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Black Woman Sought To Replace Summers

From the Politico:

Woman CEO sought for Summers job

By: Glenn Thrush and Kendra Marr
September 21, 2010

Larry Summers isn’t leaving the White House until the end of the year but President Barack Obama’s team already knows the ideal candidate to replace him on the National Economic Council – a woman CEO.

The pick doesn’t have to fit that bill precisely, but it’s highly likely Obama’s pick will be either a woman or a business leader – and preferably both, said several people familiar with the situation.

Administration officials emphasized there’s no litmus test for the job and they will hire the most qualified person they can find. There’s also no rush – “Nothing’s going to be decided for months,” said one White House aide.

So why have they leaked this to the press at this time? As a distraction? Perhaps they are trying to give us hope that there will be change?

But they are also acutely aware that all of the administration’s big four economic leadership positions – NEC chief, director of the Office of Management and Budget, Treasury secretary and head of the Council of Economic Advisers – are currently filled by white males with virtually no experience running a major business enterprise.

Of course that they are ‘white’ and ‘male’ bothers them far more than the inconsequential detail that none of them have any business experience whatsoever.

After all, what is more important than the color of ones skin or the kind of genitalia one wears?

Potential Summers replacements reportedly being initially considered include Rebecca Blank, a Commerce Department official who oversees the Census Bureau and Bureau of Economic Analysis; Ursula Burns, chairwoman and CEO of the Xerox Corp.; Ann Mulcahy, the company’s former CEO; and veteran economist Laura Tyson, who held the NEC director’s post in the Clinton administration…

This list should be easy to narrow down. Which of these women are lawyers? Which went to Harvard? Which is ‘of color’?

The president is also known to think highly of Vice President Joe Biden’s chief economist Jared Bernstein.

Who, we suppose, could pass for a woman if he had to. More importantly, Mr. Bernstein co-authored Mr. Obama’s economic stimulus plan, which has gotten out of recession so quickly and kept us far below the 8% unemployment we would have had otherwise.

The irony that Summers – who once suggested that differences in male and female aptitude may account for the shortage of women in the upper ranks of academia – might be replaced by a woman was lost on no one.

Yes, who can forget or forgive Mr. Summers’ outrageous notion that innate differences between men and women might explain why there are fewer women in the fields of science and math?

Every right thinking person knows that men and women are exactly alike, except when women are naturally better at something because they are women. Such as voting.

But gender isn’t the only consideration.

No, as we have already noted, skin color is surely important, too.

Summers, known for his abrasive personality and rumpled suits, was never a favorite within the administration – and his absence gives the administration the opportunity to shed a figure who is closely associated with bank bailouts…

Translation: Mr. Summers is a grown up. And they are icky.

“This is a big victory for anyone who voted for change in 2008 only to see Summers work from the inside to water down Wall Street reform,” said Stephanie Taylor, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a liberal group. “Americans need him to appoint a champion for regular working folks, not Wall Street tycoons — someone in the mold of Elizabeth Warren, Byron Dorgan, Robert Reich, Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman, and Sheila Bair."

Don’t worry. Mr. Obama will pick someone from this ilk. Or he will just ignore his pick if they aren’t of a like mind.

And, come to think of it, if they do want of woman of color, Mr. Krugman might be just the ticket.

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4 Responses to “Black Woman Sought To Replace Summers”

  1. Petronius says:

    Entirely predictable.

    Christina Romer’s advice was ignored; she resigned.

    Larry Summers’ advice was ignored; he resigned.

    Summers advised Nerobama to stop hammering American business so much; his advice was not welcome.

    Capital investment by American business is at a 35-year low. And Summers’ advice was not acceptable.

    John Boehner’s demand that Nerobama fire his economic team was misdirected because Nerobama has never listened to his economic team.

    Nerobama might sit in Larry Summers’ pew for over 20 years, and never hear a word he says.

    It is useless to advise an ideologue about matters covered by his ideology unless you also share his ideology.

    Thus there are only two kinds of economic advisors who would be acceptable to the divine Nerobama:

    1) Those who are immersed in the Saul Alinsky school of revolutionary, redistributive, nihilism.

    2) Or those who are mere figureheads, hired for their connections, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, and not for their economic advice.

    Correcting the regime’s failed economic policy does not require much savvy. It would be so simple a child could do it. But correction will not happen because his ideology prevents it.

  2. proreason says:

    The economy would turn around on a dime if Obamy could just find a black, female, homosexual, muslim, african-studies tenured academic specialist, warmist, marxist, anti-colonial economic advisor.

    If the person is a child molestor, half Hispanic, an agnostic muslim, and a hermaphrodite……so much the better.

    There appear to be thousands of them in the progressive party.

  3. Right of the People says:

    Why not give the job to Thunderbutt Michelle? She’s black and sort of a woman and it might keep her out of trouble and our nutritional lives.

    Couldn’t hurt.

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