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Boehner And Reid Prepare Rival Debt Plans

From the DNC’s New York Times:

Rival Debt Plans Being Assembled by Party Leaders

July 24, 2011

WASHINGTON — The House speaker, John A. Boehner, and the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, were preparing separate backup plans to raise the nation’s debt ceiling on Sunday after they and the White House were unable to form a bipartisan plan that would end an increasingly grim standoff over the federal budget.

The Times seems to be unaware that the House passed a bipartisan plan, called ‘Cut, Cap And Balance.’

The dueling plans emerged after Mr. Boehner walked away from negotiations with the White House on Friday, leading to a frustrating weekend of talks in heat-scorched Washington. The leaders of both parties variously negotiated together over the phone, talked separately, conferred with their caucuses and tried to plot an end to the debt crisis that would assure the capital markets around the world that America would meet its debt obligations.

According to Mr. Boehner, the Democrat leadership were not involved at all in his previous negotiations with Mr. Obama. In fact, when he broke off with the White House, he said he was going to try negotiating with the Senate leadership. (Which would indicate that Mr. Boehner things that Messrs Reid and Schumer would be less stubborn than Obama. Imagine.)

Besides, Harry Reid sent the Senate home for the weekend.

As the Aug. 2 deadline for lifting the debt ceiling nears, warnings are growing that the nation’s economy may be damaged by the protracted stalemate. A downgrade of the nation’s credit rating, which could raise the cost of borrowing, seemed more likely, deal or no deal.

Then why bother with any deal? Let’s just keep the debt ceiling where it is.

Mr. Reid, the Senate’s top Democrat, was trying on Sunday to cobble together a plan to raise the government’s debt limit by $2.4 trillion through the 2012 elections, with spending cuts of about $2.7 trillion that would not touch any of the entitlement programs that are dear to Democrats or raise taxes, which is anathema to Republicans.

In other words, all of his spending cuts would come from defense. In fact, according to reports, Reid’s plan assumes we will save $1 trillion dollars by leaving Iraq and Afghanistan in the immediate future.

President Obama could endorse such a plan, even though it would fall far short of the ambitious goal of deficit reduction and entitlement changes that he says are necessary to shore up the nation’s finances.

No one ever believed Mr. Obama was serious about any entitlement changes – except for increasing them. (Cf. Obama-care.)

At the White House on Sunday evening, Mr. Obama spent about an hour meeting in the Oval Office to try to hash out details of the Democratic proposal with Mr. Reid and the House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi

Isn’t it reassuring that our nation’s future is in the hands of such three economic geniuses as Obama, Reid and Pelosi? (All three of whom seem to believe that increasing unemployment benefits is the best thing one can do for the economy, for instance.)

But administration and Congressional officials said that during the meeting, Mr. Obama and the Democratic leaders had resolved to hold firm against any short-term agreement that did not raise the debt ceiling beyond next year’s presidential elections

Mr. Obama and the Democrats don’t want the ‘unprecedented’ debt they have run up since January 2007 to be used against them as a campaign issue. Which is why they are so determined to extend the debt deal past the 2012 elections and move on to other issues. Such as the importance of good nutrition for children.

That means, officials say, that Mr. Reid’s proposal may gather steam as the only viable alternative that is palatable to the administration.

Who cares what the administration finds "palatable." It’s time for Mr. Obama to eat his peas.

The contours of Mr. Boehner’s backup plan were not entirely clear, but it seemed likely to take the form of a two-step process, with about $1 trillion in cuts, an amount the Republicans said was sufficient to clear the way for a debt limit increase through year’s end. That would be followed by future cuts guided by a new legislative commission that would consider a broader range of trims, program overhauls and revenue increases

Oh, boy. Another debt panel commission.

For the White House, the Reid proposal represents a Hail Mary pass that is meant to, at the very least, avoid putting the country through a repeat of the debt ceiling negotiations next year, an election year.

So now we can’t have debt ceiling negotiations during election years – which are every two years? Can’t any of the nation’s business be conducted during an election year?

