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Bloomberg Poll: Obama Leads Romney By 13%

From Bloomberg:

Obama Leads in Poll as Voters View Romney as Out of Touch

By Julie Hirschfeld Davis – Jun 20, 2012

Barack Obama has opened a significant lead over Mitt Romney in a Bloomberg National Poll that reflects the presumed Republican nominee’s weaknesses more than the president’s strengths.

Obama leads Romney 53 percent to 40 percent among likely voters, even as the public gives him low marks on handling the economy and the deficit, and six in 10 say the nation is headed down the wrong track, according to the poll conducted June 15- 18.

That is hilarious. We are supposed to believe that Mr. Obama is now more than twice as popular as he was in 2008 when he won the Presidency by 6%? Talk about being ‘out of touch.’ (And here we thought Bloomberg said he wasn’t backing Obama?)

Meanwhile, both Rasmussen’s daily poll and the Gallup daily poll put Romney ahead of Obama by 2%, at 47% to 45%.

By the way, this preposterous poll comes on the heels of Bloomberg’s preposterous immigration poll, where they claimed likely voters support Obama’s latest backdoor amnesty by a margin of 2 to 1. And it is just as believable.

The survey shows Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, has yet to repair the damage done to his image during the Republican primary

Huh? What damage is that?

Of course, what Bloomberg is really saying here is that Romney had to ‘run to the right’ during the Republican primaries. And now they are trying to rein him back to the center. So he will lose.

A majority of likely voters, 55 percent, view him as more out of touch with average Americans compared with 36 percent who say the president is more out of touch.

Taken together, the results suggest an unsettled political environment for both Obama and Romney five months from the November election, with voters choosing for now to stick with a president they say is flawed rather than backing a challenger they regard as undefined and disconnected

Who could be more undefined and disconnected than Barack Obama? Mr. Obama is the very definition of ‘undefined.’ The only thing he connects to is his disconnectedness.

By the way, this Bloomberg poll is so risible that even the New York Times and the rest of the so-called mainstream media are laughing at it:

New York Times: Outlier Polls Are No Substitute for News

Los Angeles Times: Is Obama’s big lead in Bloomberg poll to be believed?

Washington Post: “The poll is pretty clearly an outlier.”

Wall Street Journal: “The Bloomberg poll diverges from several other national polls, which have reflected a much closer race for president.”

National Journal: Poll Showing Obama Well Ahead Differs From Other Surveys

Christian Science Monitor: Obama leads Romney by 13 points in new poll. Can that be right?

New York Magazine: President Obama Leads Mitt Romney by 4 Billion Points, According to Bloomberg Poll

Think how ‘out of touch’ you have to be to get The Times and the Washington Post and even New York Magazine mocking you.

But the Bloomberg poll isn’t just an ‘outlier.’ They seem to be trying to ‘out lie’ even the most fawning pro-Obama pollsters.

And to do that, you really have to go some.

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, June 21st, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

5 Responses to “Bloomberg Poll: Obama Leads Romney By 13%”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Take a minute and just think about how great of a post this is. How many people are given the opportunity during the day to ponder how Goebbelesque this truly is?

    When liberals lie, there is a whole philosophy that goes along with it. Whereas others lie because of shame, or to spare you the uncomfortable truth, there is something to be said about liberals who:
    ♥LOVE IT, RELISH IT & try to find more ways to do it
    ♥Enjoy whipping up confusion and anarchy.
    ♥They see the people as “things to be manipulated.”
    ♥To lie on purpose knowing only 25% of the people will catch it (fooling most of the people most of the time)
    ♥To lie as a trial balloon, just to gauge the overall gullibility, stupidity, indifference of the current population, and to see if the situation is ripe for an even bigger lie.
    ♥To lie just to see if your lawyering skills are able to talk your way out of it as a sort of game.
    ♥To busy your enemies with 50 pounds of effort to expose 10 pounds of lies.
    ♥To lie simply as a show of POWER, that your willing accomplices in the media will give you cover, allow you a “do over”, ignore your lies, or report the lie as the truth.

    These are truly dark days in America, it hasn’t always been this corrupted. I think political correctness, SPIN, and full-time unashamed political gamesmanship really started in earnest with BILL CLINTON back in 1992, the gloves came off, the media went into high gear, and they haven’t stopped since.

  2. Melly says:

    Bravo Steve!

    • Helena says:

      Ditto that. – Perhaps this is Bloomberg declaring fealty to the DNC after being overheard saying Romney would do a better job as prez..

  3. Petronius says:

    SG : “Mr. Obama is the very definition of ‘undefined.’”

    Brilliant. LOL.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Megadittoes to everyone

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