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Bloomy: Muslim Bias Won’t Be Tolerated

From a cheering Associated Press:

NYC mayor: Bias will not be tolerated

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NEW YORK — Mayor Michael Bloomberg says New York City "will not tolerate any bias" following the arrest of a U.S. citizen from Pakistan in the Times Square car bombing attempt.

Bloomberg said Tuesday that also applies to potential backlash against Muslim New Yorkers.

The mayor said there are "a few bad apples" among any groups. He also cited New York’s long history of accepting cultures from the around the world.

Of course bias against crazy redneck racist ‘teabaggers’ people opposed to ‘healthcare reform’ is perfectly acceptable.

Right, your honor?

Couric: Law enforcement officials don’t know who left the Nissan Pathfinder behind, but, at this point, the mayor believes the suspect acted alone.

Bloomberg: If I had to guess — 25 cents — this would be exactly that, somebody —

Couric: A home-grown?

Bloomberg: Home-grown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something. It could be anything.

No, there’s no evidence of prejudice there.

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16 Responses to “Bloomy: Muslim Bias Won’t Be Tolerated”

  1. Enthalpy says:

    Bloomberg is a blithering idiot. Muslims have more than a “few bad apples” and our response will be much more than bias.

    • Mithrandir says:

      You don’t see Bloomberg living in the ‘hood now do you? Why not? A ‘few bad apples’ shouldn’t stop him from leaving his gated community?

      Wealthy and well protected politicians are so removed from reality. Live like the rest of us, and you will be leading the charge against Muslims and illegals.

      That is why we need term limits, get the wealthy jerks out of office and get some common people in there.

  2. proreason says:

    Got a feeling that posters on this site just might be among the “few bad apples” that the courageous mayor is protecting the country from.

    And btw, has anybody asked Fazal about his opinion of the Health Care bill?

    There just aren’t any real journalists anymore.

  3. mr_bill says:

    To borrow ArtboyUSA’s narrative style for a moment, if I may.

    Apparatchik Bloomberg springs to action, “Thanks Appatchik Holder, where’s Apparatchik Napolitano, she needs to get out there and talk about how dangerous all those American middle-class, anglo, taxpaying, retired military, Christian, job-holding, Constitution-reading, productive citizens are.”

    Apparatchik Holder: “She’s warming up to go on after a statement from CAIR. She’s shaving and practicing saying ‘from day one.'”

    Apparatchik Bloomberg: “Tell her to move her fat ass, we can’t let this be about another mohammadan terrorist attack, we’ve already had four attacks since Dear Leader took over, the people are going to start demanding answers and I don’t know if the NYT and the AP can hold them off for long.”

    Apparatchik Holder: “Ask the state press to run some more stories on the Hutaree militia, BP, and for God Obama sakes, tell them to sit on the Arizona immigration stories! The last thing we need right now is an immigration debate after a Pockeystohny (Pakistani, for those who don’t speak Obama) immigrant tried to blow up a bunch of people outside The Lion King . That would be a big set-back for legalizing all the criminals new democrat voters coming here.

    Apparatchik Bloomberg: “I’m on it Comrade, somebody find Apparatchik Al Gore and tell him to come up with a Global Warming theory that explains why this happened, something like the explosion being a metaphor for the coming AGW apocalypse and make this guy out to be some sort of Edgar Cayce/Nostradamus prophet, see if you can get him to tie it to the gulf oil leak – maybe we can kill two birds with one stone here.”

  4. beautyofreason says:

    I don’t believe Obama’s idiots are competent in preventing terrorism.

    If they won’t even acknowledge the ideology that drives the crime, why bother?

    I guess we should rely on flying Dutchmen and t-shirt vendors to stop future terrorist attacks in progress.

    Sorry, but the a – holes trying to kill us are Muslim. I didn’t choose their prejudice but I won’t ignore it.

    As for bad apples – I don’t believe any other religion in this day and age makes it a policy to execute the people who leave it.

    • Right of the People says:


      They aren’t competent because in their narrow, little minds, terrorism at least of the Muslim variety doesn’t exist. Now if you want to talk white, Christian tea-bagger terrorists, that’s a whole different story.

