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BLS Nominee Linked To Radical Left Groups

From the Daily Caller:

Critics: Bureau of Labor Statistics nominee linked to left-wing groups

By Neil Munro | 06/13/2012

The president’s nominee to run the highly visible Bureau of Labor Statistics is on track to win Senate approval despite her ties to decidedly left-wing political groups, her critics say.

Erica Groshen’s left-wing ties include her 1998 co-authorship of an article urging an end to small businesses’ exemption from expensive federal regulations, and her husband’s 2011 donation to the far-left Working Families Party.

The Working Families Party is a front group for ACORN.

“The integrity of the Bureau of Labor Statistics lies entirely in the belief that the data they present is not skewed by political opinion,” said Rick Manning, communications director at Americans for Limited Government, which opposes her confirmation to the four-year post.

But no Republican senator has put a hold on her nomination to be the agency’s next commissioner, despite the fact that monthly job announcements from the BLS are already attracting massive media attention in an election year marked by record unemployment.

Unless a GOP senator puts a hold on her nomination, she’s on track to be confirmed by the Democrat-controlled Senate before the end of the year.

Can you imagine the BLS’s unemployment numbers being even more "seasonally adjusted" to help Obama?

Groshen co-authored her 1998 article, in which she argued against regulatory exemptions for small firms, for the union-backed Economic Policy Institute. That organization’s chief economist at the time, Jared Bernstein, later served as Chief Economist and Economic Adviser to Vice President Joe Biden.

“Large firms are doing well by employees, and themselves, by providing jobs with higher wages and benefits and greater job security,” read the article. “[P]ublic policy, rather than favoring small business by exempting it from many forms of regulation, should strive to be size neutral.”

The article was titled “Small consolation: The dubious benefits of small business for job growth and wages.”

It’s a wonder Obama didn’t nominate her to be in charge of the Small Business Administration.

If Groshen gets the job, Manning said, she’ll be in a position to spin the BLS reports

But really, you have to ask, does everything have to be radicalized by Obama? And does everyone in his administration have to have radical ties? Doesn’t Obama know any normal people?

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2 Responses to “BLS Nominee Linked To Radical Left Groups”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Everyone in the Communist Front Obama Administration is a hard core socialist-Marxist anti-American Stalin loving bag of dope waiting to be smoked in a Glorious Revolution.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Another fine reason as to why Obozo must go!

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