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Boston Globe Calls Election For Coakley

From the hard left newspaper giveaway, the Boston Phoenix:

Boston Globe calls election for Martha Coakley?

Published Jan 19 2010, by Carly Carioli

Boston.com briefly put up this map of the final results of today’s election — some 8 hours before polls closed!

As you can see, over 2 million people voted, with Coakley eking out a 50-49 victory.

The map was fully interactive, so you could roll over and get town-by-town results — above we show Coakley taking Cohasset 56-43.

They took the map down shortly after I pointed it out on Twitter. But not before we Phoenix troublemakers got the screen shots!

Now, if the final numbers end up matching these, the Republicans may really have reason to question the integrity of the process…

Luckily, the Boston Globe isn’t biased.


According to an update at the Boston Phoenix, Bob Powers, the vice president of communications for the Boston Globe, blamed the goof on the Associated Press:

AP was testing an election data feed to its Massachusetts clients. During corresponding tests at our end, the feed of AP’s hypothetical test data was inadvertently posted for a few minutes on a single subsection page within ur site. As soon as the error was discovered, it was removed. We regret the mishap.


This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, January 19th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

15 Responses to “Boston Globe Calls Election For Coakley”

  1. JohnMG says:

    So just what did they base their projection on, Steve?

    It’s most likely as you suggest–the “fix” is in, and has been for days now. All this other crap (White House aids projecting a Brown win, etc) is for naught but to provide a smokescreen for what was really going on.

  2. Sharps Rifle says:

    Reminds me of when a drunken sports reporter back in the ’20’s spilled the beans about a pro wrestling match…he gave the results over the radio for a match that had yet to take place.

    If anyone thinks the Commiecrats will give that seat up, they’re fooling themselves. Further, the ‘rats are playing with fissile material if they steal this election. The polls had been heavily in Brown’s favor and Mahsha Croakley has been running a campaign which to call it “anemic” would be giving it a compliment. Their attempts to steal this election are so transparent as to be ridiculous…and will only result in stoking the fires of popular revolt against their “benevolent” rule.

  3. Gil says:

    This is likely why they can call it.

    Easily Hacked Voting Systems to be Used in MA Special Election for the U.S. Senate
    World/National News
    Written by Nathan Barker and Brad Friedman
    Friday, 15 January 2010 08:20

    BOSTON, MA – Next Tuesday’s Special Election for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts looks to be coming down to the wire. Surprising pundits in what had previously been thought to be a cakewalk for State Attorney General Martha Coakley, the Democratic candidate hoping to fill the seat of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, Republican state Senator Scott Brown has come on strong in the final days of the campaign.

    But as the election looms, tempers flare, money is poured into the contest from all sides, and Democrats sweat out what should have been a safe seat for them – a Democrat named Kennedy has held that particular seat for more than the last 50 years – questions about whether the election results can be trusted have already emerged in a race where the stakes couldn’t be higher.

    As the 60th “filibuster-proof” Democratic U.S. Senate seat hangs in the balance – and the party’s healthcare reform bill and other key legislative hopes along with it – fears are mounting that the final vote tallies could be as questionable as they were in the recent NY-23 Special Election for the U.S. House. Perhaps even more so.

    The electronic voting systems used in Massachusetts are notoriously plagued with problems and vulnerabilities, and are in violation of federal voting system standards. Moreover, they are sold, programmed, and maintained by a company with a disturbing criminal background.




  4. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    The DNC political machine must be furious. How are they going to put together another convincing election result in just a few hours? Whoever leaked this will probably be the only person the Dems want in Gitmo.

  5. proreason says:

    It was a test.

    Coakley has exactly 50% to 6 decimal places.

    Brown has exactly 49% to 6 decimal places.

  6. Melly says:

    Check out the date on this official announcement from the Coakley camp:

    For Immediate Release: January 19, 2010

    Contact: Alex Zaroulis (617) 549-0358

    Campaign Manager Kevin Conroy:

    We’ve received several independent and disturbing reports of voters across the state being handed ballots that are already marked in favor of Scott Brown. This is obviously a serious violation, and our legal team is taking immediate steps to protect the integrity of this election.

    We do not yet know why this is happening, but you and everyone you know needs to be aware of the situation so that you can carefully inspect your ballot. If a vote has already been marked, you must return the ballot to the elections official, demand a clean ballot, and call our Voter Protection Hotline at 617-351-6866.



    • Melly says:

      ARGH!!! They changed the date.
      It was Jan 18 not the 19th.
      I have the image saved – as I bet many others do.

  7. gevansmd says:

    By alleging fraud they will throw the election into the court system and delay the results long enough to keep the needed 60 votes for health care reform.

  8. BillK says:

    Of course the AP would “test” with data showing the Democrat winning.

    Now let the legal challenges and delays in certifying the election start.

    I’m sure the DNC will have no problem “finding” 5% of votes “mismarked” or otherwise “misread” for Brown.

  9. Rip Cord says:

    Dammmm……… I guess the Democrats here will just have to do as the Democrats do in North Korea, Cuba and Belorus. Go to one party on the ballot to eliminate all of this confusion for these hapless journalists. ROFLMAO

  10. Wascally Wabbit says:

    Nothing is ever the fault of the lying, liberal, elitist, sewage of the mainstream media.

    I guess when the mainstream media are nothing but the PAID propagandists of this administration, the truth does not exist.

    Their arrogance and condescension towards the ‘unwashed masses’ makes them totally incapable of accepting the fact that WE, THE PEOPLE are smarter, and better informed than the filthy sewage of the media have been taught to believe.

    The elitists got Obama elected by NOT telling the voters the truth, just as they tried to throw the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, by calling Florida for algore before all the polls had closed, and by fabricating the National Guard ‘scandal’ concerning ‘W’s’ military service, and the arrogant, out of touch, elite, believe that since it either worked (2008), or almost worked (2000/2004), it is a tried and true tactic that is worth trying.

    The shills of the media MUST be held accountable for their actions.

  11. wirenut says:

    W.W. they are being held accountable. Think, “fairness doctrine” or government bail outs of major media. No one reads or listens to them anymore. Advertising down, readership down, listener-ship down. All things “left” need to be propped-up. The only thing that is unfair is, WE, THE PEOPLE who disagree, pay for it. No more. Vote with your buck, vote with your feet and best of all, vote with your ballot.

  12. DRB says:

    Anyone else notice that if you add Brown’s and Kennedy’s totals, you get exactly *1* more vote than Coakley’s?

    Even if it was only a test, it was a “dream test”…

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