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Bin Laden Hoped To Use Blacks, Hispanics

From the Washington Post:

Bin Laden’s preoccupation with U.S. said to be source of friction with followers

By Greg Miller and Karen DeYoung, May 11, 2011

Osama bin Laden was preoccupied with attacking the United States over all other targets, a fixation that led to friction with followers, according to U.S. intelligence officials involved in analyzing the trove of materials recovered from the al-Qaeda leader’s compound.

In handwritten journals and long-winded compositions saved on computer hard drives, the officials said, bin Laden always seemed to be searching for a way to replicate the impact of al-Qaeda’s most devastating strike…

He exhorted followers to explore ways to recruit non-Muslims “who are oppressed in the United States,” in the words of one official — particularly African Americans and Latinos — and to assemble a plot in time for the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

What a familiar MO. In fact, it’s right out of the KGB’s old playbook. (Not to mention the DNC’s.)

Even while sealed inside a cement compound in a Pakistani city, bin Laden functioned like a crime boss pulling strings from a prison cell, sending regular messages to his most trusted lieutenants and strategic advice to far-flung franchises, including al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen. Some followers pledged their fealty to him; others, however, chafed at his exhortations to remain focused on U.S. targets instead of mounting less risky operations in places such as Yemen, Somalia and Algeria.

Proving once again the old adage: ‘all terrorism is local.’

“Bin Laden is saying, ‘You’ve got to focus on the U.S. and the West,’ ” said a senior U.S. intelligence official who was involved in reviewing the stockpile, adding that some of bin Laden’s followers seemed more concerned with regional issues and were reluctant to conduct an attack that would provoke an American response

You mean that it might actually curtail terrorism if we strike back? So our news media and the rest of the Democrat Party and all the so-called peace groups have been wrong when they have exhorted us to turn the other cheek?

Bin Laden’s directions tended to be big-picture in nature, officials said, focusing more on broader objectives than on granular operational details.

“I wouldn’t call it command and control” that bin Laden was exercising, the senior U.S. intelligence official said. Indeed, there is no indication that bin Laden even knew the specific whereabouts of Zawahiri and others. Al-Qaeda’s fragmented nature and operational security appear to have kept its leader substantially in the dark.

“We’re not going to find operational manuals or Excel spreadsheets” with rosters of operatives and points of contact, the senior intelligence official said. Bin Laden served as a “chief executive who is giving fairly generic, broad instructions and guidance rather than tactical orders,” the official said…

All of which again contradicts the Associated Press article we posted earlier. We wish the news media would make up our minds.

A second U.S. official familiar with the data review said that, based on the records, bin Laden also seemed to have placed a low priority on operations inside Afghanistan and Pakistan, urging his network to focus on efforts that will “make America weak, using Latinos and African Americans, people who are oppressed in the United States.”

Al-Qaeda has articulated such goals before. In 2007, Zawahiri issued a message that appealed in part to African Americans, saying, “We are waging jihad to lift oppression from all mankind.”

Sorry, we are getting confused. Are we still talking about Osama, or are we talking about Obama and the Democrat Party and the rest of the anti-America left?

Al-Qaeda appears to have done little to recruit minorities beyond issuing such appeals, officials said. “Their recruiting has been extremely passive” in recent years, the senior U.S. intelligence official said. “It’s not like they have talent scouts at mosques in the United States.”

Really? Have they forgotten the Fort Hood shooter so quickly? And all the other ‘homegrown terrorists’ who have suddenly answered the call to jihad?

‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’ doesn’t come from our drinking water, you know.

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6 Responses to “Bin Laden Hoped To Use Blacks, Hispanics”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    “Bin Laden Hoped To Use Blacks, Hispanics”
    “Obama Hopes To Use Blacks, Hispanics”

    With the change of one strategic word; the picture become more focused and the meaning, “Priceless”.

    • tranquil.night says:

      You could do it with two letters which not without irony happen to be ‘BS’

  2. GetBackJack says:

    LD for the Wn

  3. canary says:

    Typical of Obama’s mentors and friends during his NYC day only living and hanging with illegal muslims in the U.S. Goes to Chicago and lives with former gang banger converted to Islam in prison. It’s Obama’s MalcomeX thing for this type. Obama and his college friends liking to visit Pakistan.

    Jose Padilla charged with making radioactive dirty bombs (in , and plotted an attack in the U.S.

    José Padilla, also known as Abdullah al-Muhajir or Muhajir Abdullah, is a United States citizen convicted of aiding terrorists.

    Padilla was arrested in Chicago on May 8, 2002 on suspicion of plotting a radioactive “dirty bomb” attack….

    Padilla was held for three and a half years as an “enemy combatant” until, after pressure from civil liberties groups, the charge was dropped and his case was moved to a civilian court.

    . On August 16, 2007, a federal jury found him guilty of conspiring to kill people in an overseas jihad and to fund and support overseas terrorism.

    On January 22, 2008, Padilla was sentenced to 17 years and four months in prison.

    Jose Padilla was born in Brooklyn, New York, but later moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he joined the Maniac Latin Disciples street gang and was arrested several times.

    During his gang years, he maintained several aliases,….He was convicted of aggravated assault and manslaughter as a juvenile when a gang member he kicked in the head died.

    After serving his last jail sentence, he converted to Islam. Padilla and Adham Amin Hassoun both attended Masjid Al-Iman mosque in Fort Lauderdale, Florida “for most of the 1990s and were reportedly friends.”

    U.S. authorities accused Hassoun of consorting with radical Islamic fundamentalists, including Al-Qaeda. Hassoun was arrested in 2002 for overstaying his visa and was charged in 2004 with providing material support to terrorists. By that time Hassoun had already been charged with perjury, a weapons offense, and other offenses.

    Padilla married an Egyptian woman named Shamia’a..etc etc. changed his name to one word: “Ibrahim.”…

    According to press reports in 2002 Padilla had been in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region in 2001 and early 2002

    Padilla was alleged to have been trained in the construction and employment of radiologic weapons — “dirty bombs” — at an al Qaeda safehouse in Lahore, Pakistan.

    Padilla and United Kingdom resident Binyam Mohammed were alleged to have been recruited to travel to the USA to launch terrorist attacks, at the Lahore safe house.

    Padilla traveled to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. On his return, he was arrested by federal agents at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on May 8, 2002,…

    Mohammed al-Kahtani,
    Norfolk, Virginia to view Yaser Esam Hamdi.

    How do these ex-gangsters and their friends get all this money to travel to muslim countries.

    The New York District Court disagreed with the government’s arguments and denied its motion.

    Attorneys for Padilla and civil liberties organizations, filing friend of the court briefs, argued that the detention was illegal.

    His co-defendants received 15 year, eight month and 12 year, eight month sentences respectively.

    very long version of delays and ignoring enemy combat as Bush charged him. And this trying in NYC is not fairing well.
    Takes years.

    More at wikipedia. But, not enough of the truth on Jose Padilla. The big things that weren’t admitted into court and on news are not at this link.

  4. Mithrandir says:

    “OPPRESSED” people……what a joke!

    OBL doesn’t know how much social services, college acceptance rates, forced graduation rates, college loan forgiveness programs, forced hiring… free school meals, free housing, free money!

    Bin Laden’s Helter Skelter Plan would never work! Minorities don’t want to lose their goodies, and the majority wants to hang on to what little they have.

  5. oldpuppydixie says:

    So bin Laden wanted to make use of the same people–blacks and hispanics–Democrats have employed to weaken the United States for DECADES!!! But I bet Osama wasn’t going to provide welfare or food stamps, was he??!!!

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