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Boilermakers Union Bosses’ Lavish Pay, Perks

From the Kansas City Star:

Boilermakers union leaders receive lofty pay, benefits

May 13, 2012

A prime suite at Kansas Speedway. First-class travel. Six-figure salaries for half the staffers. Plenty of plum jobs for family members. Life is good at the top of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers.

The union, with its headquarters in Kansas City, Kan., represents about 59,000 workers in the U.S. and Canada who make and repair boilers, fit pipes and work on ships and power plants

At the same time, the president’s salary has surged 67 percent in the past six years, not counting a recent raise. Add in travel and some other expenses, and Newton B. Jones totaled more than $600,000 last year, putting him at the absolute top of the presidents of the dozen biggest unions in the country

[T]otaling the pay to just the families of Jones and two other executives, the union and its affiliates paid them more than $2 million in annual salary, according to the most recent financial reports filed by the organizations.

Those findings are part of a wide-ranging examination of the Boilermakers over the past year by The Kansas City Star, which reviewed thousands of pages of labor union reports and tax documents.

Pay isn’t the only reason to aspire to an office at headquarters, the newspaper found:

While few other unions still own planes, the Boilermakers partially own two, paying a half million dollars last year for maintenance and fees. When they travel on commercial flights, officers can go first-class.

Once they arrive, officers may enjoy memorable experiences — exclusive pheasant hunting expeditions, fly-fishing adventures in Alaska, stays in Paris and on Marco Island, Fla.

Some officers can supplement their union salaries with pay from the union’s own bank. At least two have made as much as an additional quarter million dollars a year.

And once their careers are over, retiring officers drive away in gift cars

As a nonprofit, the union and its key employees are prohibited under federal tax law from improperly benefiting from their organization

But naturally Obama’s IRS won’t go after the IBB. They are too busy going after small businesses and the Tea Party — and the rest of the evil one percenters.

All together, the total disbursements last year to the top nine Boilermakers officers — $4.1 million — were $182,000 more than the total disbursements to the 29 executives at the national headquarters of the Teamsters union

Like most of the Boilermakers’ top officials, Jones doesn’t live near the headquarters in the Kansas City area. He resides in North Carolina

Who wants to live in Kansas City? (Either one of them.)

Being a boilermaker executive can be a family business — especially if your last name is Jones. Newton Jones and his family members alone make more than $870,000 in salary, according to the most recent filings

• His brother, Charles, is director of the Boilermakers’ History Preservation Department and assistant to Newton. His salary in 2011 was $150,091, with total disbursements of $187,641.

• His sister, Donna, earns $98,802 as an executive secretary.

• His relative, Michael Peterson, is an aide to Jones and until last year worked for the Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Program, earning $132,746 in 2010, according to the program’s most recent tax document, and $127,252 from the union, according to its annual report for fiscal 2011

• Jones’ son, Cullen, is a video communications technician who lives in North Carolina, earning $68,482 salary with total disbursements of $173,288 last year. He is 23, according to a court filing. The union in 2009 paid $43,000 to send Cullen to the Vancouver Film School in British Columbia

Several members of the Creeden family also make a good living working for the Boilermakers, totaling $624,000 in salary. William Creeden earned $255,836 salary and received $392,117 total disbursements in 2011 as the international secretary-treasurer.

As director of information technology, Creeden’s son, Ryan, received $155,487 salary. Another family member, Brian, made $70,036 as an engineer.

And for his work as assistant director of the history preservation department, nephew Kyle made $142,767. The wife of vice president Tom Baca is on the payroll as a secretary, and Stinger has two daughters with jobs at union headquarters.

Vice president Lawrence J. McManamon — whose salary in 2011 was $255,844 and total disbursements were $469,058 — has two children of his own working for union affiliates.

His son, Lawrence Jr., is a coordinator of the Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Program, earning $270,622 in salary and benefits, according to 2010 tax records. Daughter Bridget Connors is a representative for the Boilermakers’ Mobilization, Optimization, Stabilization and Training Trust, receiving $172,797 in total compensation, according to 2010 tax records. McManamon Sr. is a trustee for both organizations.

That is only a sampling of the family ties involving union officers

It’s almost as if these unions are corrupt and nepotistic.

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4 Responses to “Boilermakers Union Bosses’ Lavish Pay, Perks”

  1. pamypo says:

    To bad the people who are paying for all this will never know. My dad was in this union all his life, what a shame.

  2. P. Aaron says:

    Boilermakers? Seems more like a Skimmer.

  3. Tater Salad says:

    You can find what every Union rep makes :




    These guys are ripping off the union members by absorbing their Union Dues to their pockets!

  4. wirenut says:

    The stench of SEIU,ACORN and other commies reeks here. Only to be followed by our “friends” in the educational
    unions. Don’t see a “U” boss driv’n a Yugo. On Wisconsin! On Walker!

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