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Blacks Worry About Losing Jackson, Jr’s Seat

From an unfazed Politico:

Blacks fret free-for-all for Jesse Jackson Jr. seat

By ALEX ISENSTADT | November 27, 2012

Black leaders are growing increasingly worried that a white candidate might seize the seat of former Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in the upcoming Illinois special election.

Just as a mental exercise, switch the terms "black" and "white" in the headline and lead and the rest of this article. And you end up with something that no one outside of the (Democrats’) KKK would even have dared to print at the height of (the Democrats’) Jim Crow.

With a host of black candidates announcing their intention to seek the seat, the concern is that they could split the African-American vote and provide a plurality to a white contender. The worries escalated this week after former Rep. Debbie Halvorson, a white Democrat and veteran of suburban Chicago politics, threw her hat into the ring.

So once again Democrats are waging war on a woman candidate.

Losing Jackson’s seat would be a blow to the black establishment. Chicago, long a center of black cultural and political power — it’s the home of the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama, and the first 20th-century black member of Congress, Oscar De Priest — would see its delegation in the Congressional Black Caucus diminish from three seats to two. And there’s Jackson’s background as the son of iconic civil rights leader the Rev. Jesse Jackson…

It might also mean that the money spigot gets dialed back, albeit just a little. (But apparently, once you go black you can never go back.)

“There’s a great deal of concern that Debbie Halvorson would win because the black vote would be split 18 ways,” said Delmarie Cobb, a longtime Democratic political consultant in Chicago who formerly worked for Jackson Jr.

“The battle we have is that we can’t afford to lose a black voice in Congress,” she added. “It would be a terrible loss in many ways.” …

Besides, Ms. Cobb might have to get an honest job.

Some black officials have met Halvorson’s entry into the race with outright hostility. Kwame Raoul, a Democratic state senator who has been vocal about his concern that a white candidate could win the seat, said the former congresswoman is exploiting an opportunity she saw in the emerging crowded field of black candidates.

“I don’t think she would be able to get a majority if she were running against just one of these candidates,” Raoul said in an interview…

Why? Based on identity politics, there are surely more women than blacks in the district. Or does being black trump being a woman?

Raoul has had private conversations with several hopefuls and called on senior leaders to play an active role in unifying the black community around a single candidate.

“The problem is that it’s a short campaign,” he said. “That’s why I believe there has to be a strong message put out by the majority stakeholders.”

There are over a dozen would-be hopefuls, but black officials have identified a handful of contenders who are particularly credible. Among them: state Sens. Toi Hutchinson and Donne Trotter, Alderman Will Burns, and Cook County Chief Administrative Officer Robin Kelly.

Another possible contender is Alderwoman Sandi Jackson, Jackson Jr.’s wife. But some political observers say that with the former congressman already under federal investigation for his use of campaign funds it would be unlikely for a member of the Jackson family to try to retain the seat.

“I think it would be fraught with peril,” said Eric Adelstein, a Chicago-based Democratic strategist…

What narrow-minded thinking. Clearly, they are underestimating their constituents.

Plus there is the additional benefit that Mrs. Jackson, Jr already lives full time in Washington DC. Which is an interesting choice for a Chicago Alderman.

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5 Responses to “Blacks Worry About Losing Jackson, Jr’s Seat”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it unless you’re the ghost of Jack Ryan. Because, Jesse? This is how the Obama Machine got rid of an inconvenient office holder in order to advance their guy.

    Wait a sec … maybe Jesse should be worried. You know how the Dems love their single car rollover fatalities on loney stretches of deserted nighttime accidents. And Jesse … do not go near any Parks in Washington DC.

  2. mr_bill says:

    “’There’s a great deal of concern that Debbie Halvorson would win because the black vote would be split 18 ways,’ said Delmarie Cobb, a longtime Democratic political consultant in Chicago who formerly worked for Jackson Jr.”

    Mr. Cobb and the Politico seem to be assuming that blacks will only vote for a black candidate. Isn’t that a bit raci…oh nevermind.

  3. Astravogel says:

    Why can’t these people understand that we’re all pink on the inside?
    We all bleed red, we all have desires and aspirations, and we’re all
    going to get taxed until there’s nothing left except the workhouse and
    the grave.

  4. captstubby says:

    In 1928, Oscar De Priest won the 1st Congressional District of Illinois (the South Side of Chicago) as a Republican, becoming the first black Congressman of the modern era

    Debbie Halvorson is a favorite daughter with the Unions.
    and dumb as a box of rocks.

    Radio host:

    “and who will pay for all this?


    “the Government”.

    Radio Host:

    “you mean the tax payer.”


    ” no, no ,you don’t understand.

    the government is going to pay for it.”

  5. chainsaw says:

    How low can the Dems go?

    Per the Chicago Trib this morning. Mel Reynolds, former US Rep, throws his hat into the ring. He was convicted in ’95 of criminal sexual assault and solicitatioin of child pornography (he was approx 45 years old at the time), and of course the federal finacial campaign fraud. btw, Billy Clinton commuted his sentence in 2001.

    His slogan, “I’m not perfect and if you’re perfect, I’m not appealing to you. I’m appealing to people who want to take a fair look at all my history, all my work, all my education….”. So, I guess Mel is appealing to convicts. The Dems sure do live in an alternate reality.

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