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Border Patrol Agent Killed Near AZ Border

From Tucson’s CBS affiliate KOLD News 13:

Border Patrol agent killed: 4 suspects in custody, 1 at large

Dec 15, 2010

NOGALES, AZ (KOLD) – A Border Patrol agent has been shot and killed late Tuesday night in an area near Rio Rico, Ariz.

Agent Brian Terry encountered a group of suspects when he was shot at, a release from the Border Patrol detailed.

Four of those suspects were arrested. One is still at large, authorities said.

Border Patrol officials and officers with the Department of Public Safety are scouring the area with K9 units in an effort to find that suspect.

The incident happened just after 11 p.m. in the Peck Canyon area just north of Nogales.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is now involved in the case and is looking into the agent’s death, Border Patrol spokesman Eric Cantu said.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the Terry family for their tragic loss," said CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin. "Our commitment to Agent Terry and his family is that we will do everything possible to bring to justice those responsible for this despicable act."

Maybe we need to everything possible to keep such people from getting into our country in the first place.

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5 Responses to “Border Patrol Agent Killed Near AZ Border”

  1. Condolences. What a tragedy.

    America is being invaded and its citizens murdered, yet all we get is PC platitudes from our betters in D.C., and third world politicos lecturing us in our own house of Congress about our ‘violations’.

    What a farce.

    I wonder if the petulant persecution of Campean & Ramos, and the absurd predicament which lingers, contributed to this Border Patrol Agent’s murder?

  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    I’m waiting for the second shoe to drop.
    One of these suspects will sue because they got a hangnail and they will end up owning the dead officer’s home.

  3. canary says:

    Here the violence is growing at a rapid pace. Bush’s order has been ignored. But, then he let things get
    bad. Obama makes it clear in hope writings, while acknowledging all the problems the growing Hispanic
    population is harming in the jobs, not being able to speak English, every argument there is, his own anger, his advisers telling them to suck up to them, then is the corny part where a a little Mexican girl came with her parents to interpret Spanish into English for them at his office. It melted his heart, and he realized he needed their support for his agenda and career, and that he would make sure his daughters learned to speak Spanish. And he goes on that he will put the muslims above the whites if that became a problem.
    He really did not get into the thousands of Mexican gangs growing in the country. The increasing violence.
    You would think the schools would feel burdened in so much cost in the children of illegals, but the reimbursement for their free food, they get free state medical cards, aside emergency care. It is the schools way to show a demand for more teachers. More construction added to schools.
    The Education Unions want more teachers.
    Further the more violence, the more police officers are hired. But, then they won’t go to the violent areas. They get shot at.
    Things will have to get worse. Obama doesn’t have to deal with what the rest of the country deals with. Never has. Children have gone to private schools since pre-K.
    It’s going to get a lot worse.

    Don’t forget, Obama has been photographed reading a book on national disaster survival. He’s just chomping on the bit for Marshall law, but the more U.S. Americans killed will make his carrying out his
    policing citizens.

  4. Mithrandir says:

    The irony of a government official being killed because of government negligence on the border!

    I am sure Agent Terry’s family will have a ROTTEN Christmas for….oh……the rest of their lives!

    Can’t we move the T.S.A. to the Southern border, to pat-down, fondle, squeeze all those who are trying to enter? I am sure they would rather stay in Mexico than be groped and harassed on the border…..but that special misery is saved for the law abiding, tax paying, legal residents of the good ‘ol U.S.A.

    God Bless Government

    • Liberals Demise says:

      The time has come and past for the TSA or its’ groping minions.
      It’s time for military action. Top notch sniper teams popping along the border will send a message loud and clear.

      Damn……they’ve declared war on us and dingleBarry fiddles while contemplating slipping out of DC for a vacation.

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