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Black Ministers Work To Get Out Obama Vote

From an approving Washington Post:

Black church leaders try to inspire congregants to vote for Obama

By Peter Wallsten | Monday Sept 3, 2012

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Two dozen of this region’s most influential black pastors sat in the cramped conference room of a suburban Baptist church last week, brainstorming how to inspire congregants still dismayed by President Obama’s support for same-sex marriage.

One idea that emerged was to focus black churchgoers on the differences between Obama’s traditional brand of Christianity and Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s Mormonism, especially its history of racial discrimination.

So not only are these pastors violating their churches’ tax exempt status, which prohibits politicking for a candidate. Not only are they willing to go against the basic and long established tenets of their Christianity and the overwhelming opinions of their congregants.

But they are going to try to attack another religion just to try to get out the vote for Obama. Isn’t that hate speech? Isn’t that illegal?

“We can’t tell people who to vote for, but we can certainly point out the differences,” said the Rev. Lin Hill, associate minister of the 2,500-member Bethany Baptist Church, which hosted the gathering on Saturday. “Our president has declared Jesus Christ to be his Lord and savior, while his opponent denies the deity of Christ.”

Hill’s analysis of Mormon theology is rejected by Romney and church officials, who say they believe in Christ’s divinity…

And we thought there was a commandment about ‘bearing false witness.’

The Norfolk-area pastors who met for two hours on Saturday agreed to produce a voter-education guide for wide distribution in churches and community centers throughout the Hampton Roads region. As a starting point, they shared a one-page, side-by-side chart comparing “Biblical Christianity” to Mormonism, describing its differing views of Jesus Christ and noting that people of “African ancestry were not granted full access to Mormon priesthood and privilege until 1978.”

You just know the Washington Post would love to run an article like this. In fact, they probably will before the election is over.

But where is the official condemnation of this from the Obama campaign? Even a ‘winking’ condemnation?

And just imagine the uproar if some ministers were trying to blacken Islam this way? After all, the Muslims were the original slave traders. In fact, they are still dealing in African slaves.

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11 Responses to “Black Ministers Work To Get Out Obama Vote”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    Chicken salad from all these chickens comin’ home to roost.

  2. River0 says:

    Jesus drew a very clear distinction between State power and the Kingdom of God: “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, but give to God…”, and also, “…now will the prince of the world be cast out. And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all things to myself.”

    To Judeo-Christians, government is a necessary evil, and not much else. The Demonicrats and the Occupier-in-Chief want to REPLACE God with the State; which is their god.

    It’s a profound evil – anti-Christian – when so-called Christian ministers aid this destruction.

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    “I’ll take God vs Government for 200.” “The fundamental difference Jesus Christ & the Obama Doctrine?

    “What is FREE WILL Alex!”

  4. mr_bill says:

    Sounds like black guilt to me: A bunch of black pastors realize that they agree more with Romney than they do with nerobama so they have to make up lies about Romney’s religion so they can feel less guilty about voting for the black guy, based only on his skin color. What do I know, though? I use words like “golf, kitchen cabinet, and chair,” so I’m an obvious racist.

    • Reality Bytes says:

      Well yes Bill – then again it might just be the money Obama is promising.

      “We’re the DNC, putting your money where our mouth is since 1933.”

  5. canary says:

    The Africa American students K-12 have already been calling Romney & Ryan atheists with no correction from the union teachers taking over the minds of American youth.

    The media needs to address this more than using an Actor’s 10 minute skit to determine the next President.

    Forgive me. I just had a bad thought pop in my head of the liberal media having an rash of falling out of their chairs since a chair is the only thing on their minds.

  6. untrainable says:

    Four years ago we were supposed disregard skin color and vote for Obama. Now we’re supposed to disregard his policies and vote for him because of his skin color. Thiis from those who would call you racist for using the word “golf”.

    For general consumption I offer this. Losers come in all colors. Failures come in all colors. Worthless bastards come in all colors. Do we now completely disregard policy, and disregard a 4 year track record of failure, waste, and broken promises in order to elect a man because of his skin color? Apparently according to these fine God-fearing and influential black pastors, we do. And they call US racist??!!

    Maybe we should elect the guy who has to coolest mix list on his I-pod. Makes as much sense as anything the dems are proposing.

  7. canary says:

    Pro-Obama Yahoo is blaming others for their giving users personal information to Obama orgs. The Yahoo hacktivists blame the FBI.

    Hacking group leaks 1 million Apple user IDs
    By Tecca Aug 9 2012

    Just months after a half-million Yahoo! passwords, 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords, and 55,000 Twitter passwords were leaked, the hacktivists at AntiSec have found their next data goldmine: a stash of 12.4 million Apple Unique Device Identifiers (UDID).


  8. canary says:

    Obama has a religious guru on the WH pay rolls who get’s paid a fortune for daily texting him a proverb or prayer from every religion in the world so that Obama can meditate on.

    That and the “We are all sinners. God forgives you.” so that Obama can live with himself.

    Mormon’s have always been against slavery.

    These African American Christian shepherds are will to shoot Christian sheep.

    And our ancestors didn’t eat their ancestors.

    And just how did Africa learn of Christianity in the first place?

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      “And just how did Africa learn of Christianity in the first place?”

      An interesting point in the form of a rhetorical, canary. To expound in this and be as un-PC as I can be, lets make a few observations before comapring and contrasting religious imports to the continent of Africa. First, I submit that Africa has never had an original idea. As a continent and to each of it’s countries. Apart from the primitive tribal structures of government, economy and religion, which are similar to most primitive cultures (now extinct) the world over, every modern concept has been brought by someone, which they simultaneously continue to exploit and condemn hte interlopers for ruining their culture and forcing them into the situation they are in. Racist? Yeah, fling that one at me I don’t care. The fact speak for themselves.

      And old fashioned, by the book missionary work by Christian missionaries brought improved education, standards of living, and the attendant freedoms that have lasted long after whatever real or imagined shackles were thrown off at the end of the age of massive African colonial imperialism (all from countries that were NOT the US). Was it not a missionary who penned “Amazing Grace”, proportedly while coming into the light concerning the anti-christian aspects of the slave trade?

      Contrast this with the imported principles of the other major religion throughout Africa. Islam. THe close friend of the Black Liberation crowd and more akin to modern activist “christianity” than anything the mormons have ever done. Yeah, that would be the warlords, the ethnic cleansing, the ongoing slavery, and I would argue the inability to advance beyond bronze-age social structures. Despite being in possession of some of the largest stockpiles of natural resources in the world which could very easily propel a constitutional republic founded in Judeo-Christian values such as ourselves to world economic supremacy, Africa as a continent is still home to some of the most rampant evils and horrific conditions on planet Earth, and what few exceptions there are to this rule are degrading very quickly in the post-colonial era of tin-pot warlords fighting over what is left of the accumulated achievments of the white european conquerors.

      When slavery was outlawed, the option to go back to Africa came about, and three or more generations of blacks saw this country as a much better alternative, choosing to stick it out and fight for equality and an opportunity to live here, despite Jim Crowe, segregation etc etc. The old sharecroppers knew they still had more here than they would in Africa no matter how bad it was, and they believed they could work hard enough to ensure their children would have more still. They succeeded. Now those children two or three times removed are begging for social enslavement because the guy who leads that charge happens to be black too. Tell me, when the slave traders were buying hundreds of black human beings for export to other colonies two hundred odd years ago, what color skin did the tribal selling them have?

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