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Shocker: Only 3 AQ Were Waterboarded

From Brian Ross and Richard Esposito of ABC News:

Only Three Have Been Waterboarded by CIA

November 02, 2007

Brian Ross and Richard Esposito Report:

For all the debate over waterboarding, it has been used on only three al Qaeda figures, according to current and former U.S. intelligence officials.

As ABC News first reported in September, waterboarding has not been used since 2003 and has been specifically prohibited since Gen. Michael Hayden took over as CIA director…

The most effective use of waterboarding, according to current and former CIA officials, was in breaking Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, known as KSM, who subsequently confessed to a number of ongoing plots against the United States…

What’s this?

After the endless stream of news articles that made waterboarding out to be a common, even ubiquitous, practice?

I want my money back.

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