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Boston Bombers First Planned July Fourth Attack

From the New York Times:

Boston Plotters Said to Initially Target July 4 for Attack


WASHINGTON — The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings told F.B.I. interrogators that he and his brother considered suicide attacks and striking on the Fourth of July as they plotted their deadly assault, according to two law enforcement officials.

But the suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, told investigators that he and his brother, Tamerlan, 26, who was killed in a shootout with the police, ultimately decided to use pressure-cooker bombs and other homemade explosive devices, the officials said.

That way they could enjoy the fruits of their attacks. And they would also be able to strike again. In fact, we have been told that the brothers were planning subsequent attacks. So they probably would have struck again on the Fourth Of July.

But will the news media highlight the symbolism of their initial target date as much as they did ‘Tax Day’ and even Patriots’ Day, when they thought it could be a right-winger?

The brothers finished building the bombs in Tamerlan’s apartment in Cambridge, Mass., faster than they had anticipated, and so decided to accelerate their attack to the Boston Marathon on April 15, Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts, according to the account that Dzhokhar provided to authorities.

So this grisly detail has been known for several days now.

They picked the finish line of the marathon after driving around the Boston area looking for alternative sites, according to this account…

Trying to come up with the best circumstances for the highest body count.

[A]uthorities have sought to determine whether fingerprints and DNA found on bomb fragments were from Tamerlan’s wife, Ms. Russell. According to two other law enforcement officials, Ms. Russell’s fingerprints and DNA do not match those found on the fragments…

Federal authorities are skeptical of Ms. Russell’s insistence that she played no role in the attack or in helping the brothers elude the authorities after the F.B.I. released photographs of them. That skepticism has been stoked by Ms. Russell’s decision in recent days to stop cooperating with the authorities…

As The Times just noted, the bombs were made in Tamerlan’s house. So it is difficult to believe that his wife would not have ever noticed his handiwork.

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One Response to “Boston Bombers First Planned July Fourth Attack”

  1. yadayada says:

    authorities continue to wax philosophically about the sophistication of the devices. these bombs are not very complicated. the only tech saavy detail is the detonation/triggering device. even that isn’t rocket surgery. the news simply parrots the gubmint line so the sheep won’t know that any schmuck in the crowd can whip one together in his garage on typical saturday morning.
    in the sun valley, ID area “officials” are warning everyone about “dangerous explosive devices” found in several areas. they’re plastic pop bottle bombs. usually not much more dangerous than the old cherry bomb. my friends and I used to make them with dry ice or MRE heaters 20-30 yrs ago as cheap fun on 4th of July. nice loud pop.
    after 9/11 the DHS and BATF(E) ranked them as explosive devices and now can be considered a felony.


    granted, if someone is planting these as booby traps they are committing a criminal act. but finding pieces laying in field somewhere? oooohhh!! must be domestic terrorists! quick, everybody lock youselves in the house.

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