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Boehner: GOP Is ‘Alternative’ Not ‘The Opposition’

From The Hill:

Boehner: House GOP is ‘alternative’ to Obama, not ‘the opposition’

By Russell Berman | 01/30/14

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – House Republicans arrived at their retreat here in search of an agenda for 2014, hoping to show voters that they are, in the words of Speaker John Boehner, the “alternative party,” not simply the opposition to President Obama.

In between motivational speeches and ideas lectures at a resort along the banks of the frozen Chesapeake Bay, GOP lawmakers will try to hatch plans on immigration, the debt ceiling and healthcare…

“I think in order to maximize this year, it’s important that we show the American people that we’re not just the opposition party, we’re actually the alternative party,” Boehner (R-Ohio), dressed casually in an orange sweater, told reporters Thursday morning.

But we’re not even sure what that means. First, we haven’t seen the Republicans acting like much of an "opposition party" when it comes to immigration, the debt ceiling and even healthcare.

And what exactly does it mean to be an "alternative party"? Does it mean they want to be the Democrat Party Lite? The Democrats 2.0? Or does it just mean they need to establish what they stand for? (Which should mean taking a very different course from the Democrats.)

“Republicans have to do more to talk about the better solutions that we think we have that will help the American people grow their wages, have opportunities to have a better job and clearly have a better shot at the American dream.” …

What can he do but talk? Is he going to start taking some executive actions? Is he going to start bypassing the Republican base the way Obama is bypassing Congress?

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5 Responses to “Boehner: GOP Is ‘Alternative’ Not ‘The Opposition’”

  1. Petronius says:

    What opposition party?

    I don’t see no stinkin’ opposition.

    All I see is a pathetic bunch of self-hating, teary-eyed, weak-kneed, chicken-livered, yellow-streak-a-mile-wide Republicans who’ve got the Liberal Death Wish and not much else.

    Just listen to them. Yes, more immigration is the answer to mass unemployment. We’re going to immigrate our way to prosperity. Because those Old Americans (the ones who came over before the Immigration and Nation Destroying Act of 1965) can’t hack it anymore … they’re just not hot and spicy enough for the new Californicated America. Not willing to do the low-paying jobs that Americans won’t do blah, blah, blah.

    Yes, they’d sell out the entire American people and the whole of Western Civilization in return for an invitation to just one swanky Chamber of Commerce cocktail party and a ticket to a Bruce Springstein concert.

    Sam Francis was so right. They really are the stupid party.

    And the suicide party.

    Although maybe they believe that somehow their money and gated communities and all those reach-across-the-aisle moments will save them. Or, like Paul Ryan and Bob Goodlatte, that they’re a bit too stringy to barbecue properly.

    So that while the rest of us are roasting on the grill and being eaten right up by hungry cannibals, they’ll somehow survive, to act as waiters, and to cater the feast so to speak:

    “Here’s a tender piece, sir.” All in Nahuatl, Aymara, Urdu, Shona, or whatever, the college language background and travel abroad paying off at last.

    Yes, that’s my Republican.

  2. Enthalpy says:

    Boehner and McConnell are despicable-both are too interested in the their own self interest and elitist positions to care that their push for amnesty will provide progressivism for our future. Boehner is willing to sell out American sovereignty with his support of Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (Globalist nonsense). Boehner and McConnell do not represent our interests and must be opposed. Their “leadership” has been pitiful and a total betrayal of our conservative principles. They, along with John McCain, should be removed from office.

  3. canary says:

    Since the press was sequestered from the meeting it seems strange to imagine the Republicans handing them selected quotes that

    “Alternative” usually means the more dire or less of two.

    “the better solutions that “we think” we have” means we are not even sure.

    Did the Republicans really say they were going to drive “wedge” between Obama and Reid.

    Boehner just may have said that since he’s been playing a lot of golf.

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    Boehner! aka, “The Orange Crush” cause he’s killing any chance for the GOP retaking the Senate & White House.

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