Even if Mr. Boehner loses Tea Party members and other conservative Republicans in Congress, the administration hope is that enough House Democrats would vote for the Senate plan that it would offset the loss of conservative Republican votes

The administration is all about splitting the Republican Party from the Tea Party. But Mr. Boehner has to remember that if the Republicans mess this up there will be a third party in the next election. And it will be the Republican Party.

While a modified plan might fail to gain the support of the more right-leaning and Tea Party-influenced House members, it could win enough Democratic votes to pass if it is blessed by Mr. Reid…

Why bother, since we have already been told by The Times that Reid’s plan is the only viable one?

The dueling plans were a departure from the so-called grand bargain that Mr. Obama had been pushing, which would have included trillions of dollars in budget and entitlement cuts over the next 10 years along with the elimination of tax loopholes and possibly the addition of new taxes

What is so ‘grand’ about that bargain, anyway? That is what the Democrats always want. Increased taxes in exchange for nebulous spending cuts in the far, far distant future.

It’s more like ‘grand larceny’ than a "grand bargain."

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10 Responses to “Boehner And Reid Prepare Rival Debt Plans”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Once again, it’s all about the “O”. They had to figure out a way to remove man-child while making him appear “strong” and “decisive” and all that rot. At the end of the day, Reid and Pelosi are wearing out the carpeting going to the oval office and burning up the phone lines “consulting” with pezzident “optics” over what will make him look the best when all the dust has cleared. Preferably, he’ll be made to look like the only adult in the room.

    I’m just not so sure the American public is going to buy it this time. He’s shown his ass repeatedly, walked away and shirked his responsibility in coming up with anything but a bunch of accusations. The goose-stepping media did its job but boy-man didn’t really give them much to work with. Their heavily editorialized bits in the paper serve really to advertise how ridiculous they have all acted on the part of the socialists.

    Of course, there is no hope for turning the opinions of those who think that the sky is falling and it’s all the republicans’ fault. That much is a given. But all the left has done is accuse, stall, complain, whine and talk to the press; None of which has produced any results. I am curious to see how many tied-to-the-flagpole democrats in this country cannot see what’s going on. For me, it’s been like an eight-year-old telling their math teacher, “I’ll show you….I’ll just fail this test. Then you’ll be sorry…..You’ll see!.”

    And failing this test they are and have been. Because, if the loopy left are buying that “the government” is not able to come up with a way to properly manage the money and they are panicking that “needed” programs will lose funding, then they are probably able to see why that is. However, if they still believe that Mr Zero is the “only adult in the room” then there is no reason to attempt to convince them otherwise. I have been following a blog poster on another website who cannot be swayed from this notion. If that poster is indicative of the left’s position on the matter, then nothing else matters and they are ridiculously ready to be buried in their own portion of the national debt. No person has been able to convince them otherwise and many have tried.

    So, here we are, in the crystallized manifestation of partisan differences. Ideologically, the left has no leg to stand on. There is no more money. Yet, they stand there like spoiled brats and have a tantrum demanding their candy. They have held their breath and turned blue..and even passed out while the republicans patiently watched and waited. With each idea presented, the left dismissed it before it was hardly even an idea. They have stamped their little feet and screamed at the top of their lungs, thrown things, slammed doors, and even gave everyone (including the American People) the finger.

    Obviously, you cannot deal with such people in rational terms. It’s hard to believe that the founders of this nation could ever have imagined such people in our government.

  2. JohnMG says:

    …..”Reid’s plan assumes we will save $1 trillion dollars by leaving Iraq and Afghanistan in the immediate future……”


    How many of you remember the “peace dividend” our government would supposedly realize commensurate with the fall of the Soviet Union? What’d these morons do with that? They pissed it down some ‘social engineering’ rathole. THERE WERE NO SAVINGS, IDIOTS! It was a reduction in deficit spending. That’s all it was! It was money we didn’t have that we didn’t spend. And these are the same class of dipshits who are suggesting WE don’t understand. Miserable bastards. You’d think they were products of the dismal educational system they’ve created for the rest of us.

    And while I’m on a rant, how could the people of Nevada return that slimy little turd to the Senate when they had a chance to get rid of him. Can they all be as stupid as he thinks they are? (Maybe that was a rhetorical question.)

