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BP Might Fully Cap Gulf Leak By Monday

From a deeply saddened Associated Press:

Feds cautious on timing for new cap in Gulf leak

By Tom Breen, Associated Press Writer

July 10, 2010

NEW ORLEANS – The delicate work of removing and replacing a cap over the gushing oil well on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico began Saturday, with robotic submarines hovering around the site.

The hope is to fit a tighter dome that will funnel more oil to collection ships on the surface a mile above. If all goes according to plan, the tandem of the tighter cap and the surface ships could keep all the oil from polluting the fragile Gulf as soon as Monday…

It would be only a temporary solution to the catastrophe unleashed by a drilling rig explosion nearly 12 weeks ago. It won’t plug the busted well and it remains uncertain that it will succeed.

When the cap is removed, oil will flow mostly unabated into the water for about 48 hours — long enough for as much as 5 million gallons to gush out — until the new cap is installed

It could still be another week before they really know if the cap is containing most of the spill, Coast Guard Capt. James McPherson said Saturday. Testing has to be done on the new cap if and when it’s in place to make sure it can withstand the pressure of the gushing oil.

Workers are taking advantage of a window of good weather following weeks of delays caused by choppy seas…

Meanwhile Friday, BP worked to hook up another containment ship called the Helix Producer to a different part of the leaking well. The ship, which will be capable of sucking up more than 1 million gallons a day when it is fully operating, should be working by Sunday, Allen said.

The government estimates 1.5 million to 2.5 million gallons of oil a day are spewing from the well, and the existing cap is collecting about 1 million gallons of that. With the new cap and the new containment vessel, the system will be capable of capturing 2.5 million to 3.4 million gallons — essentially all the leaking oil, officials said.

The plan had originally been to hook up the Helix Producer and install the new cap separately, but the favorable weather convinced officials the time was right for both operations.

"Everybody agrees we got the weather to do what we need," Allen said. He said the calm weather is expected to last seven to 10 days.

In a response late Friday to Allen’s request for detailed plans about the new cap, the Helix Producer and the relief wells, BP managing director Bob Dudley confirmed that the leak could be contained by Monday.

But Dudley included plans for another scenario, which includes possible problems and missteps for the installation of the cap that would push the work back until Thursday

Is it our imagination, or does the AP sound positively heartbroken at this news? Still, you have to wonder why Mr. Obama has waited 80 plus days to plug the hole this way.

Is he trying to be the first to get a medal for ‘Courageous Restraint’?

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10 Responses to “BP Might Fully Cap Gulf Leak By Monday”

  1. proreason says:

    Interesting that they have completely switched from barrels to gallons.

    Could the fact that there are 42 gallons per barrel have anything to do with that?

    Maybe it’s just me, but 5 MILLION gallons sounds like a bigger problem than 100,000 barrels.

    Litres will be next.

  2. canary says:

    drill for oil, around the hole. BP hit a gold mine.
    With no remedy in site, turn it into the biggest gas pump in the world. Give the fishermen and shaved ice stands shares.

    They do not want to absorb the oil into porous substances.. They want to suck it up for plastic. BP needs every bit of oil they can get from this to pay their debt.

    Beyond any doubt, Obama’s recent reference to the gulf spill in Vegas, at Harry’s fundraiser; it’s clear Obama isn’t deterred from critics on his handling of the biggest historical mess. He wants it to be biggest historical mess. And now Warren Buffet who owns part of BP (ssh) is donating money to the clean up to make him look like a hero.

  3. GL0120 says:

    If the hole gets plugged, you can be sure that TCO will be bragging about the way he stepped in, took charge, and did the job.
    I wouldn’t put it past him to land on an oil skimmer and proclaim “Mission Accomplished!”

  4. Right of the People says:

    Q: How are TCO & the skimmer alike?
    A: They both suck.

  5. canary says:

    gutiera01, I had some of the same thoughts about what kind of cap they came up with.
    My imagination on the other hand, was why not put a bigger drill head and suck up all that valuable oil we need, or a cap that will allow future drilling. Why all that trouble instead of drilling the oil til it was dry as Obama said we shouldn’t depend on foreign oil, and the Democrats all saying Bush just wanted foreign oil. Obama is such a hypocrite. One conservative news host said expect gas to go up to 8 dollars a gallon.

    • GL0120 says:

      How is he a hypocrite?
      One of the major planks in his campaign was that he wanted a fundamental change in this country. Isn’t national bankruptcy a change?
      Obama said that redistribution of wealth is necessary; he just didn’t say that he planned to redistribute the wealth to his buddies.
      He said that he wanted to be a blank screen so that people could project their own views; in other words, he’s whatever you think he is. Of course, the blank screen you’re projecting on is only there to keep you entertained while the real show runs somewhere else.
      No, he ran on a promise of change. People were warned about him, about just what the change would be but they chose to ignore it and project their own Utopian show on his screen.

    • canary says:

      yes, the damage he does behind the scenes is mind bogging. I understand more and more what people meant by Obama was groomed to take over this country.
      I now understand what Rush meant by Obama wanting to be the messiah & savior.
      Jesus warned that many will come to claim and be the messiah.
      Change was just a slogan to me for simple minds. Though painful & nauseating I listened to Democratic debates.
      I only give Conservative leaders the benefit of the doubt that the commie Democrats criminal behavior has them so bogged down, that it is difficult to stop. I am disappointed with many conservative lawmakers that have the means to do more.
      If Obama, Biden, can use such vulgarness & profanity,
      the bar keeps getting set lower and lower. Hopefully, it will reach a point that our leaders can be less political correct and call and ace an ace.
      Conservative leaders could get out of their overly political correctness mode.

  6. stir crazy says:

    If the hole does get plugged quickly, how does that affect the largesse of Ken “Carp Mouth” Feinberg handing out his six-month compensation packages?

  7. hushpuppy says:

    Canary – you mentioned ‘Change was just a slogan to me for simple minds.’

    I remember seeing a TV interview with the Dingleberry’s speech writer shortly after The One was immaculated. When Barry was trying to think up a campaign slogan, he came up with ‘okie dokerly’ (which was supposed to be a quote from The Simpsons. (I don’t watch that so I don’t know).

    Boy! Is that some presidential sounding slogan, or what?

    ……… until his speech writer took him aside and said it ‘sounded stupid, and nobody was going to go along with it and suggesting ‘Yes We Can’ instead. Barry just sat there watching the interview grinning that vacuous grin of his, nodding his head up and down, up and down laughing ‘Yuh! Yuh! Uh huh!’

    President material, that.

    Sign from a billboard of George Bush: ‘Miss me yet?’

    *sigh* Yup.

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