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Blaming Cincinnati Office Was ‘A Nuclear Strike’

From National Review:

Blaming Cincinnati a ‘Nuclear Strike on Us,’ Says Cincy IRS Employee

By  Eliana Johnson | June 12, 2013

A Cincinnati-based Internal Revenue Service employee is pushing back against claims by Lois Lerner and other top IRS officials that the agency’s Cincinnati office was responsible for the the targeting of tea-party groups and the botched processing of their applications for tax exemption.

Elizabeth Hofacre, who coordinated “emerging issues” cases for the IRS and handled all tea-party applications between April and August 2010, called Lerner’s May 10 disclosure of the scandal at a tax-law conference “a nuclear strike” on Cincinnati employees. Hofacre told House Oversight Committee investigators in an interview, the transcript of which has been reviewed by National Review Online, that her boss immediately called her to apologize on Lerner’s behalf, presumably because “she was flabbergasted that Lois had made such a statement” and “appalled that Lois Lerner said that.”

Responding to a planted question from a friend in the audience at the American Bar Association conference, Lerner revealed that the IRS had inappropriately discriminated against tea-party groups, and pointed the finger at “our line people in Cincinnati.” She also said that Cincinnati employees were responsible for the delays in the processing of tea-party applications and for asking intrusive questions of the groups “that weren’t really necessary for the type of application.”

Upon hearing this, “I was furious,” Hofacre told investigators.

It looks like the ‘Cincinnati Office’ was intended to be the YouTube video of the IRS scandal. In fact, it’s now clear that making the ‘Cincinnati Office’ the designated scapegoats was the most important part of their ‘rollout’ of the IRS scandal.

A rollout that was coordinated with the White House, lest we forget.

Hofacre also charged that top brass in the IRS, including Lerner, have misled the public by blaming the scandal on a few rogue employees. “Everybody that has been making those statements should know they are inaccurate,” she said. Asked whether “the public has been purposely misled,” Hofacre responded, “Exactly.”

Like Lerner, Joseph Grant, the commissioner of the IRS’s Tax-Exempt and Government Entities division who retired in early June, blamed “front-line career employees” in Cincinnati, while inspector general J. Russell George in his report faulted “insufficient oversight,” specifically by “first-line management in Cincinnati, Ohio.”

Hofacre explained that, contrary to the claims of IRS officials, agency managers in both Cincinnati and Washington, D.C., “have really tight inventory-control systems” and know “exactly what cases we had, how old they are,” and ”how long we have had them.”

“These two rogue agents running amok for three years, even for three months, it would never happen,” she said.

And now we know that the rogues who were running amok were in IRS’s headquarters in Washington, DC, and probably at the White House.

But, alas, all this information comes too late. Mr. Elijah Cummings has already pronounced that the IRS scandal has been ‘solved.’ And he has also assured us that the White House was not involved in any way. So it’s time to move on.

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2 Responses to “Blaming Cincinnati Office Was ‘A Nuclear Strike’”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    Hopefully, the nuclear strike hasn’t happened yet.
    On a side note: Has anyone else noticed that almost everyone is starting their sentences with the word “So”? Has this become fashionable?

    I first noticed this when the former acting IRS Commisioner Miller testified before congress. He started every sentence with So….blah blah blah.
    Then I noticed his predecessor, former IRS Commisioner Shulman doing the same thing. It seemed very strange to me at the time. Since that time I’ve noticed several people doing it.

    I was watching videos from 2010 until recent on the YouTube channel for periodicvideos and noticed even these University of Nottingham chemistry geeks were doing the same.

    So, this is really freaking me out. So, did I miss something?

    I’m no english scholar, as you can tell by my writing, but this can’t be proper.

    So, let me know.

    • BannedbytheTaliban says:

      I have not noticed people using ‘so,’ but I have noticed people referring to Obama as ‘president’ with a lower case ‘p.’ Even lefty rags like the NY Times are saying ‘the president’ this and ‘the president’ that.

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