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Blago Refused Job For Jackson Jr’s Wife

From a shocked Associated Press:

Source: Blagojevich nixed job for Jackson’s wife


CHICAGO (AP) — Shortly after his 2002 election, Gov. Rod Blagojevich told Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. he didn’t appoint the congressman’s wife for lottery director because he had refused to make a $25,000 donation to the governor’s campaign, a person familiar with the conversation told The Associated Press.

"That’s why she’s not getting the job," the person quoted Blagojevich as saying. The person, a Jackson associate who was interviewed Tuesday by the AP, spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing federal investigation…

Sandi Jackson, who has since been elected to the Chicago City Council, did not return a call to her office seeking comment.

In April, the Chicago Tribune reported that an examination of campaign donations to Blagojevich showed that three in four donors who gave exactly $25,000 received administration favors such as state board appointments or contracts.

It’s also the same amount of money that figured prominently in the testimony of a government witness in the political corruption trial this summer of political fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko.

Ali Ata, the former executive director of the Illinois Finance Authority, testified that Blagojevich spoke encouragingly about getting him a job in his administration after he personally brought him a $25,000 campaign contribution.

Rezko, who raised more than $1 million for Blagojevich’s campaign fund, was convicted of shaking down companies seeking state business for campaign contributions.

This would seem to be a Chicago tradition.

When shaking down someone for a job for yourself, you also make sure you get a lucrative sinecure for your spouse as well.

A tradition honored quit regularly by Mr. Obama.

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3 Responses to “Blago Refused Job For Jackson Jr’s Wife”

  1. artboyusa says:

    RUB OUT Part Three! More hard-bitten blog noir from the crime soaked streets of Chicago!

    “Please state your name for the record”.

    “Rod f***in’ Blagojevitch”.

    “And your occupation?”

    “Hey pal, you wanna play, you gotta pay. Make it worth my f***in’ while and maybe I’ll tell you”.

    “May I remind you, Governor Blagojevitch, that you’re appearing before this Federal Grand Jury under oath and that you’re legally obligated to answer all my questions?”

    “Legal schmegal. Pay me, motherf***er”.

    “And may I ask you to please curb the profanity? This isn’t the Black Music Awards, you know”.

    “F*** you, pal”.

    “Whew. Okay, Jon; I’m done. You can get up now”.

    Jon Stewart, TV “satirist”, looked up and wiped his mouth with an Armani clad sleeve.

    “Was that okay, Boss?” he asked.

    “Not bad. Yous’ve proven your devotion” said Big Barry Obama, Boss of Bosses, the man whose empire of corruption ran to the doors of the White House itself, zipping himself up. “So I’ll graciously permit youse ta keep adoring me on da TV. Keep up da good woik, pally. Now get outta here”.

    “Thank you, President Gallant – I mean, Boss” grovelled Jon, bowing and walking backwards out of the room. “Thank you”.

    “Hey, Jon!” called Big Barry teasingly. “How’d youse like ta see my birth certificate?”

    “Oh yes, please! Yes, please!”

    “Haha! No chance. F’get aboud it – now amscray, jerk”.

    “Yes sir” said a disappointed Jon.

    Big Barry pressed the buzzer on his enormous desk, carved from ebony and precious Bongo horn. “Michelle? Youse can send da boys in now”.

    “Hello, fellas” he greeted the entering minions: “Gino, Vito, Benny, Racoon, Master Yoda – how youse doin’?”

    “Great, Boss”.

    “Dat’s good. Me, I ain’t doin’ so good. Know why? Cause of dat lousy rat fink stoolie Rod Blago. He’s down da federal Courthouse right now, singing like a canary!”

    The underworld underlings all looked down at their shiny shoes and mumbled.

    “He’s gonna wreck it all!” raved Big Barry. “What aboud my personal journey of self-discovery? My empire of coruption? We’se gotta do somethin’!”

    “Um, we could try to get one of our people on the jury” said Rahm “The Racoon” Emanuel. “Yes we could!”

    “Yeah, but who?” said Benny. “Me and Gino and Vito have got records and Racoon – well, you know. We’ll never get empanelled”.

    “Hmmm” murmured Big Barry. “What about you, Master Yoda? Are youse a registered voter?”

    “Registered do I be” said the Jedi Master. “Registered by ACORN so I was – twenty times was it”.

    “Terrific! Now, here’s what youse do…”
    Later, the green dwarf ambled curiously along the gritty streets of the Windy City.

    “Blustery does it be” muttered Yoda. Spotting a member of the populace leaning against a lamppost the Jedi master approached with a question on his little green lips.

