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Blair Cancels Book Signing Due To Protests

From a quietly cheering Reuters:

Blair cancels book-signing over protests

Mon Sep 6, 2010

LONDON (Reuters) – Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Monday he had canceled a book-signing in London this week to mark the launch of his memoirs, over fears the event would be hit by protests.

Three people were arrested after eggs and shoes were thrown at Blair, 57, as he arrived to sign copies of "A Journey" at a bookshop in Dublin on Saturday and some of the 200 protesters clashed with police.

No injuries were reported and the missiles did not hit Blair.

Protesters are now throwing shoes in Dublin? What another glorious contribution to the gorgeous mosaic that is our new Western culture from the Religion Of Peace.

Anti-war campaigners and the far-right British National Party had said they would protest on Wednesday at the Waterstone’s branch in Piccadilly in central London over Blair’s decision to join the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003…

Funny how the anti-war crowd is described as “far right” when it suits the media’s purpose.

Speaking to media on Monday, Blair said the book was selling "fantastically" well, although he is also facing an internet campaign which has been set up to try to disrupt sales.

A group set up on the social networking site Facebook is calling for people to move copies into the "crime" section of bookstores.

"Make bookshops think twice about where they categorize our generations (sic) greatest war criminal," said the campaign, which has attracted almost 7,000 members.

Ah, yes, the tolerant left and their unrelenting attacks on free speech.

By the way, Mr. Blair’s book is said to be full of praise for George W. Bush.

According to an article from UK’s Daily Mail before the book was released:

Tony Blair’s new book ‘is like a love letter to George Bush’

… Insiders who have seen drafts of the autobiography say it showers praise on Mr Bush as the only politician in the world with the ‘courage and commitment’ to take on Al Qaeda. A source said: ‘It is basically an extended love letter. Tony says he was wowed by Bush’s strength, courage and conviction and saw him as a highly intelligent and visionary friend. ‘It’s the biggest and most unapologetic defence of Bush and his ideas ever written.’

Of course, this is probably the real motivation behind these professional protesters.

That is, besides the money.

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8 Responses to “Blair Cancels Book Signing Due To Protests”

  1. NC Cop says:

    Very nice.

    You know, I hadn’t planned on getting Blair’s book, but you can bet I’ll be buying it now!!!

    Thanks, lefties. Keep up your assault against free speech.

    Your time is coming.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      What he means is that when the propaganda loving socialists get their way, they on the left will also find their own speech curtailed. Or, he could mean that they will soon be ousted under our system of voting.

      Will, you seem to have a propensity for aggravation. Why is that?

      Also note that when the far left screams bloody murder about things, only other far lefties bother to listen. Again, why is that?

      If you’re a believer in the “vast right-wing conspiracy” I would ask you to read up on some guys (Obama would call them “folks”) who stood up to the crown of England for doing what this current government is repeating. Are you a fan of big government? Do you believe that the right to choose should be curtailed or even stopped? How about guns? How do you feel about gun ownership? How do you feel about abortions? The Constitution, is it a document that is fixed or is it “fluid” and “must be interpreted in the current times”? Or is it useless altogether?

      Just checking on where you’re coming from, Doc. The vast majority here don’t like you, your insipid remarks and your baiting to an argument. It’s neither welcome nor necessary. All that education and you throw darts instead of making valid points to debate. Why is that?

      You have just filled me with curiosity.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I have no desire to shut anyone up. That is, not by any authoritative method. So on that point, we are in agreement. However, I hear more from the socialists (lefties) than from anyone on the right that people need to be forcefully silenced.

  2. beachgirlusa says:

    I like Tony Blair now even more than I did before.

  3. proreason says:

    You didn’t know? gee, doc, I’m surprised.

    Tony Blair is a liberal, often compared to Bill Clinton.

    But it’s a bit misleading, liberals in Europe are far more left, relatively speaking, than in the US. Overtly Socialist, slobbering appeasement of Muslims, Green nutters, believers in the Global Warming fantasy, too ocowardly to defend their own culture, no matter fight in wars.

    The only thing illiberal about Blair was his recognition of the Muslim threat. In all other respects he was a doctinaire European liberal.

    What’s you field of expertise doc?

    I’m assuming it must be ethinic studies or some such twiddle. You don’t seem to know much about the world.

  4. proreason says:

    Thanks for spell checking Doc.

    That seems to be the one thing you are good at. You don’t know much about history or current affairs. What do you know? It’s ethnic studies, isn’t it? You must be good at that, along with spell checking.

    There is no Liberal party in the UK, but the country is very liberal. That’s why Blair and his clownish successor, Gordon Brown, were in power for 16 years, and why Thatcher’s liberal predecessors were in power for more than 20 years. Liberal, as in command and control Health Care, as in nationalizing multiple industries (before Thatcher reversed that). But for a guy like you, anything right of Castro is conservative; otherwise, you wouldn’t have made the laughable comment about Blair being conservative. I’ll bet you think Obamy the Moron is a centrist.

    By the way, England has changed a little bet politically since 1939. A word of advice, it’s best not to imply that WWII is evidence that England is conservative. People will make fun of you.

    But at least you know something big happened there in 1939.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Blair had it only half-right. He replaced government monopolies with private monopolies. No free market system there.


    • beautyofreason says:

      “Looks like this website doesn’t believe in Free Speech.”

      You took a sentence out of context to imply that a member of the forum opposes freedom of speech, though he was likely referencing the upcoming elections.

      Nor did you answer Rusty’s civil question on political views. Seems like you came here to stir the pot on one issue.

      As for freedom of speech, there are many on the left who believe that the government should regulate “hate speech.” The fairness doctrine is also against freedom of speech.

      Canceling a book signing is not censorship…

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