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Border Patrol Catches Just 61% Of Illegal Aliens

From the Washington Times:

Interceptions of immigrants stubbornly low

Border security efforts have a long way to go

By Stephen Dinan | January 9, 2013

Despite massive increases in manpower, the U.S. Border Patrol is still intercepting only about 61 percent of would-be illegal immigrants along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to an audit that the investigative arm of Congress released Wednesday.

Bear in mind that the Pew Hispanic Center used the number of Border Patrol interceptions as the base for their highly touted claim that illegal immigration into the US had slowed dramatically.

The findings, which for the first time show a broad estimate of how many illegal immigrants the Border Patrol fails to catch each year, emerge as pressure builds on Congress to move past border security and begin to grant legal status to the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.

The Government Accountability Office report found that an estimated 208,813 illegal immigrants escaped capture along the nearly 2,000-mile border. Slightly more than half of them turned back to Mexico, and the others proceeded deeper into the U.S., the report said.

The report also said that the Obama administration has gone more than two years without having an effective yardstick for measuring border security, meaning there is no good way to evaluate the job the Border Patrol is doing

Two years ago, the Obama administration ditched the “operational control” yardstick that the Bush administration developed. The yardstick showed that just a fraction of the border was effectively sealed.

The Homeland Security Department, which oversees the Border Patrol, said in its official response to the GAO that it is trying to come up with a new yardstick by the end of November — which would mean it will have gone three years without a measure of border enforcement effectiveness.

Surely that is an accident. The Obama administration wouldn’t want to turn a blind idea to the problem of illegal immigration. That would be irresponsible.

In 2011, the GAO said, the Border Patrol apprehended 327,118 illegal border crossers, while it estimates another 208,813 got away. Of those, 85,827 escaped into the U.S. and the rest turned back…

The administration just see them as another 85,827 Democrat votes. So what’s the problem?

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