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Body Found In Iraq Is That Of Missing Soldier

From an elated Al Jazeera:

Pfc. Joseph J. Anzack Jr.

US confirms Iraq body is of soldier

The US military has confirmed that a body pulled from the Euphrates river near Baghdad was that of one of three missing US soldiers abducted in an ambush two weeks ago.

Iraqi police said on Wednesday they had found the corpse of a Western-looking man in the river 60km south of the capital.

The body, wearing US army-issue trousers and boots, had bullet wounds and bore signs of torture.

Lieutenant-Colonel Josslyn Aberle, the US military spokeswoman, said on Thursday that the body was that of Joseph Anzack of Torrance, California. He was 20 years old.

Anzack went missing with two other soldiers after their patrol was ambushed on May 12 in Mahmudiya, south of Baghdad.

Four US soldiers and an Iraqi translator were killed in the attack.

The Iraqi police handed over his remains to the US military which performed DNA tests to confirm his identity…

Why is it we are supposed to give terrorists the benefit of Geneva Conventions?

To protect our soldiers?

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