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BP’s First Try At Leak ‘Containment’ Fails

From a gladdened Associated Press:

BP’s first attempt to divert Gulf oil leak fails

By Harry R. Weber And Sarah Larimer, Associated Press Writers

May 9, 2010

ON THE GULF OF MEXICO – It could be at least a day before BP can make another attempt at putting a lid on a well spewing thousands of gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico, as a big box meant to siphon the oil away sat idle and encased in ice crystals.

The company’s first attempt to divert the oil was foiled, its mission now in serious doubt. Meanwhile, thick blobs of tar washed up on Alabama’s white sand beaches, yet another sign the spill was worsening.

It had taken about two weeks to build the box and three days to cart it 50 miles out and slowly lower it to the well a mile below the surface, but the frozen depths were just too much. BP officials were not giving up hopes that a containment box — either the one brought there or another one being built — could cover the well. But they said it could Monday or later before they decide whether to make another attempt to capture the oil and funnel it to a tanker at the surface would be tried. The box was moved hundreds of feet away while officials tried to figure out their next move…

"I wouldn’t say it’s failed yet," BP chief operating officer Doug Suttles said of the containment box. "What I would say is what we attempted to do … didn’t work." …

It had taken more than 12 hours to slowly lower to the seafloor the peaked box the size of a four-story house, a task that required painstaking precision to accurately position it over the well for fear of damaging the leaking pipe and making the problem worse. Nothing like it had been attempted at such depths, where water pressure can crush a submarine.

Company and Coast Guard officials had cautioned that icelike hydrates, a slushy mixture of gas and water, would be one of the biggest challenges to the containment box plan, and their warnings proved accurate. The crystals clogged the opening in the top of the peaked box, BP’s Suttles said, like sand in a funnel, only upside-down.

Options under consideration included raising the box high enough that warmer water would prevent the slush from forming, or using heated water or methanol. Even as officials pondered their next move, Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry said she must continue to manage expectations of what the containment box can do.

"This dome is no silver bullet to stop the leak," she said…

Can’t all those lawyers that Mr. Obama sent down there do something?

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5 Responses to “BP’s First Try At Leak ‘Containment’ Fails”

  1. proreason says:

    “Can’t all those lawyers that Mr. Obama sent down there do something?”

    Steve captures the essence of the Obamy administration in 12 words.

    And while we are praising those who are able to encasulate the criminals without actually calling them criminals and marxists, consiter this from Hugh Hewitt last Thursday

    “The Obama Adminsitration: Ideologically Extreme, Hyper-Partisan and Incompetent”

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      …”And striking fear in every drop of oil that dares to come ashore”

      My own interpretation of how this regime must surely see things. Power over inanimate objects and contempt from every living thing on this earth.

      I could never believe that my disgust could reach such levels but every day I now receive e-mails from people who otherwise have no interest in politics who find this version of our government to be hateful little trolls and toadies, lackeys and ass-kissers. No one has yet come up with modern terms to replace the fools and quislings of the former failed states and regimes. However, for generations of the future, to “obama” something would surely mean to do it on grounds of racial recognition and without any competence.

    • proreason says:

      “hateful little trolls and toadies, lackeys and ass-kissers”

      They are people who believe they have been abused. They have been brimming with anger for years or decades, and now they finally have their chance to punish the world.

      Drooling Barney, Lightweight Harry Reid, Henry “the Alien” Waxman, Bimbo Pelosi, MultipleMinorities Obama, NoChin Holder, Van “I’mReallyAHappyGuy” Jones.

      They aren’t even close to normal. Everybody has grievances and everybody gets mad. The difference is that normal people get over it. These people have nurtured their hatreds for decades. Their lives are consumed with single-minded determination to get back at their perceived oppressors.

      By god, they are going to show us or die trying. Their delight in theirstealth conquest of the country is risible.

  2. BobonStatenIsland says:

    May 9, 2010, “The company’s first attempt to divert the oil was foiled”. At least they’ve made an attempt.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    This is a fantastic example of OBAMA’S MARKETING strategy.

    Bush, amazingly, caused hurricane Katrina, was responsible for their evacuation, violated their gun rights, looted Wal*Mart, didn’t bring FEMA trailers fast enough, didn’t protect people in the SuperDome, didn’t drop off a Brinks truck full of money to each person’s home after the flooding.

    Obama, has been on top of this oil spill from ‘day-one’ as is responsible for nothing.

    I am so sick of every event having a political point system attached to it. Probably only because liberals have ALWAYS done this, and Republicans have started to play the same game, which makes it worse.

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