      Hey, just because everyone who has been involved with these incidents since 9/11 are Muslims, that doesn’t mean we can rule out other suspects. You don’t know, there could be another McViegh hanging around and we absolutely, positively have to stop him since he would be much more dangerous than the jihadis.

  5. canary says:

    Bloomberg forgot to warn radical muslims who blow up people, they won’t be tolerated .
    Speaking of Lion King, what movie did that armed and dangerous man they found underground subway track watch 3 times before his attempted mission.

    If New York & U.S. continues holding trials for these muslim terrorists, how would keeping a perimeter around the court houses using all the police & guards keep the rest of the cities safe?

    Expand Gitmo.

  6. NickB says:

    Why doesn’t Bloomberg just leave the GOP? He’s no conservative, and can always be counted on to pacify the Left and our enemies at EVERY turn.

    • confucius says:

      Bloomberg was a lifelong Democrat until he ran for mayor in 2001. He switched parties to run as a Republican.

      In 2007, Bloomberg abandoned the Republican Party to become an independent. The media speculated he was preparing a run for the White House.

      In short, Bloomberg is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. He’s an opportunist.

    • jobeth says:

      Confucius…this is why I don’t trust ANY politician who switches parties. You can always count on them joining the other side (by that I mean the progressives) during a crucial vote.

      I understand the benefit of having that “R” in our column, but other than that they are useless turn coats.

      Few if any really have a true epiphany and become true conservatives.

    • proreason says:

      Opportunist is only part of it.

      Bloomberg obviously isn’t in politics for money (as 95% are). And he doesn’t appear to be a marxist or even particularly an idealogue. It doesn’t seem likely that he is an opportunist in the mold of the craven power-hungry Arlen Specter.

      He seems to be the type of beast who simply believes he is a superior human being who feels like it’s his responsibility to make his subjects better people…..according to what HE thinks.

      The Moron has some of that as well. Of course, it’s only about 1% of his schtick. He doesn’t just want to make his subjects better, he’s gonna cram it down your gd throat whether you like it or not.

      Bloomberg seems to be more like Al Toad. Pomposity on steroids. Ego to the googleplex power. (But at least the mayor has actually done something in his life other than bloviate. I’ll give him credit for that.)

      If the 3 of those guys ever got in a room together, the windows would explode.

  7. Freedom615 says:

    It’s a good thing for the would-be terrorist that Mayor Bloomberg that didn’t catch him eating greasy, salt-encrusted french fries. Then there really would have been hell to pay!

  8. Bloomberg is a WORM.

  9. BigOil says:

    “If I had to guess — 25 cents — this would be exactly that, somebody –”

    A two-bit opinion from a two-bit liberal.

  10. Mithrandir says:

    Let’s say a minority of Muslims are extremists. Out of 1.3 BILLION Muslims, here is our data:

    A “small minority” of 25% (1 out of 4 people) = 325,000,000 radicals world-wide.
    ~The same population of the United States and Saudi Arabia combined.

    10% are extremists = 130,000,000 (130 million)
    ~The entire population of Japan + New Mexico

    5% are extremists= 65,000,000 (65 million)
    ~All of France

    “Oh it’s probably less than 1% I am sure, nothing to worry about!”

    1% are extremists (10 out of 1000 Muslims) = 13,000,000 (13 million world-wide)
    ~The entire population of Illinois

    1/2 of 1% = (5 out of 1000 Muslims) 6,500,000 (6.5 million)
    ~The entire population of Arizona

    1/4 of 1%= (2.5 out of 1000 Muslims) 3,250,000 (3.25 million)
    ~The entire population of Connecticut

    1/8 of 1% = (1.25 out of every 1000 Muslims) 1,625,000
    ~The population of Nebraska

    1/16 of 1% = (.8 out of ever 1000 Muslims) 812,500
    ~The population of South Dakota

    1/32 of 1%= 406,250
    ~The population of Miami

    And NOW do you think everyone is aware of how ARIZONA feels? They have lots of crime by illegals, yet they can’t nab the criminal on the airplane before they head back to Mexico.

  11. jobeth says:

    “Bloomy: Muslim Bias Won’t Be Tolerated”

    Silly me…when I read this I had the silly idea that he wasn’t going to tolerate bias FROM Muslims…then I realized he is a complete idiot!

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