorism is clearly linked to a religious ideology. Our political correctness made us unable to see the most apparent thing which is that when thousands of terror attacks and suicide bombings are conducted predominantly by dedicated and devout Muslims who belong to different economical and educational levels, it is imperative to think in the ideology as the number one cause for the problem.

    3- We did not recognize that in the present, Sharia Law that allows stoning of women until death for adultery and encourages promoting wars against Non Muslims to spread Islam is not only violent and inhumane, but also carries a major threat to the future of our civilizations.

    4- We were unable to see the clear link between teaching violence in mainstream Islamic jurisprudence books and the development of a violent mind that can ultimately lead to terrorism and barbarism.

    5- We kept talking about moderate and radical Islam without setting parameters to define the terminology that we use. This made us support some radical Islamic groups, organizations, and individuals thinking that they are ‘moderates’.

    6- We failed to comprehend that the lack of a strong reaction in the Muslim street against the terrorists is indicative of a serious cultural problem that encourages and supports radical Islam.

    7- We failed to see that allowing radicals who clearly express sympathy and support for our enemy in our military – such as the case of Nidal Hasan, who committed the Fort Hood massacre, is a form of insanity.

    8- We could not realize that carrying a US passport or having US citizenship does not grant immunity from becoming radicalized.

    9- We could not figure out that Muslims killing one another in extremely barbaric manner in Iraq and Afghanistan cannot be due to or explained by the presence of an Arab Israeli conflict or by the US foreign policy in the Middle East. We failed to ask the basic question: Why Muslims kill one another in such barbaric way?

    10- We failed to see that disrespect for the life of non-Muslims as currently taught in many mainstream Islamic jurisprudence books is one if not the main underlying factor behind terrorism. We simply could not see that the barbarism practiced by radical Islam has its roots in what we call “moderate Islam” or Sharia Laws.

    In brief, our failure to defeat radical Islam is not simply a failure in connecting the dots and is primarily a failure to see these dots.

  5. canary says:

    Noticed a common personality trait the CIA suicide bomber shared with Obama.
    Obama too was disenchanted with the leaders, organizers & churches he organized. He left them after meeting with a former imprisoned gang-banger turned muslim w/skull cap, and burly body guards, who ex- plained they paid visits to stores owned by Jews or Asians that might have disrespected a black. He associated with Farrakhan’s people.

    Still, Obama’s new muslim leader was not radical enough. But, Obama’s meeting of Reverend Wright and asking for his church’s aid, got Obama the support he wanted.
    Wright warned him, that he had a bad reputation which could work against Obama’s reputation.
    (So, we know Obama’s repeated lies to America, that he was not aware of Wright’s radical teachings was a big abomination lie in the eyes of the Lord.)

    Obama felt no one could match his drive and superiority and enforced his nick-named organization “Obama’s Army” “Right!”
    Obama considered himself superior to all, and to be the savior. This belief he holds of himself, can’t be broken.

    NEWSWEEK: The Bomber’s Wife

    By Adem Demir and Christopher Dickey Jan 7 2010

    … and what she heard from those apostles of jihad who ultimately inspired him to kill and die.

    Al-Balawi, 32 when he died, was a Palestinian born…

    … he was not part of any organization or group. “He followed all of them, but from a distance,” she says. “He was constantly reading and writing. He was crazy about online forums. He would go onto them and write severe, extremely hardline comments. He would cite verses from the Quran that talked about the need for jihad, and then write very tough comments…”

    It may have been during this time that al-Balawi first attracted the attention of Jordan’s General Intelligence Directorate (GID), where Ali bin Zaid, a young cousin of King Abdullah’s, was among the analysts who kept a close watch on jihadist chat rooms and bulletin boards.

    Bayrak says her husband had some contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, which operates mostly in the realm of nonviolent politics, and he came away disillusioned. She asked him why he bothered to go to their dinners when he was invited. “I go to eat their mansaf [meat and rice],” he said, “but nothing will come of these men or their organizations.”

    Then a year ago, the Israelis launched their devastating assault on Hamas … aid to the besieged Palestinians,… In January, al-Balawi was arrested by the GID.

    …” Asked if she could confirm what other sources have told NEWSWEEK Türkiye, that al-Balawi was offered as much as $500,000 by the CIA and $100,000 by the Jordanians to track down Al Qaeda’s leadership, Bayrak said only, “It might be true.”

    Two days later, Bayrak got a call from a number she believes was in Pakistan….”Your husband did this for Allah,” said the voice on the phone. “We will broadcast a video of his celebrated martyrdom on the Web and you will watch him.”

    To read NEWSWEEK Türkiye’s story about Bayrak, click here. Read the transcript of Newsweek Türkiye’s full interview.
    Find this article at

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