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Brawl At Food Stamps Office Caught On Video

From the East St. Louis Fox News affiliate, KTVI:

Brawl At Social Services Office Caught On Video

By Andy Banker | January 23, 2013

EAST ST. LOUIS, IL. (KTVI) – An alarming video of a Tuesday afternoon brawl at a social services office in East St. Louis had workers and clients concerned for their safety and brought calls for action.

A witness told FOX2 it began as a dispute over a place in line. In spite of all the flying fists, there have been no arrests. Workers and clients said that had to change.

State and local authorities didn’t know about the video until FOX 2 News alerted them.

Nobody working at the office alerted the local authorities? It’s probably a daily occurrence.

East St. Louis Mayor, Alvin Parks, called for metal detectors at office at 9th and Missouri. He said in today’s climate of mass shootings, such behavior was unacceptable, especially at a state office serving large numbers of people.

Sources said the fighting started even before the video started rolling at the Illinois Department of Human Services Office.

The video shows at least 4 women involved in the brawl, with fists flying from one side of the lobby to the other.

It’s clear that also we need more ‘food stamp control’ laws.]

‘Yeah, I`m shocked man. I’m shocked,’ said past client, Detria Graves, as he watched the video, which had been posted on YouTube.

‘Definitely something needs to be done, it’s ridiculous,’ said DeShanea Stevenson, who`d often been to the office with her 3 year old son. ‘They just do that all the time, at the aid office. That`s what happens. It’s like nobody really cares.’

The police chief said security guards had the situation under control and the scene, about 6 blocks from the police station, was cleared by the time officers arrived. So, there were no arrests.

Office staff and past clients hoped the video would change that.

‘It`s just been cool, everybody standing in line, doing what they do, trying to get their stamps, trying to get, you know, whatever they`re trying to get. It`s never been like this in there,’ Graves said.

‘If I had my son with me, I`d be mad. I`d be very upset. No telling what`s going on. You never know what people have on them. You never know what could happen. Bullets don`t have names on them,’ Stevenson said.

There were no serious injuries reported.

A spokeswoman with the State Department of Human Services in Springfield said the staff was unaware of the video, until FOX 2 alerted them.

She said staff would review it and decide how to proceed.

Parks said it could have been worse; one of those involved apparently wanted to use a pair of scissors at the scene as a weapon; security guards prevented that.

Add scissors control to the list.

He said police would review the video, too, and hopefully track down the people involved.

Isn’t there a record of who was there, given that they were getting food stamps?

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5 Responses to “Brawl At Food Stamps Office Caught On Video”

  1. captstubby says:

    soon it will be Soylent Green riots.

  2. untrainable says:

    …called for metal detectors at office… Because we all know that having metal detectors is a serious roadblock to people beating each other with their fists. You want to make a point to these people, put up a sign that says if you fight you don’t get your stamps. You’ll have to skip the strip joints and bars until next month.

    When will the government start issuing training wheels for anyone who dares to ride a motorcycle?

  3. mr_bill says:

    Detria and DeShanea were quoted. No quotes from DeWonTa (pronounced De-Juan-Tay), Ladeshequia, Detoilet, Shedequensieia, ladashalanda, or Shadynasty (that’s Sha-dynasty, not Shady-nasty)? Dey wuz der an saw da bidness gone down.

    I also not that yewtewb took down the video very early in the day. Apparently, they don’t like the truth being video taped and passed around. I’m sure they’ll say they don’t allow videos with voilent content, but that’s rubbish. If you want to see some violent content on yewtewb, just look at the muslim propaganda videos. It doesn’t matter how many times the videos get flagged, they stay up.

  4. wirenut says:

    This is grand, bout’ time they fight for something. Haw! Now where did my paycheck go?
    I’m fighting just to keep what I’ve earned. What a shame it is to fight for something you have no claim to, yet it is,
    MINE. Mine,mine,mine. My puke pail runs over.

  5. casper mijacogeo says:

    This is typical of a ghetto attitude that is reinforced on television.Nothing different than what you would find in an episode of The Jerry Springer or Maury Povich show.People in USA have no sense of shame,anything goes.

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