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Bite Me: War On Women Is Real, Will Intensify

From ABC News:

Biden: ‘War on Women’ is Real, Will Intensify

By Devin Dwyer
April 12, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden said tonight that what he called a Republican-led effort to rollback the rights of women is "real" and will "intensify."

Does this mean that rapes are going to skyrocket, just like he said they would if Obama’s latest stimulus jobs bill didn’t pass? (By the way, it didn’t pass, and yet the rape rate does not seem to have ticked up.)

"I think the ‘war on women’ is real," Biden told MSNBC’s "The Ed Show," deploying the politically-charged phrase for the first time on the national stage.

This is not the first time the Democrats have deployed this "politically-charged phrase" on the national stage by a long shot. They have been using it for months.

But, also notice, how Biden’s remarks came on the very same day that Obama and the Democrats were denying that they ever use the term. This administration really is a clown show. With Joe ‘Bite Me’ as the lead clown.

"And look, I’ll tell you when it’s going to intensify – the next president of the United States is going to get to name one, possibly two or more, members to the Supreme Court," he added.

The Obama campaign might want to rethink this strategy, since the current ‘conservative’ Court is more popular and more trusted than Obama.

Asked about Hilary Rosen’s controversial comments on Ann Romney, Biden said the Democratic strategist made an "outrageous assertion."

"Look, I have fought my whole career – I’m no hero, I don’t want to make it like… – whether it’s the Violence Against Women Act or equal pay. My entire career as a senator and the vice president is to get to one point: when my daughter is able to make whatever choice she wants and no one question it," he said.

Which, of course, is not possible today. Even in the golden age of Obama.

"If my daughter wants to be able to say, ‘I’m staying home and raising my kids,’ no one should question that."

Then tell Ms. Rosen to shut up.Since the Democrat Party is paying her to do their public relations. (And we know why.)

As for the Romney Campaign’s claims that women have been disproportionally harmed under the Obama administration – with 92% of job losses being women – Biden dismissed it as bluster.

And by bluster, Mr. Bite Me means a fact that is supported by the administration’s own employment statistics.

"Know what that reminds me of?" Biden said. "Who caused these jobs to be lost – all of them, men and women?" he said, referring to the economic crisis that took hold under Obama’s predecessor, former President George W. Bush.

Biden blamed Bush? He is a genius.

Biden’s comments came on the heels of a campaign stop in Exeter, N.H., earlier Thursday, when he slammed likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney, amid an intensifying debate between Republicans and Democrats over who is more attuned to the needs of women voters.

Are the taxpayers paying for Biden’s campaign trips, too? Even the White House can’t deny that he is campaigning.

Er, check that. Of course they could. We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will say anything.

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5 Responses to “Bite Me: War On Women Is Real, Will Intensify”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    There’s a reason why DC is called “The Hollywood for ugly people”.

    Joe Bit-me is the quintessential example of what happens when you leave the doors and windows open. Any slack-jawed inept, poor-minded thing can just wander in, make themselves at-home and stink up the joint.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Of course the Democratic Party has ginned up a what on women.

    Every child knows his father …

    … and who established the first Hatred towards all women?

    Satan. Right from the start, at the Garden. It wasn’t Adam Satan hated. It was Eve. And who will crush this serpents head under her foot?

    A woman.

    Democrats are hard wired to hate women.

    • GetBackJack says:




    • Mithrandir says:

      Exactly: FABRICATED GINNED-UP WAR ON WOMEN ….and also the war on the 1%, the war on blacks (trayvon martin)…..

      0: Prep-Work Plant a loaded question about contraception to Republican candidates. Hope that they give you soundbites that fit the template.
      1. Have one of your husky man-sounding minions with maiden names and husband names together BASH Romney’s wife.
      2. Be sure to make the subtle claim that they are wealthy. (as that was the whole reason for the occupy wall-street fiasco “The hated 1%.” )
      3. As it is a fabricated attack, this gives Obama the opportunity to ride in to the rescue of WOMEN, without his fingerprints all over the attack.
      4. Loyal minion falls on her sword for the cause. (moves up the ladder of dem politics)
      5. Loyal minion is brought on every show possible (as she is now in the spotlight) to apologize BUT ALSO to stick in as many jabs as possible to run down the Romney camp, as they know even more people are watching and listening.
      6. Give the media every opportunity to talk about women, and how Romney hates them.
      7. As a bonus, Romney’s wife with breast cancer, and M.S. makes her look weak, frail, imperfect, not worthy of being a pristine 1st lady. Who wants a first lady with M.S.?

      Remember when they attacked Sarah Palin’s retarded child? David Letterman attacked her daughter? Remember how they made fun of Bob Dole, when he couldn’t use his hand that was injured in WWII? The attack on Romney’s multiple sclerosis wife was TOTALLY on purpose.

      All news is good news for democrats. And if news doesn’t fall into their lap, the must go out and generate it themselves.

  3. AcornsRNutz says:

    What I find funny is that this boob has undercut the official party line SO many times to poor ol’ obama. And they brought this guy in to give obama credibility in the diplomatic arena. Irony, or some sinister plan so evil that we have yet to figure out what the “biden angle” is.

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