    Where’s my pitchfork?!!

  3. tranquil.night says:

    It’s cute how the Ruling Class thinks if they just change the face of the messenger, while repeating the exact same message, that the American People are going to be fooled by these Cult of Personality Identity Politics. Is that really all you know how to do to get people to listen to you, so that you can dance them around with your calculated lies like little puppets?

    • tranquil.night says:

      Seminar millenial caller on Rush atm reading prepared talking points trying to parse and wedge the Tax Front. Rush is handling it awesome, he doesn’t need any help lol bless him.

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    Rush! I’m sure Obama is a wonderful person?!

    If Obama was a cop, teacher or a plumber & he acted & LIED as he does as president, would he still be a “wonderful person”?

    Bat Crap! The man is as low as you can get & in Washington that’s saying something.

    Come to think of it, he’d never be any of those things. Those folks actually have to work for a living.

  5. BigOil says:

    Trying to logically analyze the plans these criminals devise gives me a headache. Let’s calm the credit markets by guaranteeing another 1 to 2.7 trillion dollars in debt – that we neither have the desire nor ability to repay.

    It reminds me of when I used to watch Popeye cartoons as a kid. We will repay you in 10 years for 2.7 trillion hamburgers today. It’s the Wimpy debt ceiling deal.

  6. preparing4theworst says:

    “as they conferred with thier caucuses”, here is a thought, maybe they should confer with thier CONSTITUANTS!!!!……AND this..”Mr Obama and the democratic leaders resolved to hold firm against any short-term agreement that did not raise the debt ceiling…”, make that hold firm against ANY agreement that does not raise TAXES!!!!…like JMG said, do they really think we are that stupid?? I guess so…

  7. tranquil.night says:

    I took Levin’s advice and ignored this particular episode of scripted political theatre, opting instead for some good ol’ fashion (NTS: find new term) EPIC RAP BATTLES OF REVISIONIST HISTORY!!!!.

    I do not condone the language or butchering of History expressed in that video. But damn can Big B lay down a rhyme.

    Rush notes often that he dislikes doing television for how superficial he feels it is, and therefore difficult to connect with your audience intellectually because of the optics factor. A lot of that is the formatting of the MBM – their template is in the pursuit of the highest drama, since drama = ratings.

    That’s exactly what happened here. This was Democratic Theatre being put on by two Statists, not real Democracy.

    DeMint is right – play this one out. If Chumpundit is right (I’m linking out of courtesy, don’t read him unless you want to feel cynical. He needs to toughen up) and Reid’s proposal is only one (outside of CCB) that’s going to pass muster with the credit raters, because of the phony projected Defense savings, then passing Boehner’s plan isn’t going to get us out of this crisis scenario – in fact it is going to push us right up against the realistic one that Obama has been threatening this time around.

    Except this time the policy they are going to dictate and ram through is going to come under the cover of Bipartisanship and Compromise established here. And when we try and resist, it is going to be just who are responsible when we don’t comply with their cave on taxes.

    Cut the strings and leave the House of Cards theatre before it caves.

    It’s a trap.

    It’s a trap.

    IT’S A TRAP!

    Col. West, with the humblest respect, sir, I’m not sure how they got to your Twitter to say you’re in on this before we’ve even see it, but please, don’t participate in this Lando moment. That’s not intended to be racialist to all those who’re hyper-terrorized by decades of identity politics, I’m not the guy that wrote a story where seemingly the only black guy left in the universe forgot who his true friends were, brokered a deal in good faith with the Empire, and almost inadvertantly sold out the rebellion’s finest.

    They are Acting!! This was just the start of a new act. Same cast of dangerous goofballs, same basic premise, slightly different tone. None of it’s real unless the substance is. Washington is Hollywood for the unattractive; and too many think that the leadership role gives them the right to conquer the stage by ad-libbing, rather than by following the scripture of the Law. Do not let them sway your personal convictions.

    Don’t worry – we are seeding the foundation with new fertile ground so that when the dust settles, the garden might be revitalized with strong determination, collective awareness, and God’s Grace.

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