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Brazil:”Nazi Bush Go Home, Send More Dollars”

It’s funny, but I always thought Brazil was inordinately fond of Nazis. And yet this is how they chose to protest the arrival of President and Mrs. Bush in their country:

"Fora" apparently means "go home" in Portuguese.

Or rather it must mean "go home, but remember to send your money here."

For while all of these good natured hi-jinks were going on our watchdog media was on the job, chiding us for not giving enough foreign to these poor starving people.

From the Malaysian Sun:

Bush to increase Latin American aid ahead of visit

Tuesday 6th March, 2007

US President George W. Bush has announced plans for additional US aid initiatives in Latin America days before a six-day, five-nation tour to boost the US image in the region.

In a speech to members of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce here Monday, Bush decried widespread poverty in the region and pledged additional US programmes to boost education, health care, home ownership and business.

‘The working poor of Latin America need change, and the US is committed to that change,’ Bush said. ‘It is in our national interests, it is in the interest of the US to help the people in democracies in our neighbourhood succeed.’

Bush emphasised that US aid to Latin America had increased to $1.6 billion last year from $860 million per year when he became president in 2001…

And the Associated Press:

Bush vows millions for Latin American programs

March 6, 2007

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush, facing criticism he has ignored Latin America, said Monday the region’s grinding poverty is a scandal that has caused some to question the value of democracy.

He said the United States will spend tens of millions of dollars to improve education, housing and health care across the region.

"The United States of America is committed to helping people rise out of poverty," the president said.

Many children in Latin America do not finish grade school and many mothers never see a doctor, Bush said in a speech at the Ronald Reagan Building to about 400 invited guests, most of them members of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

"In an age of growing prosperity and abundance, this is a scandal and it is a challenge," Bush said…

And the good old USAToday:

Bush plan cuts Latin America aid

By David Jackson, USA TODAY

SAO PAULO, Brazil — President Bush set the scene for his trip to Latin America today by talking about money.

Before leaving Thursday, Bush said in a series of interviews with Latin American journalists that overall aid to the region has almost doubled since he took office, from $862 million to $1.6 billion as of November.

"The American taxpayer has been very generous about providing aid in our neighborhood, and most of that aid is social justice money," Bush told CNN en Español. "In other words, it’s money for education and health."

His new budget, however, calls for a decrease in aid:..

One hopes that for once USAToday is right, and the aid to these ingrates is being cut. In fact, it’s a crime to give them one red cent.

If they hate us so much, they must really hate our money.

And we wouldn’t want to insult them.

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