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Bombers’ Parents ‘Disappear’ Back In Dagestan

From Reuters:

Boston bombing suspect moved to prison from hospital: officials

By Scott Malone | April 26, 2013

BOSTON, April 26 – Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been moved to a prison at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, from the hospital where he had been held since his arrest by police a week ago, the U.S. Marshals Service said on Friday…

"The U.S. Marshals Service confirms that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been transported from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and is now confined at the Bureau of Prisons facility FMC Devens at Ft. Devens, Mass.," said U.S. Marshals Service spokesman Drew Wade…

All of which would tend to indicate that Jokar’s wounds were not quite a grievous as has been reported.

But speaking of movements, we have this from CNN:

Boston bombing suspects’ family leaves Dagestan home, not coming to the U.S.

By Ben Brumfield, Greg Botelho | April 26, 2013

(CNN) — The parents of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects have left their home in Dagestan for another part of Russia, the suspects’ mother Zubeidat Tsarnaev told CNN Friday. She said the suspects’ father, Anzor Tsarnaev, is delaying his trip to the United States indefinitely…

So, again, the earlier media reports have been proved wrong.

Their father, Anzor, was to fly to the United States as soon as Friday to cooperate in the investigation into the attacks. But his wife called an ambulance for him Thursday.

She told CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh that her husband was delaying the trip for health reasons. She wouldn’t elaborate.

Anzor Tsarnaev agreed to fly to the United States after FBI agents and Russian officials spoke with them for hours this week at the family’s home.

So let’s review. The FBI flew to Russia to interview the parents. The parents agreed to fly back to the US for questioning. But now they have disappeared.

What’s the Russian word for ‘Suckers!’? But maybe the FBI is to trying to top its Benghazi investigation, for incompetence.

Russian authorities have previously expressed suspicions that his wife, Zubeirdat Tsarnaev, and their elder son, Tamerlan, the deceased suspect in the attacks, were following radical ideologies.

The hell you say! And she seems so sensible. Thankfully, the US ignored the Russian authorities’ paranoia and bigotry.

The mother will not be flying to the United States, where she is wanted on felony charges of shoplifting and destruction of property…

Even though we were told she would be coming to the US, as well.

But don’t worry. Mom will eventually end up here, once again. When she decides who to sue for the death of her precious son.

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3 Responses to “Bombers’ Parents ‘Disappear’ Back In Dagestan”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Anchor Agitators?

    (like anchor babies)

  2. Petronius says:

    According to today’s Miami Herald, Tsarnaev’s mother living in Russia is considering giving up her US citizenship. Wow, that will really show us. Oh, please don’t. The Democrats need every vote they can get. We promise to get your surviving son the best lawyers the American taxpayers can afford.

    Oh wait, we will use next year’s Boston Marathon to get local sponsors to raise funds for his defense, contributing so many dollars for each mile run. That way we could show the world how America really works!

    The same paper also had a small article about Vladimir Putin’s “I told you so” radio speech, saying that the Western press should stop calling terrorists in Russia rebels and get serious about fighting global terrorism. Putin even mocked us for granting one of the brothers US citizenship. I think Putin may be rushing to judgment here and jumping to conclusions and should probably wait until all the facts are in.

    My recommendation: a vodka summit in the Rose Garden where Putin, Mr & Mrs Tsarnaev, Nerobama, and Joe the nitwit can sit down together and hash out their differences until they find common ground. We could have it moderated by Barbara Walters and the group from The View. Afterwards the whole gang can sleep over in the Lincoln Bedroom.

  3. canary says:

    The Daily Mail.co.uk. ‘It wasn’t blood… it was PAINT’: Boston bombers’ defiant mother launches bizarre defense of her ‘framed’ sons

    By Lyedia Warren and Louise boyle – April 26 2013

    She gestured wildly, making a gesture of her hands being cuffed, as she sat alongside her husband Anzor. She said that she regretted living in the U.S.

    Scroll down for video

    ‘I am not angry at anyone. I want to go find out the truth,’ said Anzor, who took off his sunglasses only when photographers asked him to.

    He said he would go as soon as possible but that he had not yet bought a plane ticket.

    Tsarnaeva said she was still thinking over whether to travel to the U.S. Her hesitation to travel may be based on the fact that she was charged with shoplifting last summer and is concerned that she could be arrested.

    ‘If they are going to kill him, I don’t care,’ she told CNN of Dzhokhar.
    ‘My oldest one is killed, so I don’t care.
    I don’t care is my youngest one is going to be killed today.
    I want the world to hear this.
    And I don’t care if I am going to get killed too.
    And I will say Allahu akbar!’

    Mrs Tsarnaeva, 45, allegedly stole $1,600 worth of clothes from a Massachusetts Lord & Taylor store.

    She was charged with two counts of malicious/wanton damage and defacement to property after allegedly swiping the merchandise from the retailer’s Natick, Massachusetts location in June 2012.

    She was due in court on October 25 for a hearing in the case, but never showed up.

    The family’s lawyer Heda Saratova, asked for the family to be left alone and said that the parents had just seen pictures of the body of their elder son and were not up to speaking with anyone.

    She added to CNN that she had spoken to Tamerlan after the bombings and he told her he missed her and loved her, and she said her ‘loving’ son even inquired about the cat.

    Read more. photos. video.

    Who took care of the eldest bomber and his converted wives ‘s baby, while she worked 60-80 hours a week and did not know anything was going on?

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