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Bob Dole: Today’s GOP Wouldn’t Accept Reagan

From the Washington Post:

Bob Dole: GOP should be ‘closed for repairs’

By Lyndsey Layton | May 26, 2013

The Republican Party has changed so drastically in recent years, the current GOP wouldn’t welcome the likes of Ronald Reagan, former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole said Sunday.

Really? Mr. Reagan was first and foremost opposed to ever increasing taxes and the expansion of government power. He is a quintessential Tea Party man.

The current GOP ought to be “closed for repairs” because it lacks a vision and is unable to strike deals with Democrats, Dole said during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday”.

‘Striking deals’ with the Democrats is what got us into the mess we are in today. In fact, too many of those deals were struck by Bob Dole.

The Kansas Republican said he was disturbed by his party’s obstructionist behavior on Capitol Hill. “It seems almost unreal that we can’t get together on a budget or legislation,” he said.

How are the Republicans are to blame for that? The House Republicans have offered a budget for each of the last five years. The Democrats have rejected all of them, sight unseen. Meanwhile, they have refused to offer any budgets of their own.

President Obama also deserves blame for failing to reach out to Republicans in his first term and cultivate better relationships across party lines, Dole said.

Asked whether he would be welcomed by the Republican Party today, Dole said, “I doubt it. Reagan wouldn’t have made it, certainly Nixon wouldn’t have made it, because he had ideas. We might have made it, but I doubt it.”

Well, any party that would keep out Bob Dole and Richard Nixon can’t be all bad.

Dole said his party needs stronger leadership. “Somebody has to stand up and say, ‘We’re not going to do this,’” he said.

Huh? We thought he was complaining because they said ‘no’ too often.

Oh, well. The sad fact is Bob Dole’s way of thinking is still at the root of the GOP’s problems. They need some Viagra for their backbones.

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9 Responses to “Bob Dole: Today’s GOP Wouldn’t Accept Reagan”

  1. mr_bill says:

    I agree with Bob Dull, sort of. Today’s Establishment GOP would not accept Reagan. They would label him an “obstructionist, idealogue, radical, fringe, right winger.” The grass roots members are frustrated as heck that we can’t advance solid conservatives. Why do they think the Tea Party sprung up? Because people were so darn happy with the never-ending parade of spineless milque toast candidates masquerading as conservatives?

    • River0 says:

      “Blob Dough” is the moniker he earned from someone who knew him during Reagan’s tenure, after seeing him in action working against Ronaldus Maximus’s initiatives

      Blob Dough once told reporters he became a Republican because “there were more of them in Kansas” at the time, so he had a “better chance” at winning.

      This is why we’re all on the brink now. Unprincipled, character-challenged leaders pandering to unprincipled, character-challenged voters.

  2. preparing4theworst says:

    Does he mean that todays (spineless, brainless, clueless) GOP (terrified of the press) who always allow the liberals to define the debate (and are either oblivious to or quaking at the idea of taking charge) would not openly accept someone who is the antithesis of all that they seem to (not) stand for. This group, many of whom would (how do I put this delicately?) go down on anything the liberals offer and then call it bi-partisanship, would not accept one who would dare to take a stand, defend it vigorously and logically? That GOP?

    • Mithrandir says:

      Dole was ALMOST right. The G.O.P. Establishment wouldn’t give Reagan a chance these days, as indeed, the history shows they never really have. What have they produced for us? Liberal Bush Sr., Bob Dole, liberal Bush jr., Uber-liberal McCain and his pathetic back-stabbing family, and liberal Romney from the most liberal state in the union. And yet Dole has the nerve to complain that the base is sick of it!
      Dole is mistaken to pretend that all the candidates are sooooooo Conservative and yet the actual Conservative voter base is so far right, they can’t tolerate someone so Conservative as John McCain. –“What’s wrong with those people! What the heck do they want for chrissakes!”

      You know it’s bad when the liberal Republicans PUBLICLY belly-ache that no matter how many different ways they try to market liberalism, big government, and bi-partisanship, the base keeps rejecting it, so they resort to public shaming. Doesn’t work Bob, not ashamed of myself, ashamed of you though…

  3. artboyusa says:

    Bob’s looking pretty, um well preserved, isn’t he? In a History Channel “Secrets of Ancient Egypt” kind of way…

  4. artboyusa says:

    Bob’s looking pretty, um, well preserved, isn’t he? In a History Channel “Secrets of Ancient Egypt” kind of way…

  5. artboyusa says:

    Sorry. Don’t know what happened there. It wasn’t that great a comment once, let alone twice.

  6. mr_bill says:

    Does the GOP really want to take advice from the guy who lost to Monica’s ex-boyfriend?

    That would be like choosing the guy who lost to the guy who lost to nerobama as the candidate to run against nerobama in another election…hmmm…

  7. Noyzmakr says:

    What was done to john Wycliffe’s remains is too good for this idiot.

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