    “Greetings, young streetwalker” he croaked. “Directions do I seek. Know you the way to the Federal Courthouse?”

    “It’ll cost you, big boy. Fifty bucks”.

    “Sheesh” grumbled Yoda as he fumbled for his wallet. “Ripped off do I feel. Here go you”.


    “Here’s the money”.

    “Oh, right. Okay: take a right, then a left, then another right”.

    “Thank you I do”.

    “So, Governor Blagojevitch, can you tell us about your relationship, professional and personal, with Big Barry Obama? Take your time…and remember that you are still under oath”.

    “Well, me and him go back a long ways. A long f***in’ ways. We pulled off some capers in our time, we sure did. Some real capers”.

    “And these ‘capers’ were criminal in nature, were they?”

    “Are you f***in’ kidding me? Of course, they…”

    Rod stopped swearing for once and the room fell silent as the enormous mahogany doors slowly opened and a mysterious stranger entered.

    Wow -suspenseful, huh? Who could it be? Find out when RUB OUT returns next time!

    • proreason says:

      I’d pay to read this stuff Artboy. When will you publish?

      Remember, Obamy got 160K + 40K for his self-indulgent auto-biog when he was in his twenties, and he didn’t even need to distract himself by writing it. You should get at least that much. Are you a marketable ethnicity?

  2. artboyusa says:

    RUB OUT Part Four!
    “Are you a marketable ethnicity?” was the question. Unfortunately no, only another boring white guy, dammit thought Artboy as he began to type…Our story so far: Governor Blago’s tattletale grand jury testimony has been interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious stranger!

    “Sorry I be late” mumbled the pistachio dwarf as he shuffled into the jury box. “Apologize to the Court I do”.

    “One moment, sir” said the judge. “Who are you? What is your business? This is a secret grand jury. You have no right…”

    The mysterious green stranger wrinkled up his cute little green face and made a couple of mystical looking passes with his cute little stumpy green arms.

    “Um…er…please take your seat, Master ” said the judge, feeling the power of Da Force. “And welcome to my court”.

    Yoda grinned with Jedi satisfaction as he took a seat. Got it still you do, baby he thought.

    “Continue your questioning, Mr Special Prosecutor”.

    “Thank you, Your Honor” said Fitzgerald. “So, Governor; you were telling us about your past association with Big Barry. Please continue”.

    “Well, like I was f***in’ saying…”

    Yoda peered at Blago with his cute little green eyes and made some more mystical passes in the air.

    “Awwww” went everybody. “He’s sooo cute”.

    “Um…er…like I was saying, I hardly… even know Big Barry” stammered Blago “But I know enough to know he’s a f***in’ great guy, completely innocent of anything. Any f***in’ thing at all. It was me – it was all f***in’ me! All the time –me! Not him – me! You got that? Me me me!”

    The court room exploded in an uproar of exclamations, expostulations and ejaculations: “Move to strike this testimony!” “Make me!” “Out of order!” “You’re out of order!” No, you!” “Shut up! “You shut up! Get off me, you perv!”

    “Order! Order! Order!” demanded the judge, gavelling furiously, but after a couple more Yoda passes he just mumbled “Oh…whatever. You kids go ahead and enjoy yourselves” and the riot continued.

    Later, after the place was wrecked and after the bailiffs had followed normal Chicago police procedure and beaten everyone in the place bloody and senseless, the hearing resumed.

    “So, Governor” said Fitzgerald through his new fat lip, “Would you please describe some of these criminal ‘capers’ on which you collaborated with Big Barry Obama?”

    Yoda gestured meaningfully.

    “Like…I….f***in’ told you…” stammered Blago “Big Barry never done nuthin’. I done it all!”

    More Yoda gestures and the Special Prosecutor seemed to lose his place.

    “Huh? Oh…well. If you say so, that’s good enough…for me. May I ask the Court to, uh, adjourn the jury and I’ll take steps to, uh, immediately close my investigation…I guess?”

    “Um…what he just said” ordered the judge. “So ordered!”
    At Big Barry’s mansion the celebrations were in full swing.

    “Have another box of wine, Benny!” roared the delirious ganglord. “Youse too, Racoon – drink up!”

    “How about you, Boss?” said Vito. “What’re youse drinkin’?”

    “Against my religion, pal” answered Big Barry. “Its just fruit juice fa me!”

    “Hey, I never knew dat” said Vito.

    “Oh, dere’s alotta tings people don’ know about Big Barry Obama – but de’re gonna find out real soon!”

    Yoda wrinkled his cute little green face into a smile. “Not if help it can I” he said.

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